Investment Visa

Lee December 18, 2015

What is Investment Visa in Singapore

Posted by Lee on December 18, 2015  /   Posted in Investment Visa
Singapore’s outstanding tax policy and tremendous investing opportunities urged investors from all across the globe to pursue involvement on the ground floor of country’s new businesses. Singapore Investment Visa is a gateway to the most stable, secure, investment-friendly, tax-efficient and least corrupt business surroundings in the world. High-end transport and financial infrastructure and perfect corporate more »

Smart Hints How to Get Work Pass in Singapore without Worries

Posted by Lee on October 05, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass, Investment Visa, Working Visa
Work Pass for Singaporevisanet
The procedure of getting Singapore work visa is streamlined thanks to online services and algorithms which are famously straightforward in the country. There are different types of work pass in Singapore designed for different purposes, categories of migrants and stay duration, and foreigners often get puzzled by the assortment. Let’s sort out the issue and more »

Which Visa is Required for Working in Singapore?

Posted by Lee on October 05, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass, Investment Visa, Working Visa
Which visa is required to work in Singapore (1)
Singapore is a great place to live, work and have families because it is safe, clean, low-crime, foreigner-tolerant, and business and professional oriented. A lot of talented employees from all over the world, which seek for a career boost, reasonably consider Singapore as an option. But it’s often difficult to sort out how the expat more »

Find Your Perfect Work Visa for Singapore Following Our Pro Advice

Posted by Lee on October 05, 2015  /   Posted in About Singapore, Employment Pass, Investment Visa, Working Visa
work visa for singaporevisanet
Singapore govt lets foreigners work in the country only under definite work visas. Different types of them have been developed to embrace all possible purposes, categories of overseas employees and durability, and it’s really easy to get enmeshed by criteria. But thanks to govt’s advanced approach in Singapore work visa process, all procedures of getting more »
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