Permanent Residency

Lee March 29, 2016

Benefits of Permanent Residence in Singapore

Posted by Lee on March 10, 2016  /   Posted in Immigration and PR
Benefits of Permanent Residence in Singapore
Benefits of Permanent Residence in Singapore   Staying in Singapore absolutely legally (all visa headaches are in the past) You can freely move in and out of SG Searching for work and switching employers without processing a new visa each time Investing into perspective Singapore economy and getting dividends freely Growing your own business is more »

Benefits of Obtaining Singapore Permanent Residency

Posted by Lee on December 13, 2015  /   Posted in About Singapore
Privileges of being a Singaporean permanent resident are hardly comparable with working and living even on the most comfortable pass. The difference is the same as when you change your bicycle for a cool SUV. PR transforms the life of expat miraculously. Benefits of Singapore PR status allow you to enjoy the full-scale life of more »
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