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Acquiring PR via the Employment Pass Route

Professionals and technicians working in Singapore on Employment Passes know for sure how daunting and tiring the procedures of endless qualifications and renewals can be. Requirements for E Pass change from time to time, and pleasing the authorities becomes harder. Anticipating a new renewal and risks it can bring make EP holders think about permanent residency. It opens the door to far better standards of life and work in Singapore. But what is more, it puts an end to your endless renewals and worries.

Being a PR in Singapore means such perks as better education and health care for you and your family, more freedom in growing your own business, landing money and purchasing property, hassle-free procedure of leaving the country and coming back, personal retirement fund you can build up and take care of your old age. Such persuasive benefits leave no doubts that trying wings at PR application is a must for very EP holder. But behind the seemingly easy procedure a lot of pitfalls can hide. PR application requires strategizing and careful and weighed approach which can be challenging for a foreigner who has had little practice in dealing with the authorities.

Luckily you can benefit from expert visa help a professional immigration agency offers. If you aren’t sure you wouldn’t miss any important detail and would handle all paper- and legwork, please contact our visa experts. And now our goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of the procedure of obtaining a PR. What should you know if you want to become a PR?

General Facts about Singapore PR

  1. You must be younger than 50 years old. Older candidacies still have chances for success, as MOM decides about every EP holder on case-by-case base.
  2. There is no need to apply for PR status for your every family member separately. Your PR application allows you to include your legal spouse and unmarried children younger than 21 y/o in your application.

When Can I Apply for My PR?

“I just upgraded to EP, can I apply for PR?” this is the first question asked by all foreigners who just got their Employment Pass. The immigration law allows you to pursue PR right after you obtained your work visa. So theoretically you can apply right away, but in reality you must meet some requirements you can’t fit being a “fresh” EP holder. For example, you must be ready to show salary slips you got from your employer during at least 6 months. But even 6 month isn’t enough as the practice says. The high time for your PR application dramatically depends on the type of your employment visa. For example, P1 holders might achieve the best result with their PR application after one year of working in the country. P2 holder might need to wait for 2 years, and Q1 holders even more.

Estimate Your Chances for PR Reasonably

Criteria MOM uses to assess PR applicants may differ from the ones you learned from your EP procedure. What is more, many criteria have a lot of options and pitfalls; that’s why it’s important to test your eligibility before jumping in the application process. If you want to know your individual forecast, please contact our visa specialists for a brief and free assessment. But for a start a short overview will help you to have a taste of them.

Criteria Every PR Seeker Must Meet

  1. Your education and professionalism. Degree holders graduated from well-known and reputable institutions are at advantage.
  2. The longer you physically stay in Singapore, the more the authorities are sure about the seriousness of your intentions to stay there permanently.
  3. Your employment history and the steadiness of your current job.
  4. Your employer’s track record weighs heavily as the MOM prefers to deal with well-established companies.
  5. The higher your salary the better your chance.
  6. Your social and legal portrait (how you abide law weighs also).
  7. If you have relatives in Singapore, it is in your favor.
  8. How you contribute to Singaporean society plays a big role. Your charity activity or volunteering also count.
  9. Your employer’s opinion about you. One unit of your PR application must be filled in by your current employer, so make sure your relationship is warm enough and he doesn’t have a grudge against you.

Bargain, not a Burden

In a nutshell, the government expects all its permanent residents to be no worse than good typical citizens: educated, reliable, well-paid, and attracted to Singapore society. You must be a good value – a bargain, not a burden for Singapore. If you aren’t sure your candidacy is competitive enough in all these requirements, it’s better to ask a visa agency for a piece of advice. As there is no need to rush things, you have plenty of time to work on your employment and social profile and then apply for PR having much better chances for success.


Carry Out PR Paper and Legwork Neatly

If you choose to rely on certified visa agency that works on your profile and takes care of your documents, you don’t have to worry about. Otherwise, prepare for a battle with papers. If you have ever applied for your Employment Pass without visa agency, you must have learned what a headache the paperwork can be. And what is more, if handled unprofessionally, it can lead to pitiful results. Every coma must be paid attention to, not to mention that your skills and merits must be decently represented.


One issue you must solve before filing an application is whether you want your sons to be involved in obligatory military service; because if you don’t want them to do that, it’s better not to include your sons in your PR application. The military service takes 2 years in youth and then 40 days of service yearly until your sons are 40 or 50 y/o. It’s an important question that may touch your psychological or religious views, but it must be solved beforehand.

The list of documents you must prepare for PR processing is very individual. In order not to miss something important, it’s better to take advice of visa specialists that are skilled in paperwork. If your papers aren’t in English, you must have them translated. You need to be equipped not only with copies, but also with originals. Additional documents may include recommendations from part employers (if persuasive enough), documents on the property you purchased in Singapore, your business papers that prove your contribution to society and impressive track record (if you own a business in Singapore) and so on. You can prepare a cover letter where you substantiate your love to the country and your decision to stay here permanently.

Get Ready for a Triumphant Interview at ICA

Despite a visa agency is capable to shoulder most of paper- and legwork, PR application will still require the participation of the applicant. The government wants to know their future permanent residents by sight. The EP holder must attend an interview at the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority). As their appointment schedule is quite busy, we will help you to make an appointment in the most suitable time and prepare you for the interview. This is a very important event where the submitting of an application takes place. We will equip you with all necessary documents and advise on how to behave and what to say.

Relying on visa team is a right way to triumphant and nerve-free PR procedure. Come around for a brief assessment test to ensure you wring the maximum out of your situation. Permanent residency is an honorable status, and obtaining it with ease is what will make you a proud Singaporean for sure.

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