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Benefit from a Smart Readiness Test: Check Your Qualification Before You Apply for EP

Lee October 8, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 08, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
qualification for apply ep for singaporevisanet EP remains one of the most asked-for work visas to Singapore and in the same time the most difficult to get. MOM implies wittingly strict criteria that work as a sieve: only the strongest applicants qualify. Such policy is motivated by the government’s course of protecting the right of locals to be considered for a job prior to foreigners. Singapore has lured a lot of foreign manpower by its tremendous economical opportunities, and now the MOM sees immigrants as obstacles for the locals in getting decent jobs. MOM’s decision to eliminate harmful competition led to establishing trickier criteria for Employment Pass qualification.  
In this blog, we are going to instruct you in criteria for EP and tools that will help you to squeeze the maximum out of your qualification for Employment Pass and get your visa approved. Some criteria seem easier than they are in reality. The key of understanding your eligibility is in seeing them from MOM’s perspective. Checking your profile with MOM’s rules in mind is the smart solution that has already saved hundreds of applications from fiasco.  
MOM has toughened its criteria for EP several times, but even now when the wording of these criteria remains the same, more and more seekers of EP get rejected. It means that MOM has developed specific principles you cannot learn from the list of requirements. But they can be learned from years of practice and analytics. Visa agency that has a rich experience behind its back and ideally tuned communication with MOM is able to estimate the applicant’s profile the same as MOM would do it. That’s why referring your visa matter to a seasoned visa team is a solution that saves time and efforts.  
Employment Pass is intended for professionals and executive staff who hold degrees and possess valuable work skills.  

Important Points about EP Requirements:

  1. MOM will look not only at the applicant’s salary (which must be at least $3,300 for the lowest level of EP – Q1), but also at how this salary corresponds his skills and designation. If a manager is going to earn $10,000, he is expected to show highly prominent expertise. Older applicants are also supposed to earn more as they supposed to be more educated and skilled.
  1. educationBrilliant education is valued in Singapore; that’s why the MOM is interested in “brainy” immigrants. Degree holders graduated from respectable universities are in favor. Here a lot of misunderstandings often happen. Degrees can have different names in different countries, and what is more, they can be called “diploma” or other related words. It’s important to adjust your educational qualification in accordance with standards used in Singapore. A professional agent can offer a helping hand.
  1. Top-notch education still doesn’t guarantee an approval. Why? See the next point.
  1. qualificationMOM looks for foreign professional who are able to fill in the gaps of Singaporean economy. If you possess rare and valuable skills which are in demand in Singapore, you have more chances. If the job you pretend to can be done by a mediocre Singaporean specialist, you are unlikely to be considered. The qualification for Employment Pass substantially depends on how your skills are presented in your profile. Qualified visa agent can help to build up this profile to achieve better representation.
  1. Applicant’s job type must correspond with his qualification.
  1. Some sectors of Singapore economy are more dependent on foreign manpower, and therefore it is easier to get an Employment Pass for them. Such sectors are finance, construction, manufacturing… Please consult our visa experts to find out the full list. You might have perks you don’t even know about!
  1. The applicant’s nationality plays a big role in qualification for EP: some countries are subject to specific criteria and may require additional documents. The nationality also defines how educational qualification is treated: not all countries have high educational standards.
  1. Except standard business criteria which you can learn from a visa agent, the hiring company will be assessed for its policy in hiring local labor force. In case the company is new and doesn’t have local staff, the issue can be solved if the company provides a substantial business plan that promises hiring more locals in the near future.

Free Assessment Tool

  the-business-man-713327_1280As you can see, almost every criterion has its buts. It’s important to involve a professional assistance to make sure you are able to fit the requirements. At our agency, you can pass a brief and smart readiness test that helps to figure out your qualification for Employment Pass. Free of change, it dramatically simplifies the application process and gives an opportunity to fix all insecurities before plunging into application. There is no need to haste when it comes to processing an employment visa. Have a minute for stop at our virtual consulting room and have your strong and weak points weighed by experts who know their stuff.

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