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Benefits of Permanent Residence in Singapore

Lee March 10, 2016
Posted by Lee on March 10, 2016  /   Posted in Immigration and PR
Benefits of Permanent Residence in Singapore

Benefits of Permanent Residence in Singapore

  • Staying in Singapore absolutely legally (all visa headaches are in the past)
  • You can freely move in and out of SG
  • Searching for work and switching employers without processing a new visa each time
  • Investing into perspective Singapore economy and getting dividends freely
  • Growing your own business is much easier as you are considered more trustworthy as a PR (softer rules and easier regulation)
  • An honourable status: PR shows your commitment to the country; that’s why you are welcomed and appreciated in the society
  • Getting a job is easier now, being a Singaporean
  • More freedom in buying property (you aren’t limited with only those “for foreigners”)
  • Studying in subsidized government educational organizations and upgrading your degree
  • High-quality education for your children
  • PRs can benefit from CPF: a central savings plan that covers your investments, medical bills, education and so on
  • Subsidy for paying medical bills in government health care establishments
  • Depositing savings on your retirement fund while working on your employer, you provide for your old age
  • Bringing your kids, parents, and other nears and dears to Singapore for PR
  • Dwelling in a government apartment (public housing) that is more affordable than private housing
Singapore is one of the most asked-for countries for PR in the world; no wonder that crowds of foreigners storm the border. The competition rises month by month, and the government toughens the criteria and gives preference to the most successful and trustworthy candidates. Does it mean you have no chances? No, of course not – if you rely on expert assistance our team. Our consultants will assess your eligibility for free and then help you to build up an attractive profile and shoulder all necessary paperwork. Knowing the ropes and having years of experience behind our backs, we guarantee you high chances of becoming a permanent resident if we work together as a team. Find out your chances for obtaining PR with us today! Sign up for FREE assessment

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