Business Visit Visa

Definition: What Is Singapore Business Visit Visa?

Business visit visas are a group of visa solutions that meet every corporate and personal need of managing directors, chief executives, entrepreneurs, and investors who seek to plant and grow their business in Singapore. A businessman must have an appropriate long-term business visa if the trip lasts longer than 1 month regardless of the purpose of arrival. Shorter business visits do not require any special visa and can be paid according to your country’s visa relationship with Singapore. Some long-term visa schemes provide getting the SG permanent residency in a due time.

Types of Business Visa in Singapore:

  • EntrePass – allows successful foreign entrepreneurs to arrive in Singapore for starting new businesses. Obtaining the visa is possible only before or 6 months after the incorporation. Requirements for the Entrepreneur visa are quite high: the entrepreneur must boast outstanding business background, have at least 50,000 SGD for the paid-up capital, involve venture/angel investors, and have a promising business plan. The visa must be renewed annually.
  • Investor Visa – lets foreign high-net-worth individuals obtain the Singapore’s permanent residence through investing at least 2.5 million SGD either in the existing/new company or in the approved GIP fund. Potential investors must boast successful businesses abroad with annual sales turnover of over 50 million SGD. Getting the permanent residence for the investor and his family is possible right after making the investment.
  • Incorporation – enables foreign entrepreneurs to set up new companies in SG. Overseas directors (business owners) can unite with their SG-based companies using either the EntrePass or the Employment Pass. The latter implies that the SG-based company hires its foreign director on a certain acceptable salary (the benchmarks depends on the directors’ age and qualification).
  • Business visit visa – allows foreigners make short business visits (30 or 90 days depending on the nationality) provided that the inviting company sends an official invitation letter.

Benefits and Features of Business Visit Visa

  • Only 39 countries of the world have the visa relationship with Singapore that requires applying for a visa before the trip. They are divided into 2 levels. The first level includes such countries as India, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, China, and countries of the CIS. The second level embraces such countries as Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Nigeria and so on. Please learn about your country’s requirements from our qualified business visa consultants.
  • Other nations have a visa-free entry to Singapore. The period of allowed stay will also depend on the country: from 30 to 90 days. Businessmen from the countries of the EU, Switzerland, the USA, Norway, and South Korea can enjoy the maximum stay in Singapore on business visa – 90 days.
  • For businessmen of other nationalities (Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand and so on), the duration of business visa in Singapore would be no longer than 30 days. The arrival must be legal and fortified with the proof of your intention to leave Singapore (return tickets and other documents that prove you have commitments abroad). For longer visits, businessmen must obtain one of the available long-term business visas.
  • If you are going to make a series of visits to Singapore with short re-entries in between, it is reasonable to obtain the multiple entry business visa for Singapore. This visa is valid during 9 weeks during which you can make several re-entries to Singapore provided that each stay is no longer than 30 days. Making such breaks is the essential condition of the business visa Singapore multiple entry.
  • If you are going to start a business in Singapore and take charge of it, you can arrive in Singapore before initiating the incorporation procedure using the EntrePass. This visa can be obtained until the SG-based company is 6 months old.
  • If you are looking for a business migration through investment, the Investor Visa can be obtained after contributing a minimum investment of 2.5 million SGD.
  • Holders of the EntrePass can take their families along to Singapore using the Dependant’s Pass.
  • Permanent residence is possible for holders of such long-term business visas as the EntrePass or the Investor Visa.
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Advantages of Business Pass

  • Businessmen don’t have to bother with getting special business visit visas if the duration of their trip doesn’t exceed 30 days (90 days for certain nationalities).
  • Nationals from the countries of the level 2 (CIS countries, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and so on) can get the e-Visa (an electronic visa that can be received by email and printed on one’s own).
  • Businessmen can get their 30-day entry permits extended; however such extension isn’t guaranteed. Sometimes getting such extension requires involving an adult local sponsor (a citizen or the permanent resident). This option isn’t available for nationals of the countries of the level 2.
  • Investors can get the permanent residence for themselves and their families right away after making the minimum investment (2.5 million SGD).
  • Entrepreneurs can take their family members along to SG on Dependant’s Pass. Inviting parents and adult children is possible on the Long Term Visit Pass.

Disadvantages of Business Pass

  • Visit visa to Singapore isn’t a guarantee of your entry to the country. Granting the entry permit will be decided on the passport control upon your arrival.
  • Duration of your business trip depends on your country’s visa relationship with Singapore. Only top-tier countries get the maximum duration for the business visit – 90 days.
  • Multiple entry business visa requires making breaks in the 9-week stay.
  • You cannot process a new visa while staying in Singapore on a certain visa.
  • If you overstay in SG, a fee will be imposed.
  • Short-term visit visas don’t allow getting involved in doing business and employment. Long-term business visas are designed for this purpose.
  • Long-term business visas are granted for outstanding business achievements. Your entrepreneurial background and active business will be scrutinized to ensure you have valuable business skills. Having only money doesn’t guarantee you getting the investment visa if you have no experience in running a successful business abroad.
  • Investors and entrepreneurs are required to provide their investment and business plans (accordingly) and follow them until fulfilment.
  • EntrePass is given only for one year. Subsequent renewals are possible only if the undertaking turns to be effective and the business plan is executed.
  • Holders of the EntrePass can get the Dependant’s Pass for family members only after the first visa renewal (in a year) and fulfilling criteria (spending over 150,000 SGD by the company and creating at least 4 job positions for the Singaporeans).
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Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Business Trip Visa

Every business visit visa, as well as every business situation, implies its unique criteria. We provide the visa profile for your firsthand acquaintance; however, please take into account that every business visa has much more requirements:
  • Foreigner’s passport validity shouldn’t be less than 6 months. The passport must have blank pages for the visa.
  • Businessmen arriving in Singapore for a very short (up to 30 days) business visits don’t need an entrepreneur visa. They can arrive using regular Singapore visas (or visa-free). But for getting the entry permit, businessmen still have to fulfil certain requirements: have the invitation letter from the SG-based company, prove their intention to leave Singapore in time (return tickets and other documents that prove you have commitments abroad). If you don’t have such proof, you may not pass the passport control.
  • SG-based company that invites a foreigner must provide the migration authorities with its latest business profile which can be got on the ACRA’s website.
  • Businessmen from countries of level 1 and 2 must have physical visas or the printed e-Visas when arriving.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking for the EntrePass are required to have outstanding business background, prove the new company’s paid-up capital of no less than 50,000 SGD, investment of at least 100,000 SGD (made by angel investors or venture capitalists), get the company’s intellectual property registered by a relevant Singaporean institution, hold at least 30% of the company’s shares and provide the business plan that suggests an idea beneficial for the local economy. The business entity chosen for the incorporation must be the Private Limited Company. Renewal of the EntrePass is possible only if the authorities see that the business is scaled up and the business plan is in the process of its execution.
  • If the company was incorporated more than 6 months ago, entrepreneurs cannot use the EntrePass for arrival. Company directors who need to make a long-term visit to Singapore can use the Employment Pass. The basic requirement for this visa is being hired by the company.
  • Investors seeking for the Investor Visa must: invest at least 2.5 million SGD into a new Singaporean business or the proved GIP (Global Investor Programme) fund, prove its outstanding entrepreneur track record by providing the company’s audited accounts and the sales turnover of over 50 million SGD for the last 3 years, provide the 5-year investment plan and execute it in time.

What to Do if Your Application for Business Visit Visa Gets Rejected?

If your visa application was thoroughly strategized and the supportive documents were compiled by visa professionals, the Business Visit Visa rejection is very rare. The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority usually does not share the reasons for the scarce rejections that still happen from time to time. However, from our professional experience, they can be the following:
  • the person seeking for the business visa has disobeyed the visa regime, overstayed or violated the local law during his/her last stay in SG;
  • the businessman already has another visa to SG that is currently valid;
  • the foreigner has already applied for the same or another visa to SG;
  • the businessman has had rejections for the SG visas before;
  • the submitted photo isn’t of good quality.
If you are applying for the long-term business visa such as the EntrePass or the Investor visa, the reasons for rejection can refer to the person’s entrepreneurial activity. It is important to promote the foreigner’s business skills and polish his company’s profile to get the business visa approval. If the rejection is already a fact, you are able to appeal the decision of the authorities under the condition that you are able to address the issue that blocked the positive decision. Please involve visa professionals to investigate into your case and develop a winning business visa solution.

Format for Invitation Letter for Business Visa Singapore

The authorities do not allow any employment or involvement in profitable business activity during short-term visits, and, therefore, certain measures are needed to control the activity of entrepreneurs arriving on short-term business visas. As was mentioned above, the SG-based company that invites a foreigner must provide the migration authorities with its latest business profile which can be got on the ACRA’s website. The foreigner arriving in SG on business visit must hold an original invitation letter composed and signed by the SG-based company. The invitation letter must be addressed to the foreigner using his/her full name (as in passport). The inviting company’s local representative must also provide the letter of introduction that contains the company’s address, telephone/fax numbers, and the official stamp, and the representative’s National Registration Identity Card’s number. If the foreigner or the inviting company have doubts that they are able to provide faultless invitation documents, please don’t hesitate to ask our visa consultants for help.
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How to Apply: the Best Business Visa Scheme

To get the short-term business visit visa to Singapore, the foreign entrepreneur must complete the application form and provide us with certain documents: To apply for the GIP, an entrepreneur must:
  • copy of the passport’s bio-data page;
  • 2 latest (no older than 3 months old) colour, high-quality, passport-size photo taken according to general rules (the whole face must be seen, white background, and so on).
Some additional documents may be required depending on your nationality. A separate application must be completed for every traveller that goes with you. Please, reach out to us for getting assistance in completing the business visa Singapore application. Processing of the short-term business visit visas is usually a matter of a couple of working days. If your case is urgent, we will be able to shorten the processing time for a higher fee. Please, take into account that the velocity of consideration by the Singaporean authorities may depend on your nationality. Long-term business visas to Singaporfe have much complex application process as it includes not only completing the relevant application forms but also a massive paperwork (polishing the company’s profiles, promoting the applicant’s entrepreneurial skills, working out the outstanding business/investment plan, assistance in executing investments, visa strategizing for family members, and so on). Foreign business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs don’t have proper qualification for gaining entrance to Singapore: it must be built “from scratch”. We will help you to introduce your business and innovative business ideas to the Singaporean government in the most favourable light. The EntrePass is usually processed in 4-6 weeks while the Investor visa processing would take up to 8 months. Due to longer waiting periods for these visas, it is reasonable to enlist visa professionals to stamp out any rejection risks.

Why Use Help of Professional Agents/Consultants?

Business situations vary, and a custom-made visa solution is needed in each case. Having a rich expertise in business migration and incorporation, we are able to cater for your company’s needs and find the best way to bring you to your Singaporean company. Despite the short-term business visas have scarce requirements, they aren’t 100% guaranteed. Rejections still happen and they can cost your business a lot (previous rejections decrease your chances for getting new visas to Singapore). To avoid all possible risks at the passport control and get fully equipped for the short business trip, it is reasonable to enlist backup of visa experts who know all ins and outs of the immigration system. Getting the EntrePass or the Investor visa has become harder the last years. To get qualified, foreign businessmen or investors must have not only lots of money but also outstanding skills and fresh innovative ideas that are able to boost the local economy. Qualifying for these visas requires elaborate approach and accurate profile-building work to represent the foreign business according to the Singapore’s requirements. If you aren’t sure that you are able to hit any of the requirements and come up with impeccable documents, do not risk your entrepreneurial reputation and entrust us with your business visa case.

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Early and professional business visa assessment is your guarantee of getting the visa in time and having no hassles at the passport control. Our visa experts will assess your case according to the latest migration trends and requirements and advise on custom documents you must collect. Free assessment we provide will give you an understanding how the system works and what you should improve in your profile to have a successful business trip. We always have visa alternatives for every kind of situation.

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