Lee March 22, 2016

Successful Entrepass Renewal

Posted by Lee on March 22, 2016  /   Posted in Business/Entrepreneurs
Successful Entrepass Renewal
Once you have successfully applied for an Entrepass, it is essential to take note of the renewal date for the pass. You will need to renew the pass 12 months after receipt and should receive a written reminder to your employing company. If you do not make a timely renewal application, you will not be more »

Why Your Business Needs Help of Visa Company to Apply for Employment Pass in Singapore?

Posted by Lee on November 22, 2015  /   Posted in Business/Entrepreneurs, Employment Pass
Why Your Business Needs Help of Visa Company to Apply for Employment Pass in Singapore
Growing business without involving foreign expertise is no more the philosophy of our days. We seek for integrated experience that gives our firms global goals, better standards and wider sphere of influence. That’s why hiring foreigners in such country as Singapore became that gulp of fresh air that invigorated the economy. According to local immigration more »

Expats Vote for Singapore: the Tiny Island Country Proves Its “World’s Best” Liveability Again

Posted by Lee on August 04, 2015  /   Posted in Business/Entrepreneurs
If you were able to choose any city of the world to live in, what would your criteria be? Probably you would look for something green and unpolluted and with top-notch infrastructure and health care technologies in the same time? You might think that such combination is impossible in the modern world and the one more »

Singapore Entrepass Essential For Entrepreneurs

Posted by admin on November 19, 2014  /   Posted in Business/Entrepreneurs
Singapore has one of the most attractive business communities in the world and entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors are always looking for an opportunity to break into the business scene. With this in mind, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has designed the Entrepass which allows entrepreneurs and business investors to live and stay in more »
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