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Determining on the Right Employment Pass Agency: How This Crucial Choice Impacts Your Visa Success?

Lee October 6, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 06, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
EP Agency for singapore-visa Unprecedented Singaporean employment opportunities attract more and more talented people to the country. It explains why the Ministry of Manpower becomes really capricious in its sifting the best candidacies. The conditions they lay down for Employment Pass become increasingly stricter, and thus getting the pass becomes increasingly difficult. The need in really competent Singapore employment visa agents goes up. There are crowds of agencies helping to apply for Employment Pass, but only few of them really know all ins and outs of the immigration process. Trustworthy visa team must be competent not only in doing necessary paperwork, but also in making profound background studies and treating every case individually. Guarantee of high-quality work and refunds in case of failure are also a huge strong point.

Why You Should Rely on Singapore Employment Services Agency for EP Application:


1. Pre-assessment Service

Pre-assessment Service-Trustworthy work pass agency in Singapore offers a free pre-assessment service that dramatically increases your chances for approval. You shouldn’t neglect such opportunity to have your case assessed by professional visa consultants and know your perspectives. Such service is useful in all situations: if you meet the criteria, your agent directs you to the next step. If your profile needs some tweaking, Singapore employment pass agency is helpful here as it can suggest what you should improve before applying. Even if you don’t qualify, you win with such assessment tool: you save your time, funds, and even your face because rejected application could harm your immigration profile. As one of the most experienced Employment Pass agencies in Singapore, our team realises that all clients have their unique backgrounds and expectations. We need only a couple of minutes to find out the crucial details and figure out how good the chances are. We never promise triumphant application groundlessly, as simple facts speak for themselves. But we always search for efficient and often unusual ways to help. We don’t recommend counting on Employment Pass agency that doesn’t provide pre-assessment. Not only can’t you know your premises this way, but also you aren’t able to control the quality of their service. And it means you don’t know what you pay for.

2. Intricate requirements

You must understand that applying for any visa without Singapore agents for Employment Pass is theoretically possible; online service provides such opportunity. But the chances of such applications can be very poor especially if it is going to be the first EP in your life. MOM’s requirements are very tricky, and most applicants fail to satisfy the authorities’ expectations. You need to know not only the list of criteria, but also the perspective they can be interpreted by the MOM. That’s why you need to engage an experienced agent for Employment Pass trained on various visa situations. The agent knows the psychology of government’s experts and the latest trends of their selection system. For instance, if you have a brilliant education, you may expect approval based on your theoretical knowledge. But very often practical experience and unique skills are considered by MOM as more valuable quality. It means that the government will estimate every case individually and make a decision based on their preferences. Sometimes well-educated candidacies get rejected, while their less educated, but more experienced fellows get the green light. The key here is in figuring out which personal qualities will be more winning in your particular situation. Then Singapore EP agency will do an elaborate work to improve your profile and emphasize your most competitive qualities.

3. Daunting Paperwork

Daunting PaperworkA part of work a professional Employment Pass agency can handle is taking care of all required documents. MOM lays down very exacting demands for the papers; you need to make sure all your papers are compiled according to the MOM’s rules and are in impeccable order. You need a specialist to have your documents checked and tweaked. If your papers aren’t in English, EP agency will help you to find a competent translator. If you apply for EP from overseas, you need a mediator that would represent your case at the government. Controlling the process from abroad can be challenging. Employment Pass agency is a perfect mediator that is able to react in a flash when authorities need some extra proof or additional documents. Employment agency handling work pass is located in the same place as the Ministry of Manpower; that’s why communication between them is more prompt and reliable. Your agent will monitor the process and keep you informed. When your EP gets approval, Employment Pass agent in Singapore alerts you so that you can come, pick it and enjoy a perfect employment experience in Singapore.

4. Updates and Renewals

Your beneficial teamwork with EP agency doesn’t stop right after your approval. If you choose a continuous support, our agents will update you in advance when it’s high time to prepare for your pass’ renewal. Your visa is valid during 1 year minimum and 2 years maximum (depending on the MOM’s choice), and after that time you need to go through renewal process to get 3 more years in the country. But the assistance of agents for Employment Pass in Singapore doesn’t stop here. Just “being still employed” isn’t sufficient for successful renewal today. MOM is going to estimate your salary and your qualification to make sure you still are a good fit for this job position. That’s why you need a visa professional for wise strategizing on this stage. Advice of experts who work in this field for years and know the state of the art of MOM’s criteria is your key to 3 more years in Singapore.

5. Refund Guarantee

Agencies that serve EP in Singapore compete with each other in winning the client’s trust. They promise up to 100% approval, but the reality is far from that. If you rely on yourself in your fight for employment visa, there is nobody you can blame in the failure except yourself. If you apply for EP Singapore with the assistance of an agency, you would blame the agency. However, failures happen, and even the best EP agency can’t guarantee you 100% approval if the MOM makes unpredictable decision. Of course, you can appeal, and it will also cost you money and efforts, but who is going to refund the fee you paid your agency (and got nothing)? We are the only visa agency whose responsibility stretches beyond the logic of the process. In case of failure you got up to 50% refund of our service fee. We do it to support you before your next leap for the EP – the appeal.

6. Growing Awareness

Getting the job offer from a Singaporean company is the original requirement for getting an EP. You can’t move forward without passing this milestone. But what to do if your employer finds hiring talents from abroad a risky and troublesome procedure? We understand that some employers can be prejudiced; that’s why we stretch our mission to building awareness among employers and explaining them their options and perspectives. If you face similar problems, please choose our Employment Pass agency in order to build the bridge of trust between you and your future boss. Determining on the trustworthy and skilled EP agency is your first step to easy and effective application. Make sure you can squeeze maximum results from your chosen visa assistant.

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