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E Pass Singapore: Why You Win if Your Visa Is Handled by Professionals?

Lee October 21, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 21, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
e pass singapore for singaporevisanet Singapore welcomes talents from all over the world; however, working at Singaporean companies is impossible and illegal without holding an employment visa. E Pass Singapore (Employment Pass) is the best option for highly qualified workers with top-notch education and prominent working expertise, as this kind of pass has outstanding perks:


  1. E Pass gives its holder up to 2 years of working in the country;
  2. E Pass can be prolonged (renewed) for another 3 years;
  3. It’s holders are preferable when it comes to obtaining the Permanent Residency, so if you don’t feel like leaving the country after working here for about 5 years, you can stay in Singapore for the rest of your life;
  4. You can bring your close people to the country as dependants;
  5. This pass is more privileged as it doesn’t entail quota and levy for the overseas professionals: hiring foreign staff under Employment Pass is more comfortable for the employer;
  6. E Pass holders are allowed to start their own business in Singapore (after the Ministry of Manpower accepts your project and gives you the green light).
However, despite all perks, E Pass becomes harder to obtain day by day because of the native labor force supportive policy conducted by the MOM. The authorities seek for fair consideration of the local workers for Singaporean jobs. The government’s efforts to eliminate the competition that harms natives lead to numerous strict E Pass requirements developed for sifting overseas manpower in order to let in only the most indispensable workers. Your E Pass application must persuade the authorities that your talent is unique and necessary for Singaporean economy, and your function can’t be performed by natives.   All seekers of E Pass are now evaluated by MOM on various criteria such as education, age, relevant working experience, unique skills, sector of job – not only the salary. Proving your “irreplaceability” is a hack; that’s why involving visa professionals is so crucial.


Basic E Pass Requirements:

  1. Salary for E PassSalary. Money you expect to earn in Singapore is crucial for your approval. The lowest mark you need to pass to be considered for the E Pass is 3,300 SGD which is enough for qualifying for Q1 – the “lowest” type of E Pass. The medium “P2” starts from 4,500 SGD, while the “highest” one – P1 – starts from 8,000 SGD. The higher your salary is, the better your chances for getting E Pass are.
  2. Expertise and SkillsExpertise and Skills. MOM will assess your working background, experience and skills you are going to add to the current job market. The government isn’t interested in boosting competition; that’s why the rarer and more asked-for skills you possess, the better approval prospects you have. The foreigner’s skills and experience must correspond his/her age. The older you are the better experience you are expected to show. Some strategic sectors are easier to obtain E Pass for (finance, health care, manufacturing and others). Please, find out about your specific niche from our competent visa agent.
  3. Education for E PassEducation. Singaporean government seeks for the most educated foreigners; that’s why you must provide your diploma from respectable educational institution and papers that prove your degree. The better your qualifications the higher your chances.  Nevertheless, perfect education doesn’t guarantee you visa approval. Education is being assessed along with experience, and more and more often the government prefers skills to education papers.
  4. Profile of the Hiring Company. Well-established and older firms have higher chances to get approval for their foreign staff. Firms younger than 3 years old will be assessed for their paid-up capital, business line and their attitude to hiring native labour force.

  6. Nationality. The country you come from really matters for MOM: preferred countries give better chance for their nationals. Some nationalities might require their own set of documents needed for application. Please, reach out to our visa professionals to learn about your country’s prospects.

More and more foreigners get their E Pass rejected in Singapore because of tough rules established by MOM. For really competitive application you need to involve a skilled E Pass Singapore processing agent who knows all ins and outs of visa procedures and can estimate your chances the same as MOM does it. The very first thing you win in when you involve a visa professional is an objective assessment of your case. The agent will scan you profile in accordance with the latest government’s trends and figure out your chances for getting your E Pass approved. Really competent agencies do this initial check for free.  


If you decide to go with a visa team, you get a full package of visa service that includes:
  1. impartial and diligent assessment of your chances for approval;
  2. tweaking your employment profile in order to highlight the most competitive features and hide weak points;
  3. preparing the set of all necessary documents and assistance in compiling a competitive E Pass application;
  4. submitting your application and tracking your case on its way to approval; reacting when the authorities might need additional papers or evidences;
  5. informing you about your visa result and post-approval service (assistance in getting renewal and permanent residency).
Another important reason to count on visa agency is your chances to get refund in case your application meets MOM’s refusal. Rejections happen from time to time even with professional agencies; that’s why reliable visa team will never promise you 100% approval. However, such rejections are much rarer than when the employer decides to manage without visa agency and applies on his own. After rejection, every agency will tell you that you still have a fair chance to appeal and win your desired E Pass if you follow their directions. It’s true. But there is only one agency that understands its responsibility and gives a partial refund (30% to 50%) of its fee after rejection – One Visa.


One more reason why you might want to count on One Visa is its help in building bridges of awareness between you and you potential employer. Sometimes it happens that the foreigner is close to being hired, but his potential employer has concerns about the process. One Visa agents take responsibility to reach out to employers and explain them their benefits and obligations when hiring foreigners. Very often such fears are absolutely groundless. If you face such misunderstanding with your employer, you may count on One Visa in building trust with your future boss.


Playing a lone hand when applying for E Pass is a risky game. You may lose your money, time and even heart in case of failure. Relying on visa agency helps you to shorten the processing time to 14 days and get full support in your visa battle. Make sure your visa agency provides you with all mentioned perks for the most triumphant application over.

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