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Employment Pass: Why Expert Helping Hand Is So Decisive

admin January 27, 2015
Posted by admin on January 27, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass

Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a basic and one of the most asked-for work visas, as it provides plenty of business opportunities to overseas talents, managers and directors. EP is option number one for foreign company that plans relocating its strategic staff to the place of incorporation. Companies that plan to invite foreign professionals to their job positions aren’t restricted to any quotas, so potentially it means green light for any talent. In reality, for Singapore employment pass Ministry of Manpower has developed quite strict requirements, and processing this visa is challenging without competent Singapore employment pass advice.

If you are invited to Singapore to land a specialised, executive or managerial job, ensure you know Singapore employment pass criteria and assess your own eligibility correctly. This guide is going to provide insight into EP.

Important Points about EP:

  • You must have a contract from a company located in Singapore
  • The hiring Singaporean company must submit Singapore Employment Pass application on behalf of its desired candidate
  • Every change in employment requires reapplying for EP and obliges you to notify the authorities
  • EP enables its holder to cross Singaporean border freely without any entry visas during the pass’ validity period which is usually 1 to 2 years
  • Applying for Permanent Residence is possible after an EP owner has worked at least 1 year in the country
  • EP holders can bring their families to Singapore, but each family member has to apply individually

Before your EP is going to expire, you can prolong it and get up to 3 more years. In reality, Singapore employment visa requirements for renewal include more points than just “being still employed.” MOM will estimate your salary and professional features as well. These requirements may change from one applicant to another, and therefore we recommend getting updates on these changes from professional visa agent because you aren’t 100% guaranteed to get renewal based on just the fact you are employed at the moment.


Singapore Employment Pass Types:

  • P1 is for professionals whose monthly income is not lower than 8,000SGD and who possess top-notch educational qualifications
  • P2 is for talents whose income ranges from 8,000SGD to 4,500SGD and who hold diploma or minimum degree
  • Q1 is for newly-graduates who land jobs with a salary starting from 3,300SGD and who may lack significant work experience

Singapore Employment Pass Requirements

EP criteria depend on Singapore employment pass category, but basically candidates are evaluated depending on:
  • their monthly income (the minimum is now set at 3,300SGD);
  • experience and skills related to work or solid work background (3 to 5 years);
  • education (diploma or degree from recognized institution);
  • skill-age ratio: older people are expected to show more experience and skills as they should have attended more trainings and courses. There is no such thing as Singapore Employment Pass age limit, but candidates’ qualification must correspond their age);
  • company’s reputation and paid-up capital;
  • their current citizenship.
Please consider that holding a diploma or degree from recognized university doesn’t guarantee an applicant a successful Singapore EP approval. Commonly, candidates are evaluated fully and individual merits, experience and skills mean a great deal as well. It means that lack of experience or degree doesn’t close the door for you. In unique cases, none of 3 Singapore Employment visa types is the best option. For example, Short-Term Employment Pass might be more advantageous for you if your visit to Singapore is going to be brief (2 weeks – 6 months).

Whatever your situation is, please contact our Singapore employment pass agents to determine a suitable EP scheme.

On the other hand, it often happens that foreign employees have perfect qualification for EP, but when they try to secure a job in Singapore, they run against a wall of misunderstanding at the hiring company. Many Singapore companies are prejudiced against hiring foreigners because they aren’t well informed about the process. A part of One Visa’s mission is increasing such awareness, so in case you have problems with persuading local sponsors, let our visa agents explain them their options. Building bridges of trust between sponsors and foreign employees is what we believe productive teamwork starts with
Involving professional Singapore Employment Pass agency boosts your chances dramatically as you get expert help in preparing necessary documents and advices on building up an appealing profile. At One Visa, we know that preliminary evaluating of our clients’ particular situations plays a big role in visa strategizing; that’s we offer FREE assessment to ensure you know your Singapore Employment Pass eligibility before you start.

EP Procedure

After evaluating your situation, we propose you a comprehensive Singapore Employment Pass services which include:
  • studying your employment profile;
  • advising on necessary documents and improving your profile;
  • compiling a winning application;
  • representing your side at the authorities and keeping you updated on the process and if some extra documents are needed;
  • informing you when you can collect your Singapore employment pass card;
  • alerting you when it is a high time to renew your EP or apply for PR
When you shoulder your EP processing on One Visa, you risk less: you get your EP at high success rate with no headache or piles of paperwork, and also, in hardly probable case when you get your EP rejected, we promise a partial (up to 50%) refund of Singapore Employment Pass fees. One Visa is the only immigration agency that offers such refund. Why getting expert help is so important? Efficient Singapore Employment Pass outsourcing, for example counting on One Visa agents, not only frees your hands and head for more important work, but also guarantees you brighter chances for triumphant application.

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