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EP Comprehensive Overview: Facts You Should Know Before Reaching Employment Pass Consultants in Singapore

Lee October 20, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 20, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
EP Comprehensive Overview for singaporevisanet Employment Pass remains one of the most comfortable ways to build career in Singapore for a foreigner. Not only allows it being hired without Employment Pass quota, levies and other restrictions, but also it opens the door to permanent residency and even holder’s own business. On the other hand, the government grates all these perks only for the most valuable workers and constantly toughens Employment Pass criteria. Let’s make a general survey of this the most advantageous employment visa to Singapore.

Key Information about the Employment Pass in Singapore:

  1. The government fixes no Employment Pass quota. It means that any employer can freely engage as many foreign talents as he/she wishes. However, according to MOM regulations, the authorities will assess the firm’s employment policy: if the company hires too many foreigners neglecting local manpower in the same time, it might be harder for such company to get approval for one more overseas worker.

  2. After the Employment Pass issuance, the visa remains valid during up to 2 years (MOM determines this period for each case individually). After this time expires, the holder can resume the EP and have another 3 years of working in Singapore.

  3. This visa is divided into 3 levels (categories). Each Employment Pass category determines the lowest salary bar and acceptable qualifications. The premium “P1” category starts from 8,000 SGD and requires compelling educational qualifications (diploma and degree) and weighty working experience. Medium “P2” category starts from 4,500 SGD and requires the same level of skills and education. The basic “Q1” category for graduates with minimum working experience (1-2 years) starts from 3,300 SGD. Please reach out to our consultants to find out which Employment Pass category in Singapore fits you the best.

  4. The holder of Employment Pass can apply for PR. 5 years your EP visa lasts in Singapore are enough to qualify for the permanent residency. It is a perfect way to save your position in the company when your EP expires and get numerous perks of living in the country as a resident. Commonly, you can apply for PR right after you become a holder of EP, but elaborate approach here is recommended. Please contact our visa team for more detailed Employment Pass information to find out the best time for PR application.

  5. As a holder of EP, you can invite your family members to live with you as dependants in Singapore.

  Key Information about the Employment Pass in SingaporeSince 2014, Employment Pass qualification became a difficult task for bigger number of applicants. The Singaporean government conducts a policy of supporting the local manpower. MOM takes care of the natives’ right to be considered for the job position before it is offered to a foreigner. The government welcomes foreigners until they rival the local labour force. The authorities are interested in complementary talents, not competitive ones. That’s why from time to time, MOM introduces changes that complicate Employment Pass qualification and lead to more and more rejected applications. The last Employment Pass changes came into action in January 2014 when MOM increased the lowest bar for Q1 Employment Pass grade from 3,000 to 3,300 SGD. This change downgraded many EP holders to S Pass holders because they didn’t manage to reach the bar. Now the assistance of the Employment Pass processing agency is more crucial.

  As was mentioned before, 3 basic requirements for EP are: salary, experience and educational qualifications. The ratio of two last criteria requires a closer scrutiny because they are the most popular reasons of rejection.


Education-Experience Ratio:

  1. You must prove your educational qualification by providing documents (diploma, degree, or certification). For Employment Pass, only reputable universities or educational institutions are taken into consideration. Students aren’t considered for this category of employment visa unless they possess qualifications from other institutions. Students and graduates have other opportunities to arrive to Singapore for work purpose. Please contact our visa experts for detailed information.
  1. The applicant must prove at least 1-2 years of relevant work experience and rare, prominent skills that make him/her an irreplaceable expert for Singapore. The government looks for skills which are missing in the country. Some sectors of economy are in bigger need of professionals and are more open to foreigners. Learn if your niche is in “demand” sector from our consultants.
  Education-Experience RatioHaving a top-notch education doesn’t guarantee getting the Employment Pass. The department of manpower in Singapore will assess your education only in pair with your experience and skills. It often happens that foreigners with minimum education, but abundant experience get the green light while their “brainier” fellows with “papers” get rejected.   Predicting the MOM’s decision about every particular case is a brain twister. It requires expertise only a professional visa agent with rich experience in visa processing can have. We highly recommend you not to risk your chance and lose you time and money by playing a lone hand. Entrusting your visa case to a respectful visa team will save your time and nerves.


Other Benefits of Involving Visa Professionals:

  • Diligent and FREE assessment of your case before you try your wings in the application. This way you find out your chances, get expert advice and elude unnecessary and unsuccessful application that could ruin your future employment in Singapore;
  • Doing all paperwork for you and compiling an application that wins;
  • Representing your case at the MOM and tracking it up its way to approval;
  • Partial refund in case of rejection. Our visa agency guarantees high 98% chance for approval. 2% mean that failures still happen. One Visa always refunds up to 50% of its Employment Pass fees. After all, you can still appeal and get your Employment Pass for Singapore by following competent advisory;
  • Consulting in your future applications for your EP renewal and PR and processing Dependant’s Passes for your relatives and family members.
  Employment Pass processing if performed via visa agency takes 14 days. Consideration of the manual application takes up to 5 weeks. Please pay attention that the employee isn’t allowed to apply for EP on his/her own. Application must be done by the hiring firm or visa agency; otherwise, it leads to immediate rejection. Engaging visa agent is a guarantee that your application will be done in accordance with latest MOM regulations and lead to best possible results.

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