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Expats Vote for Singapore: the Tiny Island Country Proves Its “World’s Best” Liveability Again

Lee August 4, 2015
Posted by Lee on August 04, 2015  /   Posted in Business/Entrepreneurs
singapore-river If you were able to choose any city of the world to live in, what would your criteria be? Probably you would look for something green and unpolluted and with top-notch infrastructure and health care technologies in the same time? You might think that such combination is impossible in the modern world and the one who values technologies must sacrifice his health? But luckily that’s not true. In really advanced society, all life factors must be balanced, and Singapore is a proof here. The most recent global ranking sees Singapore as the most liveable city in Asia and the whole planet.   ECA International, a specialist in HR that released their fresh ranking on the 22nd of January, actually relied on indexes that estimated the quality of expatriate life in the countries. Why Singapore wins its expats again and again, sending its rival Hong Kong lower and lower down the ranking (fell away to 33rd place compared with last year’s 17th)?  

Singapore Takes Care of Its Citizens’ Health

doctor Singapore has pampered high standards of healthcare; its health protecting infrastructure is said to be one of the world’s best. The country also boasts good air quality – the luxury which polluted Hong Kong simply can’t afford. HK adopted poor nature protecting practises from its patron China, so despite the potentially astonishing economical and business benefits of living in Hong Kong, the country begs your pardon for damaged health. On the other hand, Singapore is a green place where rows of trees line streets everywhere in the city and oases of thrilling parks and gardens draw you back to nature. The quality of potable water is also very high due to the country’s headway in water-cleansing technologies.  

Technology Freak

technology in Singapore The country is high-tech in everything starting from healthcare, transport and ending with education and protecting private information. That’s why Singaporeans are so immersed into their devices that have little time to notice their stunning environment. The country is tiny, that’s why 3.5G wireless and mobile internet is accessible all around the island.


Low Crime

low crime Singapore is a safe place to live not only because it is politically stable and practises high human rights standards, but also because of low crime. Here women are safe to walk on the streets at night. You can calmly work and calmly spend your money wherever and whenever you like without fear of being robbed. Apartments offered by the government (public housing) are a quiet and decent place where most citizens live in.  


Decent Salaries and Smart Visas

visa The same ranking by ECA International compared expats’ salaries all around the globe and revealed that salaries in Singapore were higher than those in Hong Kong. Singapore government is very friendly to foreign labour force; it has developed many kinds of work visas to meet needs of various groups of foreign employees from executives to graduates who just start their career. For example, the most usable Singapore work visa called “Employment Pass” is granted to candidates whose salary starts from 3,300 SGD for 1 to 2 years with possible renewal for another 3 years. Most Singapore work visas have a complicated procedure of processing due to competition and variety of tricky requirements; that’s why applicants are recommended to engage professional and reliable visa agency that knows the ropes in visa matters.   Obtaining a visa can also be challenging because for most Singapore employment visas, you need to secure a job (find a sponsor) before applying for the pass. Singapore offers an independent work visa that was especially designed for foreign employees who don’t want to tie themselves to any specific employer in Singapore. You don’t need to look for sponsor who would apply for a work pass for you. Having this self-sponsored visa, you can arrive to the country and then start looking for a job. This kind of visa also gives you more freedom in searching new job after the previous employment ends.  

Magnet for Your Talent

magnet for you talent Singapore incredibly combines exotic Asian trends, western traditions, and widely-spoken English which makes this city very easy to adapt to. Decent working conditions make this place even more luring for people who value their talents and pursue professional and personal fulfilment. Sounds too fantastic to be true? Singapore is open to your own unique experience!  

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