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Lee October 5, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 05, 2015  /   Posted in About Singapore, Employment Pass, Investment Visa, Working Visa
work visa for singaporevisanet Singapore govt lets foreigners work in the country only under definite work visas. Different types of them have been developed to embrace all possible purposes, categories of overseas employees and durability, and it’s really easy to get enmeshed by criteria. But thanks to govt’s advanced approach in Singapore work visa process, all procedures of getting visas have been considerably streamlined and shortened by using online services. Let’s look through most asked-for work visas and outline the main points you should consider to determine on your visa correctly.   All Singaporean work visas are ranging depending on the level of employee’s qualification: from the highest skilled (like Personalised Employment Pass) to the lowest skilled (like Work Permit). The more prestigious the visa is, the more perks and flexibility it gives. Other criteria like nationality, the level of education, the value of worker’s skill contribution and even how the hiring company follows certain employment principles will also define the visa choice. Let’s look through available work visa alternatives.


Employment Pass

  Employment PassThis work visa ideally suits highly talented migrants who can contribute valuable expertise to local economy and are being hired by Singaporean company on a position with a high salary. It is the most popular kind of work visa as it fits not only pros, but also directors and firm owners because it gives free scope to businessmen. Depending on earnings and skill level, the visa is divided into 3 categories including the version for young graduates with lack of experience. The latter belongs to the lowest EP category – Q1 – that starts from 3,300 SGD. The older and more experienced the employee is, the higher category he/she must aim at. You should earn over 4,500 SGD for P2 category and over 8,000 SGD for the P1. Except the salary level, the govt will look for educational qualification (degree from reputable institution is mandatory) and exceptionality of skills the migrant is going to bring to Singapore. The govt has its own list of occupations in demand depending on sectors. Candidates who are certified and educated in these occupations are at advantage in getting this work visa. If you would like to know if your skills match the govt’s list, please reach out to our visa agent.   This work visa is granted for a period of 1-2 years and is issued for a concrete employer that hires the migrant. It means that only the hiring company or an authorized agency can process this kind of work visa. The EP binds the migrant to a certain employer and it is obviously the only annoying drawback of this pass. But advantages overweight it: the visa is free of govt’s quota and levies and gives a strong chance of getting the permanent residency. The higher your salary is, the ampler your opportunities to take your family to SG are.


Personalised Employment Pass

  If you wonder if there is a premium pass that gives you full-scale freedom and doesn’t bind you to any company, this visa is the answer. PEP is intended for top-earners whose salary jumps over 18,000 SGD and who can contribute exceptionally valuable skills and knowledge. The qualifications must be no less than those for P1 (by the way, if you already hold P1, you can upgrade to PEP if your salary reaches 12,000 SGD).   The pass is granted for 3 years without a renewal option; however it isn’t needed as this period is enough for getting a permanent residence in SG. One of the main advantages of this work visa is that you don’t have to be offered a job to process this pass. You can apply without any potential employer, arrive to SG and look for a job right on the place. Such visa option usually ideally fits freelance talents (for example, journalists or writers), partners, or directors.


S Pass

  s passIf you have been offered a job with a salary that ranges between 3,300 and 2,200 SGD, this work visa is for you. However, lower wages aren’t the only flaws of this pass. As this visa is for medium skilled workers, the govt implies levies and quotas to sift better candidacies (the employers would hold on really valuable workers even with such restrictions). The quota holds employers back from hiring more than 15% of their staff from abroad (this percentage depends on sector). Levy forces the employer to pay a definite sum of money monthly for every S Pass holder. This sum is quite big and can even reach 500 SGD for some sectors (the less skilled the worker is, the bigger the levy will be).

Work Permit

  Lower-skilled migrants who work in construction, service or household sectors can move to SG under this visa if they are being hired by local company. Except levies and quotas, this work visa entails also a security bond a boss must pay for his every non-Malaysian worker and other expenses (healthcare, insurance) and obligations (taking care of migrant’s housing and social adaptation). To learn the specific quota and levy that will be applied in your particular situation, please reach out to our visa specialists.



  Entre PassSingapore welcomes foreign innovative business ideas and entrepreneurs who would like to bring their startups to SG. EntrePass has more advantages in comparison with EP that also enables directors and owners to move to SG. Unlike EP, it allows an entrepreneur to arrive before starting the incorporation process. In some cases, it is the only correct decision. Getting this visa is harder then EP as it entails many business and investment requirements, as well as a criterion of intellectual property protection handled by an authorised SG company. The capital involved from an angel investor or other 3-rd party venture investor must be no less then 100,000 SGD. Get in touch with our visa pros to learn your own eligibility for EntrePass.     Basically, every work visa gives a chance to pursue permanent residency to put down roots in SG forever. But some visa will require more time to achieve this status, and for someone going through the process of renewals is inevitable. Grasping PR status is the easiest for the most “skilled” holders (PEP or P1): one year of working in SG under those passes is considered enough for being granted a PR.   It is crucial to figure out which category of work visa suits you the best before jumping into application process. Lodging your application on the off chance without serious preparation and analysing your chances can result in rejection. Preliminary assessment we offer our clients for free will help you to see your starting conditions the same as the govt would see them (we know govt’s latest trends and assess you accordingly). We will also provide information about Singapore work visa fees.   Being aware of your chance, you can purposefully prepare for a paper battle with the govt. It will require building up your employment potential to persuade the ministry you are a perfect fit. Early advising and profile tuning are key-stones of long-awaited approval.

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