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Get Singapore Employment Pass with Reliable One-stop Visa Firm: Services Only Visa Gurus Can Provide

Lee October 24, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 24, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
 Get Singapore Employment Pass with Reliable One-stop Visa Firm Services Only Visa Gurus Can Provide An overseas talent can’t stay and work in Singapore without holding an employment visa. Getting an Employment Pass in Singapore is the only way to mind-blowing business opportunities of this country. EP is the most suitable for pros with excellent education, outstanding expertise and decent salaries. The reputation of the most livable city in the world and the place where business can be done in the “easiest” way allows Singaporean government to be picky to foreigners. Today’s tendency shows that it actually holds back the intense inrush of overseas workers by introducing harsher criteria. Pleasing the government and getting the desired EP became a task hardly accomplishable without the help of visa agency.
  Let’s look at the every step of the EP procedure and find out how to get Singapore Employment Pass at the first try and with minimum efforts.


Finding a Job in Singapore

  Finding a Job in SingaporeThis is the first step that leads to getting an Employment Pass in Singapore, as having a job offer is the main premise of being qualified for EP. The salary you are offered weighs heavily: it mustn’t be lower than 3,300 SGD (it is enough for qualifying for the minimum EP level – Q1). You don’t have to arrive to Singapore for job-hunting. Online services are very helpful: you just send your resume and wait for the result. If after the interview you are offered a job, your “EP-hunting” starts.
  Here you have 2 options. As the workers aren’t allowed to apply for this visa on their own behalf, this must be done either by the hiring side or by visa agency. Relying on visa professionals who know the tricks shortens the processing time, equips with valuable advice and ensures better results.   Involving a visa team is also helpful in cases when securing a job in Singapore turns into a challenge. Frightened by MOM’s policy, fewer employers are open to hiring foreigners today. The reason is basically in misunderstanding of their benefits and obligations in this procedure. Visa agency can reach out to such employers and grow their awareness which potentially leads to necessary employment.   However, despite all benefits of working under EP in Singapore, there is one serious drawback: EP ties you to the employer who processed this visa for you (your sponsor). If you need to change the job, you must start a new EP. If your goal is to get employment visa for Singapore that wouldn’t tie you to any particular company, you should consider PEP (Personalised Employment Pass). This visa frees employees’ hands and enables them to stay in the country for job-hunting for a half a year and switch over to new employers without changing the pass. Please reach out to our visa experts to find out more details about the PEP.

Thorough Assessment

  Pre-assessment is a powerful tool that is provided for free by most respectful agencies. We don’t recommend neglecting this service as it dramatically impacts your application results. Firstly, you have an opportunity to find out your state of things. Visa consultants will scan your profile and estimate your chances in the way the MOM would do, so you know what to expect. And secondly, consultants will give you a piece of advice on how to improve your chances. Using this tool saves your time and money as you can avoid hopeless and losing applications that might badly impact your future chances.   Our visa consultants are real gurus of the process as they are educated in the latest government’s trends and requirements and therefore they are able to see your profile from the MOM’s point of view. You will be assessed according to such basic criteria:  
  1. Expected salary: you must pass the lowest mark of 3,300 SGD; higher salary means better chance.
  2. Education: Singapore looks for brainy talents, so lay out your diploma, certifications, or degree, but keep in mind that only respectable educational institutions are considered.
  3. Experience: MOM looks for talents with weighty relevant expertise and skills valuable for today’s Singapore economy. The point here is that your skills must close gaps in local job market, but not to excite competition harmful for locals. Older applicants must showcase more prominent expertise to be considered.
  4. Nationality. Not all countries are equally welcomed when it comes to getting an Employment Pass in Singapore. Our consultants will provide you with more detailed information about your nation’s chances.
  5. Firm’s profile. MOM will estimate the track record, paid-up capital and business policy of the hiring company. Older and better-established companies are privileged. How the company treats local manpower also weighs heavily.

Paperwork Handling and Profile Tweaking

  All necessary papers must be got in impeccable order. Visa experts know the rules how all papers must be compiled. So relying on visa agency you get all paperwork done and every coma checked with diligence and professionalism. Add to this that all papers must be translated into English competently by a reliable translator. Documents that highlight your experience and skills are very important, so it’s a good idea to entrust tweaking them to visa consultants who have abundant experience. Visa masters will help to get your strengths emphasised and ensure the most winning representation of your expertise.

Handling of the Application Procedure

  Handling of the Application ProcedureWhen you apply with an agency, you can be calm that all is done according to the stern MOM’s regulations. If handled by the agency, EP procedure takes up to 14 days. No participation is needed from your side as your agency will track your application and respond immediately when additional info is required by the MOM. Agency is smarter when it comes to communication with the authorities, so you can be sure your case if represented decently. You will be informed when you have the approval, so that you could arrive and get Singapore Employment Pass for your new job.


  Talking about rejections isn’t a pleasure, but they still happen even when your case is handled by visa agency. That’s why no competent agency will guarantee you a chance for approval at 100%. Rejection doesn’t mean the end as you have a right to appeal your EP. If all MOM’s recommendations are taken into consideration and the agency’s advisory is followed carefully it usually leads to approval. So the participation of visa agency on this stage is also crucial. However, if it turns out that there is no hope, you can still be satisfied at least partially. One Visa is the only visa team that refunds up to a half of its fee. Such refunds mean that the visa firm is sure about its competency and value its clients’ efforts.

  Many agencies promise to open the Singapore border for foreigners, but you should make sure that behind the words there is a true year-long experience, honesty and long success record. Getting all possible visa services at one place dramatically saves your efforts and makes your relocating smooth and comfortable.

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