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Global Investment

What is Global Investment?

With the ever-growing economy of the world, investment has become a popular form of business for high net worth individuals.

The Global Investment umbrella contains 2 different forms of investment opportunities, local and overseas.
Depending on your needs, you are presented with many options for your investment opportunities.

The Global Investor Program allows individuals to invest into the Singapore Economy in exchange for a myriad of benefits. Networking, business and permanent residency are some of the benefits provided to the individuals. 

The Australia Investor Visa gives individuals the opportunity to invest into the Australian economy in exchange for immigration benefits. Individuals who pursue this route of investment usually plan to migrate to Australia indefinitely.


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Global Investments

Investing can sometimes act like a double-edged sword. Investing a substantial amount of time and resources while being unsure of the outcome. Fret not, Visa Express aids with the process to make your job much easier. Click on the tabs below to find out more about the 2 different Global Investment schemes

  • Singapore Investor Visa
  • Australian Investor Visa

The Singapore Investor Visa, also known as the GIP scheme, is a visa scheme that allows high net worth personalities from around the globe to bring their investment initiative to Singapore. The GIP Scheme requires the investor to invest in a startup coming in Singapore or a GIP-approved fund. In return, Singapore provides them with permanent residency through their investment. Click here for more information!

The Australia Investor Visa was designed for investment moguls with the intention of settling in Australia. This visa allows the investors to settle in the country permanently through the process of investing in Australia’s economy. The Australia Investor Visa is also known as the Subclass 188 visa and there are 3 types of visas under the subclass. Click here for more information!

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