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Guaranteed Singapore Employment Pass Success

Lee March 14, 2016
Posted by Lee on March 14, 2016  /   Posted in Employment Pass
Guaranteed Singapore Employment Pass Success It can be tricky to navigate your way through the Ministry of Manpower requirements to ensure that you receive an Employment Pass in Singapore the first time that you apply. Visa Express is committed to ensuring that your application does not only fulfil the necessary criteria but also to enhancing your chances using our years of experience in completing this process on your behalf.  

The Basics

 The Employment Pass is aimed at professional employees who would be working in Singapore in a managerial, executive or other specialised occupation. All the necessary documentation should be submitted by your employer or by a licensed agency within Singapore. There are 3 categories within which you can apply for your EmploymentPass:
1.  P1 employees need to have a post graduate degree and earn a minimum of S$8000 as a fixed monthly income.
2.  P2 employees also require a post graduate degree but need to earn a fixed monthly salary of S$4500 to S$7999.
3. Q1 Employment Pass is aimed at young graduates who have little to no work experience with a fixed monthly salary of between S$3300 and S$4499. The greater the work experience or skills that an individual possesses, the higher the required income will be.
Each and every Employment Pass application is assessed individually by the Ministry of Manpower on its own merit. Individuals who have unique skills or work experience but lack a post graduate education may therefore be legible for one of the above categories. On the other hand, individuals who do possess a post graduate degree but are deemed not to have the necessary work experience may not be granted a Singapore work visa.

What to do Next

Simply fill in the Visa Express ‘Quick Enquiry’ form and we will get back to you letting you know whether you qualify for an Employment Pass. Remember to include the name of the company you will be working for, the proposed fixed monthly salary, current citizenship as well as your highest educational qualification in the description box.
One of our skilled staff members will then get back to you letting you know whether you qualify. If you then wish to go ahead with your application, you will receive a list of required materials as well as supporting documentation that will be needed to submit the application to the Ministry of Manpower. You can then just sit back, relax and let Visa Express do the rest. You should receive confirmation that your Singapore Employment Pass has been granted within one to two weeks from the date of submission

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