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How Can You Benefit from Personal Employment Pass

Lee October 16, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 16, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
How Can You Benefit from Personal Employment Pass Classic EP opens the door to a mighty Singaporean employment potential and offers tremendous terms, but sometimes it is not sufficient. Some categories of foreign pros find it “limited” because it ties them to one particular employer: every time they decide to change the job, they must go through all application headache again and again. Plus your niche scope is limited to the one you stick from the beginning till the end. For those overseas pros who pursue more freedom and flexibility, Personalised Employment Pass Singapore (PEP) was designed. MOM lays down much higher demands for this visa category, but fantastic employment privileges of PEP are unparalleled and can’t be provided by any other working visa.
There are 2 ways of getting Personalised Employment Pass in Singapore. You either must be a foreign executive working overseas with monthly salary higher than 18,000 SGD or you can upgrade to PEP from your current P1 working visa if your salary is over 12,000 SGD. The salary and individual merits are considered as the main factors of your Personal Employment Pass eligibility. However, the Ministry of Manpower will be also interested in your educational qualifications, bank and tax statements, as well as your prominent employment history. Unlike classic EP, this visa is self-sponsored, so you don’t need a Singaporean employer to initiate this visa for you; you can do it yourself.

Personal Employment Pass Benefits

  personal employment pass benefitsAlong with standard EP privileges of obtaining permanent residency and bringing your nears and dear to Singapore, Personal Employment Pass offers plenty of other perks that upgrade your expat life to a new level in Singapore.
  • You don’t need to find a job prior to applying for this pass. If you meet the above salary and merit criteria, you can apply right away. PEP enables you to arrive to the country before securing a job and search for it right on the place
  • With Personal Employment Pass, you don’t depend on any particular Singaporean employer. Firstly, as was mentioned before, you don’t need a sponsor for applying. Secondly, this Personal Employment visa makes you flexible and self-determined: you can change employers and even sectors without re-applying for a new employment visa every time this change happens. You only need to inform authorities about your decision, and that’s all
  • When your current contract ends, you can stay in the country unemployed for up to half a year and search for a new job. No need to haste; you have plenty of time for researching the market and making an elaborated decision
  • Personal Employment Pass gives you a privilege to qualify for permanent residency after a year of working in Singapore. You don’t have to wait until your pass’ expiry date for applying
  • You can bring your family to the country under Dependant’s Passes (including your parents); other relatives can visit you in Singapore using other specialised visas
  • Self-sponsorship of this visa significantly simplifies the process of finding a job. Singaporean employers may be reluctant when it comes to hiring a foreigner because they don’t want to bother themselves with troublesome visa procedures. As a holder of your own personalised pass, you are more advantageous and appealing for employers, and they would willingly have an interview with you. Personalised Employment Pass makes you a welcomed worker for any company.
  Despite overwhelming privileges, Personal Employment Pass Singapore still has its drawbacks which, however, aren’t so crucial for most seekers. For example, the pass is valid during only 3 years, and it can’t be prolonged. Before the expiry date, PEP must be substituted with any other suitable working visa. Nevertheless, the opportunity to get a permanent residence before the expiry date lightens this drawback. Another weak point of PEP is that it doesn’t allow its holder to have his own business in Singapore. Only classic EP provides this option. The same as Employment Pass and other working visas, PEP obliges its holder to pay income tax (15% or so). But despite the Personal Employment Pass imperfection, it still remains the best option for hundreds of pros who pursue exploring more perks of Singapore’s employment landscape.
If you doubt you are able to meet all Personal Employment Pass Singapore requirements, contact our visa expert for a free and thorough assessment. We will research your working background and choose the strategy that leads you to the best results. If you need a piece of wise advice whether you need Personalised Employment Pass or Employment Pass, feel free to get in touch with our professional consultants.
Personal Employment Pass is a really advantageous scheme of migrating to Singapore, and for those who value their independence and professional growth perspective PEP is definitely a must-try.

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