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How EP Machine Works: Procedure and Step-by-step Guide for Getting Employment Pass

Lee November 3, 2015
Posted by Lee on November 03, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
procedure and step by step guide EP for singaporevisanet EP is one of the most privileged work visas to Singapore, and in the same time one of the hardest to get. Procedures for getting Employment Pass were heavily complicated since the government of Singapore headed for supporting local employment. Its fair consideration course established new rules of hiring foreign manpower and dramatically challenged EP application. From now on, the seekers must meet more criteria for qualification and these criteria become trickier to follow. The help of seasoned visa specialists who can instruct in requirements and lead step by step through EP application to the triumphant approval is needed. If you engage a professional advisory, you eliminate the odds of missing something important or getting confused in the interpretation of some involved criteria. In this step-by-step guide we will give clear instructions on how to apply for Employment Pass online and save your time and efforts.

Step 1. Landing a Job in Singapore

The procedure actually begins from searching for a job in Singapore. Having an offer from Singaporean employer is a starting condition for EP processing. Employment Pass requires a sponsor (the employer): he submits the application, not the foreign worker. Third parties such as visa agencies are also let into the process and are eligible to shoulder application. We recommend the second way because DIY practice in EP application proved itself as having very low chances for success. If you count on seasoned visa team, you can expect your application to be done in accordance with the MOM’s latest regulations and using up-to-date online technologies that shorten the waiting time (compare 2 weeks for online application with 5 weeks for manual one).
Landing a Job in SingaporeToday’s tendency shows that Singapore-based employers have concerns about hiring overseas workers. They have heard about MOM’s strict policy concerning discriminating employment practises and don’t want to risk. Despite harsh regulation, such fears are often groundless. If you face such misunderstanding with your potential employer, a visa agency can help you. Just contact with our specialists and share your situation, and they will reach out to your employer to explain him his situation, benefits and responsibility of hiring foreigners. We are sure that growing awareness is the key to successful employment that is beneficial for all 3 sides: the foreign worker, his/her boss, and the government. Don’t miss your chance because of awkward misunderstanding that is easily solvable.
If you wonder if there is a chance to work in Singapore without being tied to one employer, we have good news for you. EP has its premium version specially designed for foreign executives, managers and pros with salaries over $18,000. Such work visa is self-sponsored and gives you freedom to arrive to Singapore before finding a job and stay there for about half a year between different jobs. If this is your case, please feel free to connect with our consultants to clear up the process to apply for personalized EP.

Step 2. Assessment

After you get an offer from Singaporean employer, your future boss can proceed with application. Reach out to our consultants to find out the exact list of documents the firm must provide for application and undergo a brief, but very important procedure – preliminary assessment. We provide this service for free. There is no need to risk it all and apply for a work visa blindly. You can know your chances today and strategize your application accordingly. Our skilled consultants will scan the worker’s employment profile in the light of MOM’s exacting requirements and figure out what needs to be improved in the profile in order to raise chances. Assessment step is the most important among the steps to take in applying for Employment Pass. It gives you not only the better understanding of the tricky requirements, but also the direction, the guideline to apply for Employment Pass in the most efficient way.

Knowledge of the requirements and meeting them are the keys to triumphant application. MOM’s criteria are strict and flexible in the same time (the balance that works isn’t the same for every candidacy). They need to make sure the employee is a good fit for Singaporean economy. That’s why they will estimate:
  1. Your salary. It shouldn’t be less then $3,300 for qualification for Q1 level that fits graduates and young workers with 1-2-year-long work history. Professionals with richer experience in the niche that corresponds with their education will need to command higher salaries. P2 level starts from $4,500; P1 is for pros with salaries of at least $8,000.

  2. Your education. MOM welcomes degree and diploma holders graduated from respectable universities. If you aren’t sure about your university or having a degree (because in different countries it may be called in a different way), please contact our visa experts for detailed info.

  3. Work experience and skills. This is the trickiest item and probably the most decisive factor. Singaporean government is interested only in those foreigners whose expertise would complement local economy with unique skills that are now in demand in the country. If your expertise isn’t in demand, this may lead to rejection: the government doesn’t want to encourage useless competition between the foreigners and local manpower. Here everything depends on how your skills are represented. If you rely on visa specialists, you can expect them to highlight your most valuable skills to achieve most advantageous representation. Some sectors of Singaporean economy (finances, healthcare, construction and so on) are more open to foreign expertise and are easier to get EP for. Learn more about opportunities of your particular sector with our specialists.

  4. Company’s performance. Well-established companies with good reputation in hiring locals are more privileged. If the company is new (younger than 3 years old), it will be assessed by its paid-up capital (high enough to hire foreigners) and business plan (intentions to hire more locals in the future). Any discriminating employment practises in the past may lead to rejection.

These requirements are only a few from the long list. We encourage you to try your wings at our free assessment service to learn your chances and develop a successful strategy of steps for EP application that wins.

Step 3. Preparing Documents

Preparing Documents for EPAfter your assessment is done and visa agency gives you a green light, you can move on to collecting all necessary documents. The list of papers may vary from case to case, but commonly it includes:
  • From the employee’s side: a copy of passport’s particulars page, educational papers (diploma, degree, or certifications), documents that prove his/her working experience and skills, and resume.
  • From the side of the hiring firm (either registered with ACRA or with other bodies responsible for registration): a latest business profile is needed.

Collecting the right documents and compiling them requires professionalism and accuracy. All papers must be in perfect order and in (or translated into) English. If you doubt paperwork is your strong point, it’s better not to risk and entrust preparing documents to the seasoned visa workers who know “every comma.” The agency will take care of the proper representation of your skills for the government and compile a prominent application that has high chances for approval.

Step 4. EP application

When all documents are in impeccable order, the agency will submit the application using advanced online technologies. No your presence or participation is needed on this stage. 14 days during which your EP processing lasts, your visa agency will maintain proper communication with the MOM to ensure all requirements are fulfilled. In case any additional document is needed, the agency will react to provide it in time. Having a visa agency as a mediator between the hiring company and the government guarantees better communication and just appreciation. You will be informed when your visa is already done, so that you can arrive and enjoy one of the most exciting employment experiences in your life.

Step 5. Post-approval service

Post-approval serviceCongrats on getting your EP approved! Now you have 1-2 years you can spend in Singapore working for the company that hired you. The time passes quickly, and very soon the question of your visa renewal will arise. We have to warn you that the procedure for renewal of Employment Pass in Singapore isn’t that easy as it seems. The very fact of your employment isn’t enough for successful qualification. As MOM is firm in its course to let only the most valuable foreign workers in, you will need to prove your right to work in Singapore again and again. The government will estimate the correspondence between your salary and designation and the importance of your expertise every time you apply for renewal. As things can change (as well as MOM may toughen its requirements again), some people can lose their passes or be downgraded to “lower” ones like it happened in 2014 when MOM raised its lowest salary bar to from $3,000 to $3,300.
  Getting a permanent residency is a smart way to avoid all further hassles with renewals if you really don’t feel like leaving Singapore. Our visa agency is competent in renewals and PR applications. You can benefit from our year-long expertise that enabled comfort and trouble-free work for our numerous clients. A piece of advice given by seasoned visa specialists who perfectly know their stuff can be decisive for your EP application. Find out your own unique set of steps to apply for Employment Pass today.

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