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How to Renew Employment Pass

How to Apply for An Employment Pass (EP_?

If you are an overseas professional pursuing engaging in Singaporean blossoming business, getting a Singapore Employment Pass is the right way to go. A bunch of employment opportunities and perks of being a Singapore permanent resident starts from applying for Singapore EP. Ministry of Manpower takes care of competitiveness of native labour force, and that’s why government’s criteria for foreign workers pursuing employment in Singapore are very high. MOM’s exigent approach to every candidate turns applying for Employment Pass in Singapore into a very challenging undertaking if the applicant doesn’t involve a professional team of visa agents who know all the ins and outs of visa process. Knowledge of MOM’s preferences in selecting “fitting” candidacies is the key to effective applying for Employment Pass Singapore. Government takes into consideration not only the applicant’s salary and diploma, but also the value of his/her personal expertise: how asked-for for local economy it is?  

Basic EP Requirements:

  1. Expected Salary. The foreigner who plans to apply for Employment Pass in Singapore, has to secure a monthly salary of at least 3,600 SGD
  2. Education. Diplomas and degrees are seriously taken into consideration; the university must be a reputable educational establishment
  3. Personal qualification, skills, and related experience. The government is interested in workers whose unique expertise is complementing the local labour market, but not competing with locals. Not all niches need the presence of foreign labour force; that’s why you should contact with visa expert for detailed information
  4. Age. Applying for working pass in Singapore depends on applicant’s age. Professionals under 50 are welcomed, but older employees are expected to show more skills as they are considered to be more trained and educated
  5. Motherland. Such thing as the country of origin is also taken into consideration. Expats from some countries are more welcomed; please, contact visa agents to learn about the preferred countries
  6. Advertising (applies to the hiring company). According to the rules of Fair Consideration Framework (the privilege of natives to be hired first), the job position must be advertised for locals prior to being offered to a foreigner. The employer can’t skip this step and apply for a temporary Employment Pass for a foreigner right away
  7. Hiring company’s reputation and successful track record.

Despite the requirements are very strict, the government practises individual approach and can prioritize some merits upon others. For example, if the foreigner possesses unparalleled skills that are beneficial for a specific niche, the government may shut its eyes to his/her gap in education. It means that in any case, applying for employment pass in Singapore requires strategizing and building up a competitive profile by professional visa expert.

Reasons Why You Should Count on Visa Agency:

1. Assessment Service

Most visa agencies offer a pre-assessment service which enables an applicant-to-be to estimate his/her chances before applying and using that very chance. Visa Express offers a FREE assessment as we value the right of our clients to know their eligibility. Our visa consultants know the state of the art of MOM’s requirements, and therefore are able to estimate the seeker of Employment Pass in a couple of minutes. Whether you are a business owner who is in need of board directors from overseas or you seek for qualified workers, applying for Employment Pass would be less stressful, time- and labour-consuming if you involve visa agency that offers pre-assessment services.

2. Building up a Competitive Profile

You need to squeeze the most from your past and show off your most advantageous features. We recommend you to involve an expert visa company that is responsible for background checks for building a really competitive profile.



3. Paper & Legwork

MOM has exacting requirements to the quality of submitted documents, so it’s better to pass the compiling to meticulous professionals who know the rules. Visa Express is aimed at getting feedback from MOM on every case, and therefore we know the latest trends in paperwork.

Documents you’ll need to provide to apply for Employment Pass Singapore (in English):

  • Educational papers: certificates and diplomas
  • Copy of the particulars page of the applicant’s passport
  • Company-sponsor’s “freshest” business profile

When you rely on Visa Express to apply for Employment Pass, you can be calm that your interests are represented at the MOM and your case is diligently monitored, so you can just sit back and wait for your EP approval without headache. When your EP is ready, you will be informed.            


4. Continuous support

If you choose Visa Express as your EP provider, you can expect us to inform you about the most appropriate time for you to apply for permanent residence, and when it’s high time to renew your Pass. Your EP isn’t renewed automatically after its initial 1-2 year valid period. For obtaining another 3 years in Singapore, you need to apply for Singapore Employment Pass renewal and prove you are still a good fit for your job.   Applying for Employment Pass is just the first step on your ladder of success. It can potentially lead to permanent residency in the planet’s most liveable city (yes, it is Singapore again this year!) and even your own business. If you already have a business incorporated in Singapore and look for ways to become its rightful director, EP is the right option for you. To apply for EP under your own company, get in touch with our visa & incorporation specialists.

How Many Days for Approval?

Usually processing EP takes up to 14 working days if you apply for EP using online service (or with Visa Express). If you do it manually, the process takes up to 5 weeks.   Whatever your situation is, this is the right moment to know your chances and start building right visa perspective. Apply for EP Singapore using smart assessment services by Visa Express.

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