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How to Apply for Employment Pass in Singapore: Take Advice of Expert who Knows the Ropes

Lee October 10, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 10, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
how to apply employment pass Congratulations, you have just landed a job in Singapore. The fact that Singaporean employer has chosen you for his job position says that you are a really talented expert and that your employer couldn’t find the same in his local labour market. However, only having the contract doesn’t mean having a job, as foreigners are allowed to work in Singapore only under working visas. Now you are thinking how to apply for Singapore Employment Pass which is the visa that suits overseas professionals who pursue employment on managerial, executive or other specialised jobs. Processing EP has its peculiarities, and this blog is going to provide insight into how to apply for EP in Singapore and get success at the first push.   After Singaporean MOM had developed their Fair Consideration Framework, applying for EP became a more complicated procedure. What does this change mean? A Singaporean employer who applies for EP for his overseas worker must first advertise this job for at least 2 weeks for natives. Local Singaporeans have a privilege to land jobs in their country. But that doesn’t exactly mean that you must compete with locals. From now on, to get the Employment Pass, you must prove that your expertise and skills won’t create additional competition in the market, but rather compliment it advantageously. We recommend engaging experts who know the system from the inside and can help with building a winning profile that would represent your merits in the most favourable light.

How to Apply for Employment Pass?

  How to Apply for Employment PassOverseas workers aren’t authorised to apply for EP on their own behalf because EP requires a sponsor – the company that hires these workers. Only your future employer or other empowered third party (for example, a visa agency) are allowed to apply for EP for you. If the application is made via online service, the visa processing usually takes up to 14 working days. In case of manual application, the procedure can be much time-consuming – up to 5 weeks.

Why You Should Involve an Expert Visa Team?

  Firstly, you need an expert who would instruct you how to apply for Employment Pass in Singapore in your particular case. MOM has very strict criteria for seekers of EP, and they vary from case to case. For example, how to apply for Employment Pass for Taiwanese who is graduate? The country of origin and the quality of education mean a lot. A specialist will not only explain you the criteria, but also assess your own eligibility from MOM’s perspective. One Visa assesses your chances for successful approval absolutely for free, so you get a sound start and the understanding of what you need to improve in your profile.

EP Criteria You Should Carefully Consider

  For the employer:
  • Advertising (the job must be advertised on local bank of jobs for natives prior to being offered to a foreigner)
  • The hiring company must be a reputable organization with significant “locals-hiring” background
  From the seeker of EP:  
  • Salary (the minimum salary you can expect getting “the lowest” category of EP with is 3,300 SGD; the higher your salary is, the bigger your chances for approval are)
  • Education (your degree or diploma from reputable educational organization is seriously taken into consideration)
  • Weighty working experience in the relevant niche (this is probably the most important requirement: the government is interested in getting professionals with unparalleled expertise that isn’t available among locals)
  • Age (professionals younger than 50 are welcomed; however, older applicants are expected to show better qualification)
  • Native country (not only plays the country of origin a big role in estimating the candidate, but also it may entail more specific requirements. Get in touch with our visa expert to find out how to apply for Employment Pass to Singapore from your particular country)
  As you can see, for every seeker this balance of criteria will be different. MOM estimates every candidate individually. Involving visa experts who know the latest MOM’s trends is your key to elaborate and triumphant application. When you choose to go with One Visa, you can expect us to:
  1. Assess your case for free relying on the latest MOM’s criteria trends
  2. Study your employment background and build up a competitive application with the most winning features emphasized
  3. Apply for EP and represent your case at the government
  4. Monitor the process and inform you when your EP is ready
  5. (In case of continual support) alert when your EP needs renewal or when it’s high time to apply for permanent residency

How to Apply for Singapore Employment Pass at the First Push?

Applying for EP requires a well-coordinated teamwork with your employer, so it’s better to entrust this matter to the skilled hands of visa consultants.   Employment pass gives its happy owner a right to live and work in Singapore for 1 to 2 years. To get another 3 years, you need to pass the renewal process successfully. The latest MOM’s trends show that just the fact of being still employed isn’t enough for renewal. MOM estimates the salary and experience the same as at the very first application, so it’s better not to risk and involve a professional visa help every time you have to deal with MOM. But what to do if you still don’t have a job in Singapore or you don’t want to be tied to one particular employer? Find out from our consultant how to apply for Personal Employment Pass Singapore. Unlike EP, PEP doesn’t require a company sponsor that would apply for a working visa for you. PEP is a self-sponsored pass that gives you an opportunity to arrive to Singapore before landing a job there and seek for it right on the place. Ask our experts how to apply for Personal Employment Pass in Singapore if you are interested in getting more flexibility. Whatever your situation is, feel free to ask our visa team for qualified help. Take advice of experts who know the ropes. Don’t hesitate to know your eligibility for any kind of working pass in Singapore.

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