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How to Get a Work Permit in Singapore with Highest Possible Chance? Learn Your Perspective Before Brewing an Application!

Lee October 16, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 16, 2015  /   Posted in Working Visa
 How to Get a Work Permit in Singapore Such sectors of Singaporean economy as construction, manufacturing or the niche of services are open for semi-skilled foreign labor force; however employment is possible only under Work Permit, a pass designed especially for foreigners with the lowest salaries, but sufficient skills. The government has headed for boosting local employment and shortening the number of underskilled immigrants engaged in Singaporean economy. That’s why the Ministry of Manpower makes criteria for overseas workers tougher and tougher by creating challenging conditions.
Crowds of foreigners rush to Singapore in hope to benefit from its distinguished employment landscape, but more and more of them are left in the basket today. They face difficulties not only at the MOM when applying for work visas, but also while searching for job. The quotas and levies Singaporean government implies for Work Permit holders act as repellents: less employers are ready to bear losses by having such worker and they become more open for native manpower, as MOM expected. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean the issue “how to get work permit for Singapore” has no solution. Obtaining this work visa is still possible when your case is represented by a qualified visa agent who knows how to create an application that will definitely please harsh demands of the MOM.  

Chance Assessment

Work permit in SingaporeBefore brewing an application, it’s wise to have your case assessed by professionals. The requirements are many and they are quite confusing because your chance greatly depends on the country where you come from. Such assessment is free of charge and dramatically increases your chances for approval. Not only gives it you the right understanding of MOM’s demanding criteria, but also it saves many applicants-to-be from useless applications when the chances are miserable. Plus the consultant will give you a piece of important advice on how to get Work Permit in Singapore at the very first push.

Requirements of Singapore Work Permit

Criteria for every applicant are determined individually based on their nationality and the sector they pursue employment in. Some fields are open only for specific sources (countries), for some you might be obliged to be tested in your own country at a specific MOM-determined test centre. Malaysians are more welcomed in Singapore and their employers don’t have to pay a huge security bond of $5,000 for them. Immigrants from other sources like China, India, Bangladesh, Philippines and other North-Asian countries are let in only after paying the security bond and with valid work visa.  

Levy and Quota Restrictions

Work visa in SingaporeWork permit is subject to levies and quotas. The government doesn’t close the border for foreigners, but in reality the restrictions do squeeze them anyway. Every hired Work Permit holder costs his/her employer a bunch of money daily. For example, for the most popular sector – construction – the monthly levy for highly skilled foreigner is $300, while less skilled worker will cost his employer $550. The government has already announced the levy increase, but decided to defer it till the next 2016 year. The quota means that Singaporean firm can employ a restricted number of foreign manpower under Work Permit. Now it is fixed at 15%.  
Except paying levies and the salary itself (and the security bond if applied), an employer has many other obligations concerning his foreign workers: he must take upon himself all their health care expenses, buy them a medical insurance, respond for their injuries (if happened at work place), meet their housing and recreational needs and ensure their employment behaviour is within the legal framework.  
Such conditions really turn the question how to get Singapore work permit into a puzzle. Applying on your own, you jeopardise your chance and expose yourself to rejection. The MOM pays attention to every detail in your employment profile; that’s why it needs to be tuned according to the MOM’s latest regulations. Agents who work in this niche for years and know the ropes of the Work Permit processing can prepare all needed papers and ensure they decently represent your skills and background. If you still wonder how to get Singapore work visa without headache, please contact our skilled visa specialists for initial assessment. Knowledge of your perspective on the very start guarantees sound visa processing.

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