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How to Get an Employment Pass in Singapore: a Guide of Triumphant Application

Lee October 19, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 19, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
How to Get an Employment Pass in Singapore_blog Today more and more foreigners think of moving to Singapore for work because of tremendous economical boosts it offers. The reputation of the most liveable city on the planet and the “easiest” place for doing business attracts thousands of talented hands and brains. The inrush of expats made Singaporean government toughen the rules of opening borders for foreign labour force. “How to get Employment Pass in Singapore without headache and stand a better chance?” This question torments most applicants. In this blog, we are going to provide insight into the procedure step by step.

Step 1. Securing a job in Singapore

  Obtaining a working pass is a mandatory condition of moving to Singapore for employment purposes, and landing a job in Singapore is a mandatory condition of getting an Employment Pass. You expected salary plays a crucial role here: it mustn’t be lower than 3,300 SGD. Commonly, the process is the following: you search for available jobs in the internet, send your resume, have an interview and accept the offer. Once you have the job, your employer (sponsor) has to submit an application for your EP. You can’t do it on your own behalf. However, you can involve a professional visa company that handles such applications in the most effective way. Visa consultants will answer all your questions on how to get Employment Pass Singapore with maximum success and provide assistance on the go.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a job in Singapore because local employers reluctantly hire foreigners. They believe they would have problems with authorities in case of involving staff from abroad. If you face such misunderstanding, please get in touch with our consultants. The part of our mission is building awareness among Singaporean employers about benefits of hiring overseas professionals. We will provide your employer with exhaustive explanation about his side of the matter.

In case you pursue more flexibility and don’t want to depend on one particular employer, ask your visa agent how to get Personalized Employment Pass in Singapore. Unlike EP, this working visa doesn’t require a sponsor and gives you a privilege to arrive to Singapore for searching the job right on the place. This pass gives you 3 years during which you can switch over to new jobs and even stay unemployed during up to 6 months while seeking for new job.

Step 2. Pre-assessment

  Pre-assessment-Empoyment-PassNever apply for EP in rush without undergoing the pre-assessment procedure. One Visa offers its clients assessment of their eligibility for any kind of working pass absolutely for free. This smart service enables you to understand the perspective and know your chances on the start. Brief assessment procedure doesn’t commit you to anything, but provides insight into every detail of how to get work pass in Singapore. Moreover, it saves you time and money in case your chances are very weak. You shouldn’t waste your chance because the rejection will impact your immigration profile badly.    

Criteria You Will Be Assessed for:

  • Expected salary. 3,300 SGD is enough for obtaining the “lowest” type of EP – Q; the higher salary you command, the higher your chances for approval are
  • Education. You must provide your diploma and (or) degree certification from reputable university
  • Experience. The country is interested in workers with weighty relevant qualification and skills which are rare in the local labour market. The government is aimed at complimenting the local market with unique skills from abroad rather than creating competition harmful for local talents
  • Age. Seekers of EP younger than 50 years old are eligible; however, older applicants are expected to be more qualified and experienced as well as their monthly salary is expected to be higher
  • The country of origin. Your motherland not only plays a big role for your eligibility, bit it can entail some additional requirements. Find out from your visa consultant how to get Singapore Employment Visa from Australia, for example.

 Step 3. Preparing Documents & Building a Winning Profile

  Visa experts will study you case (including your employment background) and strategize a competitive application. You will get advice on how to prepare all needed documents or compile them according to the MOM’s strict rules. All papers must be diligently checked and in impeccable English, so if you hold documents in other language, you will need a help of professional translator. The visa agency will help you to compile a competitive application that would emphasize your strongest points.

Step 4. Applying for EP

  Applying for EPOne Visa will submit your application on your behalf, so you don’t need to visit the country for this purpose. The procedure usually takes up to 2 weeks (up to 5 weeks in case of manual application). You don’t have to call MOM and ask for updates, as your visa agency will carefully monitor the process and keep you updated. Agents will also contact you if some additional papers are needed.

Step 5. Collecting your EP

  When your visa is ready, we will inform you. You just arrive to the country and collect it.   You must know that your visa is commonly valid during up to 2 years; after this period you need to get it renewed to prolong your presence in Singapore for another 3 years. Find our how to get your Singapore employment pass renewed in time with our expert visa help.   Competent pre-assessment seriously increases your chances to get an employment pas in Singapore. A piece of wise advice today is going to make applying for EP a part of your future professional achievements.

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