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How to Get Work Pass in Singapore without Hassle: Why You Should Play It Safe and Pass Your Visa Efforts to Skilful Hands?

Lee November 2, 2015
Posted by Lee on November 02, 2015  /   Posted in Working Visa
how to get work pass for singaporevisanet Criteria the manpower department sets for the most popular working visa – Employment Pass – become harsher and harsher day by day. And despite their wording remains the same, more and more seekers get rejected. Expat forums are full with exclamations like “They don’t want foreigners anymore!” How to get work pass in Singapore at minimum risk is a question number one for immigrants and we are going to cast light on this demanding process.

Tension in the Air

  Outstanding Singaporean open-armed immigration policy was seriously challenged by the rough MOM’s measures in protecting local labour force from competing with foreigners. The “Fair Consideration” course obliged local employers to give native employees a privilege to be considered for the job position prior to immigrants. Employment Pass (for professionals earning more than $3,300) is considered to be free from quota restrictions, which means that the company can involve as many overseas talents as it actually can afford. But in reality, the government still scrutinizes local companies, studies the ratio of local and foreign manpower and penalizes companies for discriminating HR behaviour especially concerning executive, managerial, and professional positions.
S Pass that was designed for skilled immigrants who earn a salary ranging from $3,300 and $2,200 is not an exemption from the MOM’s tough policy. Company that hire S holders are subjected to quotas and levies, and this complicates far too complicated application process as it is.
Building career in Singapore is luring and challenging in the same time, and the competition stir up the panic in work pass processing. A piece of wise advice and strategizing is needed. We warn you from applying for a work pass without preparations, so to say, on the off-chance. Involving the assistance of competent visa team is a way to avoid most popular mistakes leading to rejection and save your money and nerves in the process. Those who approach to this task carefully and elaborately win.


Steps of Hassle-free Application

Right after you secure a work in Singapore, your potential boss must decide how to apply for the employment visa. He can do it either on his own – manually (5 weeks) or using an online tool (2 weeks). But doing it blindly, without qualified help can lead to disappointing results especially if you there is no previous experience in the procedure. Counting on seasoned visa agents is another possible option that opens the door to many other advantages:

1. Smart Assessment

The first thing visa agents do (and really respectful agencies do it for free) is assessing your chances for approval. They will check your employment potential according to government’s criteria, detect weak points or insecurities that may ruin things and give a piece of worthy advice how to boost your chances. There are not only you who need to be assessed, but also the company that is going to hire you: as mentioned before, a lot depends on how the firm obeys MOM’s “fair consideration” requirements.
The list of requirements is published on many websites, but just knowing the requirements doesn’t give you an insight into their real meaning for you. Everything depends on your specific situation, and it is not obligatory that tricks that worked for one applicant will work for you as well. For example, having an exceptional educational qualification is obligatory for getting EP the same as possessing rare skills valuable for Singaporean economy today. But even the coolest university degree will do nothing if the MOM believes that every regular Singaporean can do the job you claim for. To “feel” these things is possible only for visa consultant with abundant track record in wringing employment visas from exacting MOM. That’s why it’s essential to have your profile checked by visa masters: every detail weighs heavily.

2. Meticulous Paperwork

A lot of documents need to be diligently prepared and they must be got in perfect order. While polishing your profile and compiling an outstanding application, the agency may need you to provide additional papers that highlight your winning features. Paperwork can turn into a headache if you don’t know the rules, but agents who know all angles of correct documentation will do this work without a hitch.

3. Tracking and Updates

After your application is submitted, you only need to wait for the notification from your visa agency. No participation or presence in the country is needed. The agency has a tuned communication with the government, that’s why if some additional papers are needed, everything will be provided efficiently and in time. When your work pass is ready, you will be informed.

4. Renewals

The tension doesn’t finish after you get your desired work pass. EP lets you in for 1-2 years, but after this period ends, another battle begins – fighting for renewals. Renewal is the only way to save your job in the country (except from obtaining the status of a permanent resident). Each renewal gives up to 3 years, but getting your visa resumed is challenging the same as in the very beginning. Being still hired doesn’t guarantee you rejection immunity: if the MOM will find that you don’t correspond to the position you occupy, you can lose your job. That’s why it’s important to prepare for renewals diligently and involve professional assistance.
We encourage you to play it safe and benefit from agency’s experience that has successfully helped hundreds of foreigners to land desired jobs in Singapore. Work pass processing isn’t the right place to tempt your fate; only wise and elaborate approach is crowned with success. Reach out to our seasoned visa specialists right now to find out how to get work pass in Singapore with highest possible chances.

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