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How to Get Your Application for EP Approved Without Any Risks?

Lee November 5, 2015
Posted by Lee on November 05, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
application for EP Hiring professionals from abroad is an easy way to involve extraordinary and fresh experience into your business. But foreigners are allowed to work in Singapore only under specialized working visas. Employment Pass ideally fit professionals, directors and other specialists with prominent expertise. To have such talent on the board, the employer (not the employee) must initiate the Application for Employment Pass. It also can be done through certified visa agency. After the EP is approved, the foreigner can arrive to the country and land the offered job. The submitted EP application must be highly competitive, so make sure you involve EP application experts who know all the angles of the labor immigration process and are able to please strict demands of the MOM.

The Ministry of Manpower pursues a policy that supports locals in their employment in Singapore. The MOM insists locals must be “fairly considered” for the job position before it will be offered to a foreigner. The authorities take care of locals’ competitiveness, and that’s why they toughen demands for the foreigners. From now on, only highly experienced talents who possess a suit of rare and valuable for Singaporean economy skills will be considered. The mission of the Employment Pass application agency is to find points of contact between a talented applicant and the government’s requirements, figure out winning qualities of the applicant and represent him in the favorable light.

Review of the EP Criteria:

Salary. Employment pass has 3 categories – P1, P2 and Q1 – and each of them has its salary range. For being qualified for at least the “lowest” type (Q1), you need to command a salary of no less than 3,300 SGD.
Education. MOM is interested in the most “brainy” employees. Their inner policy is geared towards bringing up a highly educated generations; no wonder they would have the same requirements to the foreigners. For being qualified, you need to hold a degree or diploma issued by respectable university. Any other certificates especially related to your job scope would compliment your “brainy” profile.
Employment background and expertise. MOM prefers highly experienced workers with valuable and asked-for skills. The niche you are going to work in matters because key sectors (finance, healthcare, construction, manufacturing etc.) are easier to get EP for. If your expertise is in these sectors, you are at an advantage.
Age. Singapore is open for talented expats younger than 50 years old, but the showcased experience and qualifications must correspond the age. Older employees must be more skilled.
Nationality. Country where you come from weighs heavily. Applicants from “tier one” countries are more welcomed. Please contact our Employment Pass application consultants to know your country’s eligibility.
Hiring company’s performance. MOM will estimate the firm’s paid-up capital, business plan, track record, how old it is and how it treats local employees. If your employer doesn’t show enough consideration to the native labor force, the MOM may deter such employer from hiring too many foreigners (EP actually has no quota, but the balance between local and foreign labor force is taken care of by the MOM).
The Ministry of Manpower practices individual approach to every applicant; it means that their criteria are very exacting and flexible in the same time. You should get advice from competent agent who knows trends of the evaluating system the MOM uses. Not always meeting the requirements guarantees approval for you. For instance, your brilliant education may be ignored if you don’t possess required skills. And the opposite: it often happens that more experienced, but less educated candidacies get the green light. Entrust your case to the qualified visa agency and have your chances estimated prior to the start of EP application process.

Employment Pass Application Process

If you decide to benefit from the expertise of our EP application agency, you can rely on us in:
• profound pre-assessment that allows you to figure out your readiness for the application for EP in minutes;
• assisting in paperwork: we will prepare all required documents in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Manpower;
• scanning your employment background and tweaking your profile for highlighting the most competitive qualities;
• preparing a prominent application for Employment Pass in Singapore;
• representing your interests at the authorities, monitoring your EP application on the way to approval and keeping you informed.
If you go with our Employment Pass application company, you can be calm that your application is taken care of. We constantly reach out to the government in order to stay updated with their latest trends. Our documentation specialists know the rules of compiling impeccable documents. If your documents aren’t in English, you need to have them translated. We are ready to give you a piece of advice on the standards of professional translation. You will need to provide us with all “educational” documents and your passport’s particulars page copy. Your employer will be asked for the firm’s latest business profile and other related statements. Applicants from such countries as India or China will need to submit additional documents; please learn the exact list from our Employment Pass application specialists.

Online Application for EP

To minimise efforts from both sides and cut down Employment Pass application response time, the Singaporean government’s experts has developed software that allows companies submit their applications online. It is called “EP online.” Such progress really proves why Singapore deserves its fame of the “easiest place on earth for doing business.” Using EP online, you can get response in 2 weeks, while manual applications require up to 5 weeks of consideration.
You can expect quite high Employment pass application success rate if your case is shouldered by professional visa team that knows all ins and outs of visa processing. Having years of practise behind their backs, our experts are in the front line of visa mastery. Feel free to connect with our EP application agent today!

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