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How to Secure Employment Pass (EP) without Worries? Playing According to the Rules of MOM

Lee October 10, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 10, 2015  /   Posted in About Singapore, Employment Pass

How to Secure Employment Pass (EP) without Worries? Playing According to the Rules of MOM

Singaporean government has developed miscellaneous work visas to meet employment needs of different categories of overseas workers; however, authorities taking care of the native labour force toughen criteria for foreigners in order to hold back the influx of expats. 2 most asked-for working visas for professionals designed by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Employment Pass and Personalised Employment Pass, became harder to obtain. Now you not only need to be really smarter for getting these passes, but also play according to the rules of MOM. Cases of Singapore Employment Pass rejection multiplied because of the policy adopted by the Ministry of Manpower. According to it every local employer must get a fair chance of getting the job before it will be offered to a foreigner. So even if you were offered a job in Singapore, you must be able to prove you will do it better than any other Singaporean. Tough EP application requirements specified by MOM make the procedure of obtaining EP a challenging undertaking that is hardly accomplishable without an expert visa help. Involving somebody who knows the process of getting Employment Pass Singapore from inside and has collaborated with the Ministry of Manpower for years is a key to trouble-free approval at the very first push. Expert visa agency is indispensable because its consultants know the state of the art of the MOM requirements for Employment Pass. A professional agency offers a very useful service – free pre-assessment – that allows you to estimate your own Singapore Employment Pass eligibility according to the latest trends of MOM.

Rules of MOM:

1. Unparalleled Expertise

Unparalleled ExpertiseDespite there is no such thing as MOM quota for Employment Pass, and theoretically you can be hired by any employer, in reality you must show off your striking experience and suite of valuable skills which aren’t available among locals. It’s perfect if your CV mentions about holding relevant job positions in the past. Ministry of Manpower isn’t interested in creating extra competition and nuisances for natives in the country; that’s why you must offer unparalleled suit of skills to be considered. MOM gives SG Employment Pass only to the most qualified for this particular position. References written by well-established companies are also helpful if the applicant’s experience isn’t sufficient.

2. High Salary

  High Salary in SingaporeMOM will assess your Employment Pass eligibility not only in regard to your designation (it must correspond your expertise and real duties; bombastic designation sound funny and suspicious), but also in regard to your salary. Your wages must match your experience. Recently, the Ministry of Manpower increased the lowest salary bar for Employment Pass to avoid competition with natives. Now the bar is at 3,000SGD. If you command lower salary, it increases your chances to get your Employment Pass application rejected by the Ministry of Manpower. The older the applicant is, the higher salary he/she must have for being considered.

3. Degree

  Education for employment passDegree holders are more likely to get the Employment Pass from MOM. You have privilege if your degree or diploma is from Singaporean institution. But nevertheless, for most niches experience weighs more; that’s why this Employment Pass requirement is considered by MOM as quite relative.

4. Nationality

  Citizens of “tier one” countries are more welcomed by MOM when it comes to Singapore Employment Pass (for example, Australia, the U.S., Malaysia, and European countries).

5. The Hiring Company’s Reputation and Niche

  Firms older than 3 years are more privileged to get EP for their foreign labour force. If the firm is younger, it must prove its big paid-up capital and ability to pay high salaries. MOM may ask about the business plan if the firm has no established reputation so far. The niche where the company operates plays a big role, as MOM is more disposed to some industries like, for example, tech start-ups, and getting EP for them is easier.  

6. Visa Background

  If you have a sound work visa background (for example, you have or have had EP before), MOM will be more kind to you in your new Employment Pass application. And the opposite: rejections in the past badly impact your future chances. That’s why it’s important to use your chance at one push. Involving a competent visa agency dramatically increases your chances. Our experts will not only assess your perspective at the very start, but also assist in preparing impeccable documents and building up a prominent profile. Now that you know Singapore Employment Pass requirements developed by MOM, you can proceed with EP application. MOM allows only an employer or other empowered third party to submit an application for the overseas worker. Nevertheless, we recommend relying on experienced visa agency if you want to achieve the best possible Employment Pass results. Visa company you count on will not only do all the paperwork for you that lead to trouble-free approval from MOM, but also will monitor your Employment Pass status throughout the application procedure and even after to ensure your chances for renewal of Employment Pass are high. If you are not sure you are able to meet all tough government’s criteria, don’t hesitate to try out the free assessment service that introduces you to the rules of MOM. The only way to win the visa game is to play according to these rules.

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