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How to Verify Your Eligibility for Singapore Employment Pass in Accordance with the Latest MOM Trends?

Lee October 6, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 06, 2015  /   Posted in About Singapore, Employment Pass
eligibility for employment pass for singaporevisanet The Manpower authorities slowly scale back in their hospitable immigration policy that was thriving in Singapore during global financial crisis. Then it opened the country to the influx of foreign workers and caused tensions and public discontent of the Singaporeans. They had hard times trying to survive in the competition with talented foreigners. The pressure made the government reconsider its open-armed attitude to immigrants. Recently the manpower authorities introduced harsher criteria for getting the most popular work visa – Employment Pass and aimed at decreasing dependence on foreign labor force in order to save more work places for locals. This doesn’t mean talented foreigners are not needed in Singapore anymore. But it means they need better strategizing and advising to achieve approval of their EP applications. There is a sure way to find out your eligibility to apply Employment Pass in Singapore before starting the application process. At our professional visa agency, you can have your chances for approval assessed absolutely for free. Using this service you can be sure that your eligibility is estimated according to the latest MOM trends and that your situation will be individualized and a custom visa solution will be found. You must understand that tricky government’s criteria have many pitfalls and avoiding them is possible only with the dexterous specialist who has been working hand by hand with the MOM for years. Singapore EP eligibility includes meeting specific criteria not only by foreigners, but also by local companies that hire them. The government strives to ensure hiring a worker from overseas is beneficial for the country as long as the worker contributes his unique skills and valued knowledge, and the hiring company creates enough working places for local manpower. We are going to explain the basic criteria of EP, so that you can make a rough calculation of your EP eligibility. Nevertheless, we warn you that every visa case needs custom diligent assessment that can be done only by experienced immigration consultants who work in liaison with MOM and know its latest criteria.

Your eligibility to get Employment Pass depends on:

1. Prospected Salary

Prospected SalaryYou must have a job offer from a Singaporean company and know your salary before applying. The lowest salary that allows you to participate in the “competition” for EP is 3,300 SGD. It is the benchmark of the Q1 type of Employment Pass which is designed for young graduates educated in reputable universities and having minimum work experience. If you are not a graduate, you must command better skills and therefore a higher salary. P2 type (for salaries higher than 4,500 SGD) requires better educational qualification and prominent employment background. P1 (for salaries from 8,000 SGD) raises the qualification standard accordingly. If you have doubts about your eligibility, please contact our specialists for custom assessment.

2. Education

EducationThe government is interested in involving highly educated foreign manpower that brings in valued knowledge and expertise missing among the locals. Degree or diploma issued by a well-established educational institution is an obligatory requirement; however, they don’t guarantee your triumphant visa approval. Your “paper” expertise must be backed by skills and work experience.

3. Expertise

ExpertiseOne of the most crucial criteria, expertise (that include skills and distinguished work experience) is the hardest to prove, but this very argument really impacts your application success. Fortunately for foreign talents, Singapore isn’t self-sufficient in its development, and there are sectors of economy that highly depend on overseas expertise. Such are: electrical & mechanical engineering, finance, banking, manufacturing and others. Singapore significantly needs creative specialists in tourism and media as well as talented and successful managers. Proving your expertise is a very elaborate work that requires compiling documents, building up and “fortifying” your profile in order to emphasize your most prominent achievements. Such image-making work can be masterly done by visa specialists who know the ropes. Share your unique situation with our specialists to get a competent strategizing.  

4. Age & Nationality

Singapore welcomes all professionals who haven’t reach their retirement age under one condition: the foreigner’s expertise must correspond his age. Older employees are expected to show higher qualification as they must have attended more trainings and courses. Your nationality impacts many aspects of the EP application starting from recognizing your educational documents (not all countries can boast decent level of education) and ending with additional papers the national has to collect for submitting. Paperwork is a daunting part of visa application, and it’s better to ensure you are competently advised on documents’ requirements.

5. Performance of the Hiring Company

According to the MOM regulations, E Pass application must be initiated by the hiring company (or visa agency that represents this company). The government will scrutinize the hiring firm to ensure it shows enough consideration to local manpower, contributes to economy and successfully performs on the market. The MOM will be interested in company’s invoices and contracts ensure the revenues are sufficient for sponsoring a foreigner. If the firm is new and has few or no local staff, a business plan providing hiring more local manpower in the future is required. One more requirement a hiring firm must meet is advertising the job position on the local job market during 2 weeks. In case talents interested in this job appear, to hire a foreigner, the firm must be able to objectively argue why the job can’t be done by these local employees. Contributing to local economy and employment are main demands that may seriously impact the application outcome. Various discriminating hiring practices are often reasons for EP rejections. We emphasize that checking the firm’s eligibility before brewing the visa application is a keystone of approval.  

Benefit from a Free Assessment Tool

Leveraging a smart assessment option provided by the professional visa agency for FREE is the best way to boost your chances for successful EP processing. Firstly, you save your time and chance when you see that your chances are too weak to compete for getting the EP. Of course, rejections can be appealed in the future, but rush and poorly carried out application badly characterizes you and your hiring company. And secondly, seasoned visa agents can develop a custom solution that will make your application stand out against a background of other foreigners and locals.

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