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How to Write a Letter of Appeal for Personalised Employment Pass in Singapore?

Lee November 30, 2015
Posted by Lee on November 30, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass

How to Write a Letter of Appeal for Personalised Employment Pass in Singapore

Intended for top-paid executives and professionals, Personalised EP is a difficult to obtain due to a number of government’s harsh demands. Generally, if the application is mastered by a seasoned visa agency, it dramatically shrinks the rejection odds, but rejections still happen even in practice of the most monster visa agencies. The reasons are many, but mostly they can be logically explained by MOM migrant policy and expectations. We will try to give you a clear insight into the mechanism of appealing rejected personalised EP.
Grasping the reasons of rejection and making effective actions towards removing cause of rejection are the key success factors of appealing. Reasons why the government can evade giving you the PEP is not always connected with your individual drawbacks. It is important to understand how the government of the country sees your future in SG. We hope these points will help you to grasp the reason of your own rejection:
  1. Personalised EP is granted only to highly qualified specialistsSingapore may have no need in some skills. It is true that credit for turning Singapore into a powerful business pad can be partially given to talented foreigners. But today’s course the govt is decreasing reliance on foreign talents and boosting local employment. Today the govt tries to wring as much benefits from inviting foreigners to the country as possible by letting in only those who are irreplaceable in Singapore and whose skills are asked-for. You may be a cool pro, but if Singapore govt believes that local talents can compete easily with you, it would rather give the preference to them. Govt’s position is involving foreigners who complement (not compete with) local talents.

  1. There is a certain list of skills the country needs, and therefore the govt is more open to give PEPs for them. You can find this list on the govt website or learn from your visa agent. Most asked for at the moment are: construction, tech startups, healthcare, finance, and media – to name a few.

  1. PEP in SingaporePersonalised EP is granted only to highly qualified specialists – bearers of really unsurpassed skills and expertise. Today you need not only to provide your salary slips that argue a monster salary of over 18,000 SGD (12,000 SGD for present P1 holders), but also to prove your skills are worth the salary. Experience and skills are very ticklish things proving which require well-considered approach. It is better to involve a seasoned visa agent who is skilled in profile building and who can substantiate your past employment history with references, publications and other impressive things. PEP is a self-sponsored pass which means that the government lets in a person that doesn’t have a job in Singapore jet. The govt must be sure you know your stuff and will be definitely able to find work in SG.

  1. Seekers of PEP must be degree holders graduated from well-known institutions. If your degree is weak or your university isn’t reputable enough or you got your degree studying distantly, the govt may find such qualifications insufficient.


How to Write a Letter of Appeal for Personalised Employment Pass in Singapore?

It is crucial to find out the exact reason of rejection, and the letter you receive from the MOM contains a hint – an advisory. You should consider MOM’s remarks very carefully because the success of your appeal totally depends on how you follow this advisory and fix what was wrong. You are given 3 months for lodging your letter of appeal, and you should use them to prepare the missing information about yourself. If you fail to appeal in this given period, you will have to start your PEP application from the very outset.
Sometimes it happens that govt’s explanation on what went wrong is quite vague. In such situation, it’s crucial not to rush things and not to lodge an appeal blindly. If you provide no new information, the govt will reject your appeal again, and this can ruin your chance of getting the PEP.
If you have doubts that you understand MOM explanation right, it’s better to address your case to visa specialists that are skilled in saving rejected cases. If your first PEP application had been prepared and lodged by the agency, but still got rejected, it doesn’t mean that puts the lid on it. A visa agency can be still helpful if you work in team and take MOM’s notice seriously. MOM may change the criteria (make them more rough) from time to time, and advice of professional who works in this field is simply indispensable. Thanks to liaising with the govt every day, your agent has a unique expertise; he may know trends that aren’t written on the govt’s website or elsewhere. Let a professional analyse your situation and help in writing the letter of appeal that would satisfy the MOM.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Appealing for PEP

  • Applying without new information. Rejection is not a technical mistake, and it means some arguments were really insufficient. If you just re-send you previous information, this will lead to rejection.

  • Thinking you have limitless tries. The reality shows you have only one chance to appeal your PEP, and if you get kicked again, it means your case is in danger. Use your chance wisely and don’t write a letter of appeal in a hit-or-miss fashion. Bombarding MOM with appeals won’t result in approval as well.

  • Pestering the govt with calls and letters. The govt requires at least 3 weeks for going through your appeal and making a decision. You aren’t allowed to interfere and ask for updates; such behaviour characterises you as unprofessional.

If you can’t wait for so long without updates, relying on visa specialists will help. An agency has a tuned communication with the govt, and therefore can provide you with accurate updates. Another benefit of using an agency’s service is their mastery in finding points of contact with the government that usually result in triumphant PEP approval.

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