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Singapore Private Limited Company

Singapore provides new businesses with the lowest corporate tax rate in the world along with the necessary incentives to succeed. With a business-centric environment, companies are encouraged to grow and prosper in Singapore.

The Private Limited Company is the most common business form in Singapore. The Private Limited Company provides myriads of benefits to the owner and is backed up by the government through certain tax incentives. Some benefits include tax incentives for the first few years of the business and limited liability, protecting the owner from any potential legal matters regarding the business as the company is considered a legal entity on its own.

What is a Private Limited Company?

A Private Limited Company structure, also known as a Pte Ltd, is the most flexible, safe and adaptable business form in Singapore. Majority of privately incorporated businesses use this structure as it provides a myriad of benefits to the user and their shareholders. There should be no less than 50 persons holding shares and the shares are not available to the public. How can you tell if a company is registered under a Pte Ltd structure? For example, you would like to open a Pte Ltd company, Company A. It will be registered as “Company A Private Limited” or “Company A Pte Ltd”.

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