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Singapore Subsidiary Office

Singapore provides new businesses with one of the most corporate tax rates in the world along with the necessary incentives to succeed. With a business-centric environment, companies are encouraged to grow and prosper in Singapore.

The Subsidiary Company is an option for foreign businesses that wish to expand their presence globally. This comes with benefits such as tax savings and asset protection. It is similar to the Private Limited Company business form, however, the main difference is that the parent company is the shareholder of the Subsidiary Company’s formation

What is a Subsidiary Company?
A Subsidiary Company carries the same legal nature to that of a Private Limited Company: A standalone legal entity that protects the personal assets of the parent company’s founding members from losses that are associated with the business. The Subsidiary business form is well suited for established foreign companies that are planning to acquire the major part of the Subsidiary shares. This form of business also acts as a launchpad for foreign businesses that wish to expand their reach into the Asia-Pacific market.

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