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It is well know Singapore is the capital for business and e-commerce in the South East Asian region. Many aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs flock at their chance to start their own company in the Lion City.

Incorporating a company in Singapore has always been an attractive option. With Singapore's low corporate tax, competitive business environment and a business focused culture, Singapore's government welcomes anyone and everyone to incorporate a company in Singapore.

Visa Express offers incorporation services, as well as nominee directors and nominee secretary services. We would love help you make your incorporation process easier.

Take a look at the various business forms Singapore has to offer you. Start your journey with Visa Express today!


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4 Business Forms in Singapore

Singapore offers you 4 business forms to choose from depending on your business' wants and needs. This can be defined as for profit or non-profit, if you are part of a parent company or if you plan to open your own business or expand into Singapore. Click the tabs for an overview of what is available

  • Private Limited Company
  • Subsidiary Company
  • Singapore Branch Office
  • Representative Office

The Private Limited Company is the most common business form in Singapore. The Private Limited Company provides myriads of benefits to the owner and is backed up by the government through certain tax incentives. Some benefits include tax incentives for the first few years of the business and limited liability, protecting the owner from any potential legal matters regarding the business as the company is considered a legal entity on its own. Click here to find out more!


The Subsidiary Company is an option for foreign businesses who wish to expand their presence globally. This comes with benefits such as tax savings and asset protection. It is similar to the Private Limited Company business form, however, the main difference is that there is a parent company backing up the Subsidiary Company's formation. Click here to find out more!


The Branch Office is the most cost-beneficial way to set up your foreign business’ presence in Singapore as it allows you to save lots of money by avoiding the corporate tax. The Branch Office acts as a local representation for the parent company that is situated overseas. This helps businesses make contacting their clients or consumers or even business partners that are based in Singapore to keep in communication or conduct business much easier. Click here to find out more!


The Representative Office is considered a unique business form due to its specific legal nature, tax benefits and limitations in activity. The Representative Office business form is a non-profit company that conducts their market research or networking in Singapore before planning to open a company in Singapore. Click here to find out more!

Visa Express provides a wide array of services that help you better incorporate your company into Singapore’s business environment. If you are looking for a nominee director, we’ve got you covered! Looking for a local address? We will find one for you! Visa Express gives you the service you need to start, manage and take care of your business venture in Singapore for decades to come. Take a look at some of the guides available below to get a better understanding of the corporate structures in Singapore. Feel free to contact us if you need further clarification! 

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