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Definition: What is Investment Visa in Singapore (GIP)?

The Singapore Investment Visa also known as the Global Investor Program (GIP) is a scheme that allows global high-net-worth personalities to bring their investment initiative to Singapore and obtain a permanent residence in the country immediately after making the pouring of money worth at least 2.5 million SGD. Singapore’s GIP is a gateway to the most stable, secure, investment-friendly, tax-efficient, and the least corrupt business surroundings in the world. The high-end transport and financial infrastructure and perfect corporate governance made this country an advanced business hub where thousands of successful companies are born. Singapore’s outstanding tax policy and tremendous investing opportunities urged investors from all across the globe to pursue getting in on the ground floor of new businesses in Singapore.

Benefits and Features of Investor Visa in Singapore

  • Investors aren’t limited in options where to funnel their resources: they can invest in the venture capital funds approved by the government or a new company or in a business that already operates.
  • Amount of monetary infusion starts from 2.5 million SGD.
  • Participants of the program are given half a year for performing their investments.
  • GIP applicants will have to attend an appointment with the authorities.
  • Investor and his spouse and unmarried children younger than 21 y/o can get PR right after the qualifying for the GIP.
  • Not all business niches qualify under the GIP scheme; please find out whether your selected one qualifies from our visa consultants. Some niches require a more massive investment for getting the PR (for example, the minimum investment for the construction sector is 200 million SGD).

Advantages of Investment Visa

  • Investment visa is a perfect solution for those who seek migration through investment. Funnelling at least 2.5 million SGD into Singaporean economy gives an investor a privilege to apply for the Singapore permanent residence for himself and his family members right away.
  • Parents and other relatives can be taken along to Singapore on the Long Term Visit Pass.
  • After 2 years, the permanent residence visa can be converted into the Singaporean citizenship (provided that the foreigner is ready to renounce his present citizenship).
  • Permanent residence for investor’s parents and his parents-in-law can be “bough” for them with additional investment (300,000 SGD for every person/application).

Disadvantages of Investment Visa

  • Business of every potential investor will be closely scrutinised. The government is interested in involving only successful investors (entrepreneurs).
  • Senior corporate managers aren’t eligible to participate in the GIP.
  • Sons of investors who get the PR are obliged to attend a National Service when they are 18 years old.
  • Parents and children (21 years old or older) cannot be taken to Singapore on permanent residence visa under this GIP application. They can still arrive in Singapore on the Long Term Visit Pass.
  • Singapore is a single citizenship country, so getting SG citizenship is possible only after renouncing your own.
  • After getting the permanent residence visa, the investor and his dependants must renew their Re-Entry Permits (REPs) every 5 years if they plan to travel in and out of Singapore:
  • √ To get the renewal for the REPs for 3 years, the investor will have to meet investment conditions stated by the GIP application and some optional criteria (creating at least 5 jobs for the locals and having spent at least 1 million SGD or residing in the country for more than 2 years and a half).
  • √ For getting a renewal for 5 years, an investor must meet ALL of the optional criteria for the 3-year renewal.
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Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Singapore Investment Visa

Requirements for the Global Investment Program are:
  • investor is expected to invest no less than 2,500,000 SGD into either a GIP fund or a new (existing) company;
  • applicant must be able to prove a significant 3-year business and entrepreneurial track record by providing his company’s audited accounts for the last 3 years;
  • applicant has to prove his company’s turnover of at least 50,000,000 SGD during the last year before the application and at least 50,000,000 SGD a year (on average) during the last 3 years;
  • applicant must hold at least 30% of shares if the company belongs to privately-owned entities;
  • applicants who are going to invest in new or existing companies must:
    • provide the government with a full business plan for the next 5 years and;
    • fulfil this planned investment within first 5 years after the visa issuance;
  • at the end of the 2nd and 4th year of the planned investment, the applicant must provide the audited financial statements of his company.

Singapore Investor Visa Rejected

Rejections of the GIP applications are a common thing as the demands set by the authorities are really high. Poorly compiled papers and investment plans that don’t bear the government’s scrutiny usually get rejected. Failing to meet at least one of the many criteria can result in rejection as well. That is why it is crucial to ensure you wring the maximum out of your situation and all possible trumps are exhausted. This can be made by enlisting a visa professional that has abundant experience in helping high-net individuals to enter Singaporean investment backstage. The most often reasons for rejections are the investor’s business insecurity or inappropriate business sector chosen for the investment. This doesn’t, however, prove your business’ incapability: meaning your unfitness for the GIP, the rejection doesn’t close the door to Singapore completely. There is an alternative and an easier way how successful entrepreneurs can get involved in Singapore’s business. Please contact our visa team to get your GIP eligibility assessed and to try on the alternative. Whatever your situation is, we always have a visa solution for you!

How to Apply: the Best Singapore Investment Visa Scheme

Entering Singapore under the GIP scheme is a quite complicated procedure. It requires the investor not only to fit the criteria, but also to handle an eleborate and tedious paperwork: the business plan and papers that document the successful track record of your present business. What is more, there are a lot of rules how the funds must be infused correctly. To apply for the GIP, an entrepreneur must:
  • submit the PR application (the investor can include his/her eligible family members into his/her PR application: there is no need for all of them to apply for the PR separately);
  • propose his investment (business) plan containing financial projections for the first 5 years (applicable if the investment is made in a new or an existing company);
  • submit an Entry Permit application;
  • submit other supportive documentation (please inquire about your personal list of documents from our visa experts).
The authorities will need up to 8 months to process the submitted application and documents. Professionally compiled papers can shorten this processing time significantly. In the same time, papers that don’t bear scrutiny will not only prolong the processing time but also cause rejection if the authorities find your candidacy insecure for the GIP. It is better to involve visa professionals who know the latest requirements and a sure approach to the authorities. If the application is successful, the Immigration and the Checkpoints Authority (ICA) sends the investor the In-Principle PR approval letter that gives the investor 6 months to perform his investment. Bank statements that prove this investment will be used to get your PR status approved finally. From the moment you get your blue card of the Singaporean permanent residence, your contribution to the society and commitment to your investment plan starts.

Why Use Help of Professional Agents or Consultants?

Even the most successful businessmen have to make massive efforts to provide exhaustive information about their companies and develop a business idea that would be met with appreciation by the government. If you have doubts you would manage to handle all the paperwork, do a faultless electronic application and what is the most important – to conduct the investment correctly – don’t hesitate to enlist a backup of a visa professional. We will competently assess your case, provide you with a list of the documents, shoulder your paperwork, compile a winning application and lead you through the process of GIP application until you, your family and your money happily land in Singapore. We guarantee the safety of your personal information and ensure that in case of your application’s rejection we will refund you a part of our fee. Sometimes getting qualified for the Global Investor Programme is quite difficult even for successful businessmen; however, this doesn’t mean they have no chance to move their money and business ideas to Singapore and get the desired PR on its shores. We can offer an easier and more affordable way how a businessman can move himself, his family and business to Singapore – on entrepreneur visa. We have a five-year successful track record of advising entrepreneurs and investors that has helped them to become part of the business and social community of Singapore quickly and efficiently. Our consultants provide competent guidance to investors, streamlining the application process and ensuring that applications have high chances to be approved.

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Effective application is about competent assessment, paperwork, and strategizing! Professional assessment done at the very beginning will not only save you from waste of your time and money but also will give you an understanding how the system works and what to do in order to meet the stringent demands. Please bring your case to us, and we will analyse your business activity for FREE and choose the best scheme for your business (money) relocation to Singapore. Remember that there is always an alternative way, and whatever your situation is, we would be able to come up with an effective visa solution.

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