The Global Investor Program Scheme

Singapore is a vibrant state in Asia that global investors are attracted to due to its strong corporate governance and the stability in its economy.

Recently, Singapore has taken over as the most competitive economy globally. For foreign investors with a good track record wishing to move to Singapore, the Global Investor Program (sometimes known as the Singapore Investment Visa) is what they will be looking you for.


Am I eligible to apply for the GIP Scheme?

The GIP Scheme is a visa scheme that allows high net worth personalities from around the globe to bring their investment initiative to Singapore. The GIP Scheme requires the investor to invest in a startup coming in Singapore or a GIP-approved fund. In return, Singapore provides them with permanent residency through their investment. Click on the tabs below to find out more information!

In order to be eligible, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Investment: The applicant is expected to invest a minimum of $2,500,00 into either a GIP-approved fund or a new (existing) company
  2. Background: The applicant must be able to prove that they have a significant 3-year business and entrepreneurial track record through the his or her company’s audited accounts from the previous 3 years of business
  3. Shares: The investor must hold at least 30% of shares if the company belongs to privately-owned entities
  4. Turnover: The applicant has to prove his company’s turnover is at least $50,000,000 SGD during the last year before the application and at least $50,000,000 SGD turnover a year (on average) during the last 3 years
  5. Investment into new or existing companies: The applicant is required to provide the government with a full business plan for the next 5 years and fulfil this planned investment within the first 5 years after the visa’s issuance.
  6. Milestones: At the end of the 2nd and 4th year of the planned investment, the applicant must provide the audited financial statements of his company.

Investing millions into Singapore comes with its benefits. Listed below are benefits you can enjoy as a GIP investor:

  1. PR: The investor and his spouse and unmarried children (younger than 21 years old) are entitled permanent residency right after qualifying for the GIP.
  2. Migration opportunity: The GIP is the perfect solution for those who seek to migrate to Singapore
  3. Family: Parents and other relatives can be relocated to Singapore under the Long Term Visit Pass
  4. Citizenship: If everything goes smoothly, after 2 years the investor and his immediate family can convert their Permanent Residence visa into citizenship (under the condition the investor is ready to renounce their present citizenship).

Niche: Not all businesses qualify under the GIP scheme. Furthermore, some niche industries require more investments (for example, the minimum investment for the construction sector is $200,000,000 SGD

Global Investment Program Rejection

GIP application rejections happen as the standard expected of the investor must be impeccable. This requires proper planning and consulting prior to submission to ensure that the optimum results are obtained. In the event of a rejection, an appeal application can be applied for. However, in order to make a stronger case, additional information and expert wording should be included.

What Can We Provide?

Business/Investment Plan Creation

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GIP Visa Advisory

Visa Express provides GIP scheme advisory on how to better value-add your ideas. We'll tell you what is viable and what is not. We also provide you valuable advice on your planned industry and how to tackle it.

Process Management

Visa Express gives a detailed rundown on the processes and what is expected. We micro manage the details so as to provide the best results possible. We do this so you do not have to.

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