Long Term Social Visit Pass Singapore

Singapore longterm social visit pass

Definition: What is Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP or LTVP)?

The Long Term Visit Pass is a visa that enables common-law spouses, handicapped or step children younger than 21 years old, and parents who cannot be taken along to Singapore as dependents to join work visa holders on the island. Holders of Singaporean working visas who earn more than 5,000 SGD a month can enjoy the company of their nears and dears during 2 years with a chance for extension. However, for taking parents along, the minimum qualifying salary is much higher – 10,000 SGD a month.

Benefits and Features of Long Term Social Visit Pass

  • LTVP can be applied for only by the work visa holder’s employer or the appointed visa agent.
  • The maximum validity is 2 years with an opportunity to renew the pass.
  • As the LTVP is attached to the work visa, its duration depends on the work visa’s one as well. If extended, the LTVP is prolonged until the work visa’s expiry date or till any other date, whichever is sooner.
  • The minimum salary that allows a work visa holder to take relatives on LTVP along is 5,000 SGD.
  • Parents can be taken along only if the work visa holder’s salary is 10,000 SGD or higher.
  • LTVP holders can work in Singapore if they can get a job.
  • If LTVP holders work in Singapore, no levies and quotas are applied to them.

Advantages of LTSVP

  • The pass can be extended an unlimited number of times until the work visa the pass is attached to is valid.
  • Holders of LTVP can work in Singapore, and they aren’t subject to quotas and levies.
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Disadvantages of LTVP

  • The scope of relatives that can be taken is quite limited, and for taking parents along, a higher salary (10,000 SGD) is required.
  • Only foreigners whose salary is above 5,000 SGD are eligible for relocating their relatives under LTVP.
  • The LTVP is automatically cancelled if the work visa it is attached to gets cancelled or expires.
  • When the work visa holder gets qualified for the permanent residence, he/she can include only legal spouse and children to the application; all other relatives must pursue PR basing on their own merits.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Long Term Social Visit Pass

  • The foreign worker that asks for the LTVP for his/her relatives must be employed at the well-established Singapore-based company under the Employment Pass or the S Pass.
  • The work pass holder’s salary must be at least 5,000 SGD for inviting relatives except parents and at least 10,000 SGD for inviting parents.
  • Only common-law spouses, step or handicapped children (unmarried and younger than 21 years old), and parents qualify for the LTVP.

Common Reason for Long Term Social Visit Pass Rejection

Commonly, if all of the requirements were considered carefully, rejection isn’t likely. Nevertheless, some of the reasons for rejection can be:
  • The Ministry of Manpower finds the salary of the work pass holder insufficient even if it is higher than 5,000 SGD. For example, if the foreigner is already sponsoring a wife and a child (children), his salary may be insufficient for sponsoring one more family member.
  • The hiring company isn’t well established (it is young and has no proper representation of its activity at the government, or the company has been spotted in violation of the employment rights of the locals).
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How to Apply: the Best Long Term Social Visit Pass Scheme

Only the employer of the work visa holder or the appointed visa professional can submit the supplication for the LTVP. There are two ways how the application and the required documents can be submitted: online (using EP Online service) or manually (this option is open only for PEP, EP, and EntrePass holders). Online submission guarantees shorter processing term (7 days) in comparison with the manual submission (5 weeks). If the company isn’t sure they would manage the paperwork and the online application or have doubts in the strength of their arguments, it is better to involve a professional agency that is skilled in profile building and know all angles of the LTVP processing.

Why Use Professional Agents/Consultants for Getting Long Term Social Visit Pass?

Although the requirements seem simple, many LTVP applications still face rejections because of the poor calculation and insufficient documentation. The MOM is very strict and faultfinding when it comes to letting dependents in as they get access to the country’s job market. Another reason for rejection may hide in the nation’s efforts towards a higher standard of life: the authorities won’t let you take relatives along if they have doubts you could afford to sponsor them at the decent level. If you don’t want to miss your chance to have your nears and dears around, it is better to entrust applying for the LTVP to an experienced visa team that has abundant experience in gaining approvals. If you enlist a professional visa help, you not only get your papers done impeccably and according to the latest MOM demands, but also have the agents build up the company’s reputation and the employer’s profile to boost the chances for LTVP approval. The visa agency offers a valuable and free service of the eligibility assessment.

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+ What is the Singapore Long Term Visit Pass duration?

The issued visa is valid during 2 years or throughout the validity period of the sponsor’s work visa (whichever is shorter). Termination of the work visa means automatic termination of the LTVP that is attached to it. After the initial 2-year period, the LTVP can be renewed provided that the work visa holder is still employed.

+ Who can apply for the Long Term Visit Pass in Singapore?

Either the employer of the work visa holder or the visa agency is allowed to submit the application for the LTVP.

+ Can I make Singapore Long Term Visit Pass for parents?

Yes, if your salary is at least 10,000 SGD and you are employed by a well-established Singaporean company.

+ Can I make the Singapore Long Term Visit Pass for a girlfriend?

Long Term Visit Pass was designed for common-law spouses which means the couple, despite their relationship isn’t officially registered, not only maintains the relationship for a long period of time, but also treat each other as a husband and a wife and do things together which they would do if they were married: buying property, living together, having children and so on. So unless you can prove your girlfriend is actually your common-law spouse, getting the LTVP for her is impossible.

+ Can I make the Singapore Long Term Visit Pass for a common-law spouse?

Yes, your common-law spouse is eligible for this kind of visa provided that your salary reaches the necessary benchmark.

+ Can a Long Term Social Visit Pass holder work in Singapore?

Yes, provided that the LTVP holder is able to get the job in Singapore.

+ Can a Long Term Social Visit Pass holder study in Singapore?

Children living in Singapore under LTVP can freely study in pre-school institutions. But the child will need a Student Pass starting from Primary One onward.

+ How to extend the Long Term Visa in Singapore?

It is possible to apply for the renewal of the LTVP 6 months before the expiry date if the company that employs the work visa holder has an account on EP Online. If there is no such account, the company can submit the application either manually (the relevant notification letter with a form will be sent the company’s office 3 months before the expiry date) or using the services of a visa agency. In case of manual application, the authorities must receive the request for renewal no later than 2 weeks before the expiry date as manual application are more time-consuming to process. Renewals aren’t automatic procedures, and the candidate must prove his/her right to live in the country under LTVP by meeting current eligibility criteria.
If you have any other questions that aren’t covered in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team. You can always book our competent assessment for free.

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