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Looking for a Helping Hand: Who can Shoulder Your Employment Pass Application Routine and Lead You to the Best Possible Result?

Lee November 12, 2015
Posted by Lee on November 12, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
Looking for a Helping Hand Who can Shoulder Your Employment Pass Application Routine and Lead You to the Best Possible Result Many foreigners who think of moving to Singapore for work are tormented with the same question: “Who can help me get a work pass for Singapore?” Leaving your own country and appearing in new surroundings where everything is strange around you (language, culture, laws…) is challenging enough. But the mere thought about dealing with authorities of foreign country and handling piles of paperwork is simply daunting. Any qualification is always a challenge especially if your future depends on it, to say nothing of requirements that became tougher during the last years. It’s absolutely okay if you have doubts and questions.
Applying for EP is a crucial step every applicant-to-be must prepare for. Poor preparation may lead to rejection (which can be hard to appeal later), the same as the lack of professional advice may lead to failure. We recommend passing your visa case to a professional visa team. Doing so has a few advantages:
• Visa specialists will assess your employment potential absolutely for free and according to the government’s latest criteria, so you can know your chance in advance.
• In case there are weak points in your profile, visa agents will work on improving your eligibility to ensure your fortes are winningly represented.
• Visa agency will instruct you in documents you must collect and will assist in necessary paperwork including preparing of the application. An agency will ensure all documents are got in impeccable order and accordance with the MOM’s rules.
• Visa agency will keep in touch with the government and monitor the state of the things reaching out to it in order to provide additional papers if needed.
If your visa case is shouldered by an agency, no your participation is needed. You will be notified about your Employment Pass result. Then you can arrive, take it and start one of the best working experiences in your life.

Who Can Sponsor an Employment Pass in Singapore?

It’s worth saying that you can’t initiate EP application on your own. Employment Pass is a visa that requires sponsorship, and it is tied to employer who hires a foreigner. That’s why you must have a job offered in Singapore first. The salary you are offered must be $3,300 and more, and it must correspond with your designation, age and experience. Commonly an employer acts as a sponsor. But in case there is a problem or misunderstanding, bring it to our competent visa agents to get a piece of wise advice.

Who Can Submit Application for Employment Pass?

Your employer (sponsor) is the first who can initiate an application. It’s a gross violation of MOM’s rules if you apply for EP on your own. One more side that can submit an application for you, except your employer, is a visa agency. So right after you get an offer from your employer, you can contact our visa agents to start preparations.
Not only you, but also the company that hires you will be scrutinised by the MOM. They have developed a set of strict criteria to sift the enormous number of applicants. They can’t let all of them in because of many reasons. The most significant of them are:
1. Not all potential immigrants are enough experienced and educated to land jobs with high salaries.
2. Skills they bring in aren’t in demand in Singapore, and the job they lay claim for can be easily done by local talents. There is no need to stir up a competition that boosts local unemployment.
3. Some companies prefer foreign professionals to locals. Such discriminatory HR practice harms local employment. The MOM doesn’t agree with it anymore.
If you don’t want to get rejected, you must polish your profile and ensure the sponsor company gets decent representation at the MOM. This all can be done at one-stop visa agency that knows all ins and outs of government’s demands and local employment trends.

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