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P1 and P2 – Two Types of Employment Pass with Different Suites of Benefits

Lee October 28, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 28, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
P1 and P2 – Two Types of Employment Pass with Different Suites of Benefits Decent salaries, world’s best liveability and high-end working conditions attract more and more brains to Singapore. Professionals from all across the globe think of working in Singapore as about upgrading their talents to a brand new level. The country that is interested in engaging only the best talents has developed an Employment Pass that would allow only the highly experienced employees land Singaporean jobs and provide workers with miscellaneous benefits. Having 2 types for “professionals,” P1 and P2, Employment Pass lays down quite strict demands that effectively sift seekers. In this blog we are going to instruct you which type of this visa you should pursue – P1 or P2 Employment Pass – and provide insight into benefits they offer.

P1 and P2 General Points:

  • Both passes allow an employee to stay in the country for a period of 1-2 years with potential prolonging the visa for another 3 years
  • Both visas require a Singaporean sponsor (a company that hires the professional)
  • Both types of visa tie an employee to one particular employer (who initiated issuance of this pass); in case the worker decides to chance the employer, authorities must be notified. New job requires new EP
  • Employment pass substitutes entry visa, so P1 pass holder (or P2 holder) can enter and leave Singapore freely
  • Holders of P1 and P2 can pursue PR, but the appropriate time for this differs for these 2 passes
  • Holders of both visas can bring their nears and dears to Singapore, but on different terms
  • Both visas can be “produced” in 2 weeks



Singapore P1 pass eligibility

This visa was designed for pros with the highest qualifications: not only have they to command a salary higher than 8,000 SGD, but also they must possess highest degrees and prominent working experience.


Singapore P1 Pass Benefits:

  • PR is commonly available after 1 year of working in the country
  • The holder can bring his/her children and official spouse (on Dependant’s Passes) and other family members including parents (on Long Term Visit Pass)




Singapore P2 pass eligibility

You fit this category if your salary is higher than 4,500 SGD and you hold a diploma or degree from recognised institution (holders of Singaporean diplomas are in the running).

Singapore P2 Pass Benefits:

  • Holder can obtain PR; however, the practise says that working in the country for 2 years minimum increases the chances
  • P2 Holder can bring to the country the same family members as P1 holder except the parents

General Mandatory Criteria

  For the company (regardless of EP type):
  • Significant paid-up capital
  • Long and successful track record (companies older than 3 years have better chances)
  • “Locals-hiring” performance (how “open” to local workers the company is)
  • Niche (some industries, for example, tech ones, are considered to be in more need of foreign talented workers)

  For the EP seeker:
  • Expertise. P1 Employment Pass Singapore was designed for the most experienced and talented pros (this include possessing weighty working experience, holding similar positions in the past, showing off unique skills which are rare in Singapore and brilliant references from past prominent employers)
  • Education. Despite the government doesn’t have a specific list of welcomed institutions, their experts will estimate the success rate of such educational establishments, so only really prominent are considered. If your qualification is quite mediocre, you still have chances if you show off compelling skills and expertise. MOM is more interested in your real expertise than in your papers, especially for Singapore P1 Employment Pass
  • Age-skill ratio. P1 work pass, the same as P2, is for overseas talents younger than 50 YO. But the older you are, the higher salary and better expertise you must have
  • Nationality.

To get a clearer insight into the requirements, it’s better to bring your case to a visa expert. If you feel you fail to meet all mentioned criteria, that doesn’t necessary mean you don’t qualify at all. Some requirements are broad and can be interpreted differently. It’s better to have your case assessed by the professional who knows all ins and outs of visa procedure in Singapore and know how to persuade MOM that you are the best fit for the position. Our team will assess your situation for free, help you to select the pass (P1 or P2) you have better chances for and assist you in building a really prominent application that guarantees victory.

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