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Q1 Employment Pass: Easy Steps that Guarantee You Quick Qualification, Excellent Application and Sure Approval

Lee October 30, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 30, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
Q1 Employment Pass Easy Steps that Guarantee You Quick Qualification, Excellent Application and Sure Approval Employment Pass, premium work visa developed for the most talented foreigners, is divided into 3 categories. Singapore Q1 Employment Pass is the “lowest” level intended for young specialists graduated from reputable universities holding degrees or other compelling educational qualification. Such young talents aren’t expected to show a prominent working background; however, any relevant work experience is appreciated.  

Singapore Qualification for Q1 Employment Pass

  To get qualified for Q1 Employment Pass application, you have to meet such demands established by the MOM:
  1. salaryYou must be offered a job with salary of at least $3,300. This threshold has already been raised a couple of times. In the beginning of 2014, it jumped from $3,000 to $3,300. Such factor complicates qualification especially for foreigners whose salary “sticks” the minimum mark. The salary will be estimated in correspondence with the employee’s future designation and experience.
  2. graduationYou must hold a degree (or diploma) issued by respectable university. It’s important to figure out whether you have a degree or not. Some young graduates think they don’t have because in their country a “degree” can be called another way. It’s better to settle it beforehand; otherwise your profile can lose a bright advantage. One more point: if you are older or were graduated long time ago, you must showcase better experience and be paid a higher salary.
  3. You must show minimum relevant work experience and valuable skills that differ from the ones the local talents can offer for the niche you work in. Singaporean government stimulates local employment especially that of fresh graduates, so you must outstrip them to take the lead.

  5. Age: you must fit the age scope of young graduates. If you are older, see point 2.

  7. Nationality defines a lot: some countries are more welcome; some nationalities may require additional papers. Contact qualified visa agents to know your country’s eligibility before you brewing your Singapore Q1 Employment Pass application.

  9. The MOM also makes demands for the company that is going to hire a foreigner. Particularly, the authorities are interested in how the company treats local manpower (the number of hired locals, cases of violating local’s employment rights and so on). According to the “Fair Consideration Framework,” the company must give local talents a fair chance to be considered for a job. The position must be advertised during 14 days before the company gives the offer to a foreigner and initiates Q1 Singapore Employment Pass application. The MOM will also estimate the firm’s paid up capital and business plan especially if it is a newly established company.


Don’t Overleap Important Assessment Step!

  Singapore government doesn’t want casual workers to crowd in the country and make the lives of the Singaporeans harder. That’s why the MOM approaches to every EP case very scrupulously. Many young talents get rejected if they failed to represent themselves in the most winning way. This is what visa agency does with ease. Visa specialists know MOM’s requirements and how they can be interpreted in every particular case. They can see your profile the same as MOM will see it. Before starting an application process, we recommend to have your case assessed by our visa experts. This service is free of charge. It will take minimum of your time, but will definitely help you to be ahead of the game.

Watch Your Every Step to EP!

  As Q1 category of Employment Pass balances on the edge of Employment Pass and “lower”/less privileged work visa called S Pass, it’s important to strain your every nerve to grasp it and cling like grim death to it. We’ll explain why.   EP differs from S Pass not only by the salary (S Pass starts right under Q1). They give different sets of opportunities:
  • Q1 enables you to earn decent salary, bring your family members to Singapore, start you own business and apply for permanent residence with high chances for approval.
  • Q1 isn’t subject to quota. It means that an employer isn’t restricted with a fixed number of foreigners he can involve.
  • Q1 isn’t subject to levies. It means the employer isn’t obliged to pay a high levy for having a foreigner around every day/month/year.

And what about S Pass?

  • S Pass is for skilled manpower earning less then $3,300 and more than $2,200. The salary is much lower.
  • S Pass is subject to quotas and levies. FYI, the government promised to raise levies in 2016. These restrictions make a foreign employee less attractive for a Singaporean employer.
  • S Pass holders complain that getting PR is much harder than for EP holders. Plus having your family near you might be a problem.
  Now that you see the difference, you must have your chances evaluated and do all possible to squeeze yourself into Q1. If you aren’t sure, you’ll manage to do so, reach out to or experienced visa consultants to get a piece of useful advice. If you decide to rely on visa agency in your Q1 Employment Pass application, you will benefit from handling paperwork, wise strategizing and consulting.

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