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Get All “How Many” Questions about EP Answered by Our Practiced Visa Masters

Lee October 27, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 27, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
How many questions EP Procedure of obtaining EP raises a lot of questions starting with quotas and requirements and ending with rejections and appeals. If it is your first time you seek for Employment Pass, you should study the subject and have your prospects assessed before you enter EP processing.


In How Many Days Can I Know Whether My EP Application is Approved or Not?

  In How Many Days Can I Know Whether My EP Application is Approved or NotSingapore (we have to pay tribute to his country’s ardour to technologies) has a very smart online service that simplifies the process of application. If you use this online tool, you can expect getting to know your results in 14 days. If you submit application in an old-fashioned way – manually – the result will be known no earlier than in 5 weeks. As you can see, online service saves your time dramatically, and it is worth trying if you are straitened for time. Anyway, waiting for 5 weeks seems crazy when your future career depends on that Employment Pass.


If you are not sure you’ll manage electronic application, it’s better to entrust this matter to a professional visa company (such agencies also use online service and know all ins and outs of the procedure). Relying on visa team not only shortens your waiting time, but also offers other significant benefits. Plus you don’t actually have to pay for all of them. For example, one of the most useful agency’s services is a free assessment of your approval chances. This procedure takes minutes, but after undergoing it, you get your odds estimated with a professional eye and receive a piece of worthy advice about what you should do next. Such assessment procedures save many foreigners from useless applications that are out of the running.
Commonly, you can have your prospects assessed according to the known list of requirements, but it is rarely helpful. Requirements are only indicators that show whether you fit or not, but how exactly you fit – this must be assessed individually by a seasoned agent. The point here is that the balance of these criteria may vary from one case to another. If you involve an agent who knows for sure what exactly MOM is looking for, you are closer to success. Even if you stop here, on the stage of free assessment, you still win because now you know your approval prospect. But if you decided to apply with the agency, you have brighter chances: the agency will handle your paperwork and build up a distinguished profile that will represent your merits in the most favourable light. If you are tormented with the questions like “How much I need to play for asking others to apply for EP?” or “How much is work permit in Singapore?” – reach out to our experts to get the answers.   During these 14 days your employment visa is being done, you don’t have to call to the authorities to find out the result: your visa agency will carefully monitor the state of the things and inform you when your visa is ready. When during the process MOM suddenly needs some additional papers, the agency will react in a flash to provide them. You can be calm that everything is done in time and according to exacting rules established by the MOM.


How Many Times Rejected Employment Pass Can Be Reapplied?

  Basically, the employer can reapply for your employment visa as many times as he wants, but it won’t lead to success if done incorrectly. Furthermore, many rejections totally ruin chances of this foreigner and the hiring company to succeed with EP in the future. So answering this question in a nutshell: theoretically you can appeal many times, but practice shows that there is only one chance to appeal you must use after the initial application gets rejected.   What mistakes can you make when appealing? When the MOM rejects the initial application, it includes a reason of this rejection and advisory: what you should change to be considered. The most popular mistake is not paying attention to this advisory. If you don’t provide new data and appeal with the same information (changing nothing in your circumstances) again and again, this will definitely lead to rejection.


Reasons why you may get rejected are many, but most common are:

  1. Your qualification differs from the position you are being hired to.
  2. The company doesn’t hire enough locals or has a bad reputation or (if the firm is new) its business plan doesn’t provide information about the plans to hire more locals in the future.
  3. The job you are going to do in Singapore can be done by native Singaporeans.
  4. Your expected salary doesn’t correspond with your declared qualification and expertise.
  5. You don’t have a degree or you mistakenly think you don’t have a degree (in some countries they are called another way) or your university (school) don’t qualify.
  Criteria have been toughened since the last increase of the salary bar (which is $3,300 now) and fitting them became a brain twist. That’s why in any case you need a help of tuned-in visa consultants who know all angles of MOM’s criteria. Ensure you squeeze maximum from your situation and your hope for approval isn’t groundless.


During How Many Years Can I Apply for Employment Pass in Singapore?

  To answer this question we must take into consideration 3 important points:

During How Many Years Can I Apply for Employment Pass in Singapore
  1. Employment Pass is tied to a specific employer. One job means one Employment Pass. If you decide to change your boss, you need to start a new Employment Pass. Every EP is initially given for 1-2 years (MOM determines this period individually for every employee). After this period ends, you can renew your visa and get another 3 years. Theoretically, until you fulfil MOM’s criteria and until you retire, you can have your EP renewed. So the maximum number of years you can live in Singapore under EP depends on how well you fit the government’s criteria.
  1. Due to general criteria toughening, getting renewals also becomes harder. If you are still hired and not going to lose your job, you need to approach to the renewal procedure very responsibly. The government will assess you again to ensure that your salary and qualification still match your job position. If they have doubts about anything, you can get rejection and lose your work; that’s why it’s crucial to ask for professional visa assistance.
  1. Another way to save your job is to get PR in Singapore. Basically 5 years your EP lasts are more than enough to do that; you actually can apply right after you get your EP. PR not only allows you to stay on your job position, but also gives a bunch of other benefits only citizens have, for example, free unlimited residing in Singapore, travelling without hassles, more freedom in building your business and investment profile, better education for your kids, better health care and other perks.
  We recommend you to bring your specific case to us for diligent assessment in order to find the best options that fit MOM’s framework, your career and private life. Whatever your situation is, there is always a brilliant visa solution if you rely on professional helping hand.

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