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Quick Employment Pass Re-application

Lee March 12, 2016
Posted by Lee on March 12, 2016  /   Posted in Employment Pass
Quick Employment Pass Re-application The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) considers each Employment Pass application carefully before rejecting an application. In the event that you have received a rejection notice, you will be able to re-apply if you are able to provide new information or supporting documents that can be considered. It is recommended that you use a registered visa application agency to assist you with this process.
  • Do not appeal unless you can rectify the issues in our rejection advice.
  • In some cases, your candidate may not qualify. Please reconsider their employment terms or look for another candidate. Make sure you get an indication that your candidate qualifies using the online Free Assessment Tool.

Remember, the SAT and rejection advice would be comprehensive enough to give you a gauge whether or not to appeal. If you do appeal, we will look carefully at the new information you give us. Then make a fair and impartial decision.
The MOM Contact Centre and counters will not be able to give further advice on rejections. MOM receives many appeals each day and our officers are unable to entertain requests to discuss appeals face to face. Should we need any clarifications when assessing an appeal, we will contact the employer.

Who can appeal?

Only the employer or his appointed agent who had submitted the application can make enquiries or appeal. We will not entertain enquiries or appeals from the candidate, or any other third party.

How long will it take?

MOM takes extra care with appeals. Appeals take at least three weeks, sometimes a little longer. So it is a good idea to log in and check your appeal status regularly. You can print the outcome letter through EP Online. Please do not contact us before a decision on your appeal is made.

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