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Requirements for EP Singapore: Boost Your Chances for Approval by Learning Your Custom Set of Criteria

Lee November 7, 2015
Posted by Lee on November 07, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass

Requirements for EP Singapore: Boost Your Chances for Approval by Learning Your Custom Set of Criteria

In 2013, the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore was concerned about frequent discriminatory practices showed by local employers concerning their compatriots. The influx of talented immigrants was squeezing Singaporeans from the job market and stirring discouragement. To fix the problem, the Ministry of Manpower came up with a new regulatory framework which core was the right of local professionals to be fairly considered for Singaporean jobs. From the very next year the lower salary bar for Employment Pass – the most asked-for work visa to Singapore – was raised to $3,300 (from $3,000). The country famous for its open-armed immigration course didn’t change its direction (officially), but it definitely changed the rules. Getting work pass became harder because of toughening of Singapore EP requirements. Understanding MOM’s demands correctly is already a half of success. MOM investigates every case individually based on personal merits of the applicants and the hiring company’s performance. And despite requirements for Employment Pass Singapore haven’t change during the last year, we see more and more cases of rejection. This happens because of poor understanding of the basic requirements for Employment Pass, but also because of such subjective thing as MOM’s own logic and discretion. The more we collaborate with the government, the better we see the situation, and now we are able to assess our every client’s case according to MOM’s preferences and trends.

Singapore EP Requirements

Let’s look into every requirement for employment pass to see how it can be interpreted in various situations.
    • The precondition of applying for Employment Pass is a job offer from the Singapore-based company. The employer (sponsor) must apply for this work pass for his overseas employee. This can also be done by a third party such as visa agency. The employee who hasn’t received an offer yet, isn’t able to take part in the application procedure. If there is a misunderstanding between a foreigner and a hiring company based on prejudices caused by MOM’s harsh policy, the employee can bring his issue to our experts. They will consult the employer to reach better understanding.
    • According to government’s “fair consideration” guideline, the job position must be advertised during 2 weeks to give local talents a chance to try their wings. If no fit among the Singaporeans is founded, a foreigner can pretend to this job position.
    • MOM will research the company’s business plan and hiring performance. Any previous discriminatory actions against local manpower will decrease the chance of EP application. The government is more open to companies which contribute to Singaporean economy and society by employing local talents. If the company is newly established and relies mainly on foreign manpower, this insecurity can be balanced by a business plan that mentions about increasing the number of local staff in the near future.
    • Salary threshold. As stated above, the minimum salary that makes application possible is $3,000. Take into consideration that this salary mark is for Q1 Employment Pass which is intended for fresh graduates from respectable universities with minimum work experience. If you are older, you are expected to show more experience, and therefore command higher salary. You should also take into account that the salary will be assessed in correspondence with the worker’s designation. This requirement of Employment Pass is quite tricky; that’s why we encourage you to engage qualified visa assistance.
    • Educational factor. Singapore is famous for its high standards of education and qualified manpower. No wonder the government expects the same from immigrants. Employment Pass is for pros and specialists who hold degrees from reputable universities. Many applicants suppose “degree” means academic degree. Like when you aren’t a DPhil, you can’t apply. It’s a misunderstanding caused by difference how degrees are called in different countries. They can be called, for example, “diploma,” but mean MA or BA which also count. Please consult with our immigration experts to avoid misunderstanding.
    • Experience & skills factor. MOM became pickier to immigrants. Now it opens the border only for talents which are in demand in Singapore. Poor experience (or experience unrelated to the job scope) and mediocre skills are the reasons why the application can get rejected. Of course, there are niches where the dependence on foreign expertise is still strong; it’s easier to obtain Employment Pass for them. Such niches are construction, digital media and informational technologies, or healthcare. Contact our specialists to learn perspective of your specific niche. This Singapore EP requirement needs elaborate approach and profile tweaking. If you aren’t sure your skills are so breathtaking, there is always a possibility to have your employment potential tweaked by visa professionals. They know for sure which skills and achievements are worth highlighting and how to balance weaker points.
    • Applicant’s nationality is an important factor that can impact the result of application. Plus some nationalities have to submit additional documents. Please reach out to our specialists to find out your particular situation.
  • Age of the applicant is considered in ratio with skills. The older you are, the more skills you have to show and the higher salary you must command. All applicants younger than 50 years old can be considered for EP.

Assessment Service

Every situation has its custom set of requirements to apply for EP in Singapore. Refer your case to our experienced visa agents to make sure you don’t miss anything important. We offer you to have your visa situation assessed for free by our experts who know how requirements for EP Singapore can be applied to your particular case.

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