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Singapore Visa

As it is now getting much harder in getting approval for any type of visas in Singapore, we offer a range of visa services to help and advise you on how to succeed in your next visa applications in Singapore. You may read from the below visa services offered.

The visa application process in Singapore is very rather complex.

Depending on your needs, you are presented with many choices for your relevant visa. Visa Express provides our clients with 7 different choices of visas catered to their specific situation.

Australia is one of the world’s most popular tourist destination, it is home to great sites such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House. Visa Express offer tourist visas to Australia (subclass 600) for individuals who require the visa to travel.

Other Services

Singapore Permanent Resident

If you want to want to live and work in Singapore you can apply for Singapore permanent residence. For more information contact us.

Singapore Visa Service

If you looking to relocate to Singapore and not sure which visa would be the right option to choose. We can help you in this.

Company Incorporation

If you're looking to run your business in Singapore and want to run a Singapore company with 100% share holding and one dollar paid US capital

Corporate Visas

How to Renew Employment Pass

The Private Limited Company is the most common business form in Singapore and most suitable for foreign individual who wants to start business in Singapore.  The Private Limited Company provides many benefits to the owner and is eligible for the government tax incentives. Some benefits include tax incentives for the first few years of the business and limited liability, protecting the owner from any potential legal matters regarding the business as the company is considered a legal entity on its own.

What are the benefits: 

  1. Separate legal entity:The company is considered a legal entity on its own and business owners will not be touched for their assets, personal possessions in the event the company faces a lawsuit or debt. This applies to the directors and shareholder’s as well. The company is limited with the funds they contributed to the company’s paid-up capital in the beginning.
  2. Trusted image and branding: Using an incorporated business form allows your business to be branded in a credible image compared to a sole proprietorship or partnership business. This inadvertently creates a sense of trust amongst potential investors who might give them the push to invest into your business.
  3. Transfer of ownership: With a private limited company, transfer of ownership has never been easier. Ownership can be transferred either partially or wholly without disrupting operations or the need for complicated legal documentation and procedures. This is achieved through the selling of your shares or part thereof to another individual or through issuing of new shares to additional investors.
  4. Tax benefits: This kind of company setup has a very effiective for tax which is below 9% for the first 300,000 SGD of net income. 

    Singapore corporate tax rate for start up
                                                                                                                         Source: IRAS

We provide company incorporation advisory service by helping you  review your business needs and background to advise on the best structure for your case. Speak to our specialist on your requirements today!

Other Visas

A Singapore Subsidiary Company is seen as a separate legal entity to the parent entity.  A standalone legal entity that protects the personal assets of the parent company’s founding members from losses that are associated from the business. The Subsidiary business form is well suited for established foreign companies that is planning to acquire the major part of the Subsidiary shares. This form of business also acts as a launch pad for foreign businesses who wish to expand their reach into the Asia-Pacific market.

  1. Partial Tax Exemption (fromYA 2020)

                                                                                                                                          Source: IRAS
  2. Dividends: Dividends are not taxed after the corporate tax of 17% has been paid.
  3. GST: The Goods and Service Tax was implemented in Singapore in 1994. Any company expected to have an annual turnover of over $1,000,000 SGD are to register for the GST.
  4. Authority Management: A Subsidiary is required to have at least 1 native Singaporean as acting Director at the beginning of incorporation. The acting Director can be replaced with the real Director once his/her Employment pass or Entrepass is processed. This allows flexible authority management between parent company and subsidiary.

If you think this type of structure is suitable for you and want to learn more, contact our incorporation specialist Today!

Citizenship / Residency by Investment Service

Fast-track Your Residency / Citizenship Via Investments

There are various Investment Visa schemes around the world and it can be overwhelming on which investor visa scheme you would be eligible for. See below for the main consideration factors:

  1. Amount of funds you are willing to Invest?
  2. Your years of experience in business or investing;
  3. Length of residency Required before you can be converted to Citizenship
  4. Your current Age;

Besides the above, there are also other factors that you have to consider before you decide on which Residency / Citizenship program to choose. Read further for a number of investor visa options:

Below are the benefits of using Visa Express:

  • Experience and Expertise: With our knowledge in  immigration, we are able to advise you competently so that you can focus on your work.
  • Fast and Effective Service: We focus on delivering visa service in a fast and efficient way so that there is no unnecessary wait time;
  • Professionalism: We will ensure that you are served professionally for stages of the visa process.

Types of Company Entities in Singapore suitable for foreigners

singapore visaservice

If you are willing to invest 2.5 million SGD and has the necessary business /entrepreneurial track records, then the Singapore Global Investor Program may be suitable for you as this is the only guaranteed PR in Singapore and only take 9 – 12  months to process. 

GIP Key Criteria:

  1. Accomplished Business Owner: You are running an established business with more than 200 million SGD sales turnover for the last 3 years;
  2. Next Generation Business Owners: You have a family business with over 500,000 SGD per year and you own at least 30% shares in the company;
  3. Founders of High Growth Companies:
    a. You must be a founder of a company with a valuation of over 500 million SGD and you are the largest individual  shareholder of the company;
  4. Family Office  Background
    You have over 5 years of entrepreneurial /Investment track records and has at least 200 million SGD worth of investible assets.

To learn more about whether the GIP is suitable for you, contact our experts today for a Free assessment.

Singapore Visa Services

You must have the relevant experience and education qualification (those without tertiary education qualification can compensate with more working experience);

 You must meet the minimum fixed monthly salary of 4,500 SGD (those with more experience should be paid a higher salary); From 1st December 2020, applicants from the financial sector must be paid a fixed monthly salary of 5,000 SGD;

 If your sponsor company has more than 10 employees, they must post a Job Advertisement at our jobsbank portal for 28 days before applying for your Employment Pass

Other Services

Singapore Immigration Service

If you are a company or business owner looking to move yourself or your employee to Singapore, you can find out more how we can help you secure the Right visa for you without all the stress and hassles. Let us help you secure your visa in Singapore.

Singapore Company Registration

If you’re looking to run your business in Singapore and want to run a Singapore company with the right paper work and license, we can advisory you on all the requirements for company setup.


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3 business days in most cases subject to the type of structure and licensing.

An exempted private limited company that is limited by shares is the most efficient structure in Singapore. But it is always best to seek a specialist to understand the implication of different types of entity as different types of structure can impact your control and tax.

This will depend on the type of business activities you are planning to conduct in Singapore. A straightforward trading does not need a license but may requires to register with the custom office to import goods to Singapore. Speak to our specialist to find out.

Yes. No restriction in foreign ownership of a company in Singapore.

If you are setting up a private limited company, you are required to have at local a local director (someone holding a Singapore PR, Citizen or Employment Pass). You can be the foreign director instead.

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