Singapore Permanent Residence Visa

Singapore permanent residence visa

Definition: What is Singapore Permanent Residence Visa?

Permanent Residence (PR) is a migration solution that enables foreign employees and entrepreneurs to stay in SG indefinitely and enjoy freedoms and perks the citizens have: freedom for business and employment, Central Provident fund, better education, more affordable healthcare, and so on. Obtaining the Singapore permanent residence visa is the ultimate goal for most holders of the Employment Pass/S Pass/EntrePass. Each visa holder can claim the PR status in due time.

Benefits and Features of Singapore Permanent Residence Visa

  • The Singapore PR visa can be renewed.
  • A holder of every work visa has his/her own appropriate time for the PR application.
  • The PR application must be submitted during an appointment with the approving authority (ICA).
  • The application process for Singapore PR takes 6 months.

Advantages of Singapore PR Visa

  • The Singapore PR makes the foreigner’s stay in the country absolutely legal and free of any visa restrictions.
  • Singapore PR visa holders can travel in and out of the country without any hassle.
  • PR don’t need a work pass for working in the country; they can freely switch over to new employers the same as citizens.
  • Permanent residents can pursue the Singapore PR visa for their spouses, kids, and parents.
  • SPR have more freedom in investing and growing a business.
  • PR visa holders are allowed to buy more forms of property (for example, HDB flats – affordable public housing).
  • SPR and their children can study in subsidized governmental educational institutions.
  • Permanent residents can build up their Central Provident Fund that covers their needs in healthcare, pension, education, purchasing of property, investment, and so on.
  • Holders of PR visa can get a subsidy on medical bills in governmental clinics.

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Disadvantages of Singapore PR Visa

  • Your son, which belongs to the second PR generation, has to join the national military service when he is 18 and serve for 2 years.
  • Singapore PR visa doesn’t place its holders on an equal footing with Singapore citizens (you must renew this visa in order not to lose this status, and you won’t have a visa-free access to over 70 countries the Singapore passport gives).

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Permanent Residence Visa

The Singapore PR visa can be given to these categories of foreigners:
  • entrepreneurs;
  • investors;
  • holders of the Employment Pass and the S Pass;
  • spouses and kids of the Singapore citizens / Singapore PRs;
  • the Singapore citizens’ aged parents;
  • artists.
Foreign employees who work in Singapore on work visas (Employment Pass & S Pass) are required:
  • to show salary slips for the last 6 months they have worked in the country;
  • to work a certain period of time in Singapore.
6 months aren’t enough to get qualified. Commonly, different types of work visas have their specific “due time” when the PR application would have the highest chance. For P1 (EP) holders, it is after a year of working in Singapore; for P2 holders it is usually after 2-3 years. The lower the visa is, the more time it takes to get qualified for the PR visa. Investors are required:
  • either to invest no less than 2.5 million SGD in a new business setup or expansion of already existing company or
  • invest no less than 2.5 million SGD in a GIP-approved fund.
Foreign artistic talents must fit these criteria:
  • to be a well-known artist in your native country (international reputation is a plus);
  • to showcase relevant expertise in your niche or practice;
  • your contribution to Singaporean culture must be significant, and you have to demonstrate a strong engagement into the local culture at the leadership level;
  • you are expected to have specific plans how to bring Singaporean art on the higher level.
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What if Permanent Residence Visa Gets Rejected ?

Singapore lures a lot of professionals, entrepreneurs and artists, and the competition around the Permanent Residence visa increases day by day. To get your visa approved, you must prove your talent is crucial for Singapore. If you fail to prove your uniqueness, your application is likely to get lost against the background of other applications. Moreover, there are a lot of tedious forms and documents that must be prepared and filled faultlessly. If you fail to get the paperwork done perfectly and your personality’s value substantiated persuasively, you can be asked by the authorities to wait for a year or so to try again. The Immigration and the Checkpoints Authority assesses every candidacy on holistic basis taking into account even the subjective factors. This authority usually doesn’t explain the reason why the application gets rejected, but we can summarise some of the reasons basing on our own expertise and experience:
  • mistakes in documents and the application form (obscure answers, grammar mistakes, lack of proofs for the statements made in the application, poor translation and so on);
  • salary insufficiency (a sponsor’s salary isn’t high enough to support a spouse and children);
  • failing to prove the candidacy’s contribution (skills that are crucial for the Singapore’s growing sectors of the economy) and commitment (integration with society) to the state.
Since there is no official reason of the rejection announced by the ICA, it is wiser to re-submit the application in appropriate time rather than to appeal the rejection. In case of rejection, we can investigate the reason based on our expertise, fortify the documentation involving new trumps, re-compile the application and get everything ready for a new application. From our experience, a re-considered and fortified application has a stronger chance for approval than an appeal.

How to Apply: the Best Singapore Permanent Resident Visa Scheme

The application process for Singapore residence visa differs for various categories of applicants. We will guide you through the 3 most popular schemes and explain how to apply for the Singapore PR with the highest chance for approval.

1. Scheme of obtaining PR for foreign professionals, technicians, and skilled workers

It fits those individuals who already work in Singapore for a certain period of time while applying for the PR (it’s a key requirement). Although a foreigner is required to provide salary slips only for the 6 months of working in Singapore, the longer his/her work history in the country is, the better chance he/she has. The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will assess you candidacy based on your personal and professional merits, so it is crucial to build up the employment profile in advance. The agent that helped to apply for the work visa for a foreigner knows the best time when the application would be the most successful and how to squeeze the maximum out of the candidate’s profile. If you have doubts you would be able to get your profile prepared in time, please don’t hesitate to book our free eligibility assessment and benefit from our full PR support.

2. Scheme of Singapore PR for investors (also known as Global Investor Programme)

Foreign investors can get the Singapore PR for themselves and their families right away if they fit the criterion of investing at least 2.5 million SGD into a new Singaporean business setup, existing business, or a GIP-approved fund. If you have a desire to get involved at the basement level of Singapore’s business, ensure you meet all of the criteria. The authorities will take into consideration some other factors like your entrepreneurial background, a track record of your business, and your investment plan. Please contact our visa team to get a competent assessment absolutely for free and learn how to turn your investment efforts into a comfortable PR for you and your close people.

3. Scheme of Singapore PR for foreign artists

The country that aims at becoming an artistic hub of the South Pacific zone has a special PR program for foreign artistic talents. If you are professional in arts, music, dance, photography, literature, theatre, or cinematography, and you are going to contribute your talent to cultivating the Singapore’s culture soil, you can pursue getting the status of a permanent resident. If you aren’t sure you would be able to persuade the authorities that Singapore needs your talent, entrust this matter to a visa professional. We will find the best argument to bring your talent to Singapore permanently. Please take into account that to apply for the PR visa, an applicant must attend an appointment at the authorities (the ICA). We will help you to make an appointment and instruct you how to make a successful application. The ICA needs up to 6 months to process each PR visa application and attached documents. If the ICA finds the application and documents wrong or weak, the processing time can be longer and the application can even get rejected. That’s why it is important to have a visa professional prepare you for the getting this probably the most important visa in your life.

Permanent Residence Visa Renewal Process

Permanent residence visa belongs to renewable visas. You have to get your PR visa resumed every 5 years. The government needs to know for sure you are contributing to Singapore society positively in terms of economic values and that you can integrate into this society. If you have doubts that you fulfil the PR extension requirements, make sure you get a professional help in the PR renewal. Please contact our PR visa consultants for better understanding and assistance in the hard process of retaining your PR status.

Why Use Help of Professional Agents/Consultants?

Tons of PR applications get rejected every year due to poor paperwork and weak strategizing that stands behind them. When you enlist our full PR visa support, we will back you up in these crucial points of your application:
  • Get your profile pre-assessed according to the ICA latest trends and demands.
  • Get your documents and the application professionally typewritten by us instead of submitting obscure handwriting full of mistakes.
  • A certain question in the application form can be answered in different ways. Find out what exactly the authorities want to learn from your answers and prepare the rocking replies.
  • As there will be no interview at the appointment, we know other ways how to make your profile prominent. Get hints about some additional documents that will make your application stand out.
  • Sound outstanding: get instructed in how to make the expression of your contribution and commitment really persuasive for the authorities.
  • Get help in booking the earliest possible appointment to save your time.
We will get you prepared in due time that is appropriate in your particular situation, get you fully equipped for the outstanding application and give you a competent backup with further renewals.

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+ How long is it to become a Singapore permanent resident?

The time appropriate for submitting the application is unique for every candidate. When top-tier investors can claim the permanent residence in Singapore right away after making the investment, foreigners who are working in the country on employment visas must wait for some time in order to collect enough proof of their importance. Although the ICA requires salary slips only for 6 months that are worked in Singapore, the reality is far from this term. In practice, holders of P1 visa become eligible after a year of working in the country, whereas holders of P2 visa should wait for 2-3 years. Foreigners who work on S Pass have to wait for a longer time accordingly. After the application is already submitted, it takes the authorities 6 months or more to consider your request.

+ What are medical benefits for the Singapore permanent resident?

Singapore boasts one of the world’s most advanced healthcare systems that is often compared with Obamacare in the US. First of all, the employed foreigners who get the status of the permanent resident can start making compulsory contributions to their personal Central Provident Fund (their employers do it for them). The percentage of such contributions depends on the resident’s age and salary. For comparison: foreigners are covered only either by the insurance they buy for themselves or by the insurance bought by their employers. These funds in CPF can be used for medical needs and pension. Holders of PR visa can also get a subsidy on medical bills in government clinics; in some cases, its amount reaches 80%

+ How to obtain permanent resident in Singapore?

You are eligible for the Singapore permanent residence if you belong to these categories of people: entrepreneurs, investors, holders of the Employment Pass and the S Pass, spouses and kids of the Singapore citizens / Singapore PRs, Singapore citizens’ aged parents, and artists. To claim the status of permanent resident, you have to make an appointment with the ICA (Immigration and the Checkpoints Authority), prepare documents, and submit your application during this appointment. Every category of applicants has its own appropriate time when they become eligible for getting the PR status. Learn about your personal suitable time and the set of requirements during our free eligibility assessment procedure.

+ What are the Singapore permanent resident interview questions?

The appointment with the ICA isn’t an interview in its common meaning when an applicant is asked tricky questions. It is rather a time when you meet the ICA officer face to face for submitting your documents and the PR application. The officer will check whether you submit the right documents right on the place, so you can be asked questions concerning your documentation. You won’t have a chance to voice your arguments: all your arguments must be in documents you provide. That’s why it is crucial to involve a professional visa help to ensure your documents contain strong argumentation on why you are a good fit for Singapore’s society and economy.

+ What is the procedure for becoming a permanent resident in Singapore?

You are eligible to claim for the Singapore permanent residence visa if you belong to these categories of people: investors, entrepreneurs, E Pass and S Pass holders, spouses and kids of the Singapore citizens / Singapore PRs, Singapore citizens’ aged parents, and artists. A candidate must submit the PR application and the supportive documents during the appointment with the ICA (must be booked beforehand). During this interview, the candidate will fill in the application form (or it can be prepared beforehand) and pass his/her documents to the ICA officer. The processing of the submitted documents will take approximately 6 months. Every category of applicants has its own appropriate time when they become eligible for getting the PR status. Learn about your personal suitable time and the set of requirements during our free eligibility assessment procedure. It is important to assess the PR eligibility before making the application as any mistake can cost you a lot of lost time. Sometimes the rejected application can be re-submitted in a year or so. That’s why it is crucial to ensure your papers are in perfect order and compiled according to the ICA newest demands in order to get the application approved at the first push.

+ What is the Singapore permanent resident visa’s duration?

The permanent visa is usually granted for 5 years, and after this period it must be renewed basing on the contribution to the Singapore’s society and economy its holder makes.
If you have any other questions that aren’t covered in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team. You can always book our competent assessment for free.

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