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Singapore Work Permit – Quick and Easy Application

Lee March 24, 2016
Posted by Lee on March 24, 2016  /   Posted in Working Visa
Singapore Work Permit - Quick and Easy Application Foreign manpower is essential to the operation of many businesses in Singapore and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) applies strict measures to regulate this sector through their Work Pass Division and the Controller of Work Passes. Not just any business in Singapore can employ foreign workers and there are a few initial steps that must be taken by a company to be eligible to apply for a Singapore Work Permit.

Declaration of Business Activity

Declaration-of-Business-ActivityThe Declaration of Business Activity allows MOM to categorise your organisation and assign a relevant business sector which will dictate the quota for the amount of foreign employees who can be granted Work Permits for a specified period of time. The industry quota calculation is extremely complicated and Visa Express will assist in determining the best fit for the amount of appropriate Work Permits from the planning phase right through to the submission of the applications.
Before the submission of a declaration, all appropriate licences for the type of organisation should be in place and a CPF (Central Provident Fund) account opened. Visa Express can assist you with the application for the necessary licences, a CPF account and any other supporting documents that may impact upon the success of Work Permit Applications.

Singapore Work Permit Application

Foreign workers can only be sourced from an approved country or territory. There are 4 main categories for countries or territories:
  1. Malaysian Workers
  2. North Asian Sources
  3. Non-Traditional Sources
  4. People’s Republic of China

Employer-ResponsibilitiesEmployers may be required to pay S$5000 security bond for each Work Permit employee as well as a Foreign Worker Levy. Foreign Worker Levies vary depending upon the skill of the foreign worker and the Dependency Ceiling for a specific organisation. Additional fees may also apply and Visa Express will assist you in determining these amounts and ensure that they are in line with the current regulations.


Employer Responsibilities

Before considering employing foreign nationals, it is important for an employer to understand that there are certain legal requirements that they will be responsible for. Below are some examples of these requirements:
  1. Monthly payment of a fixed salary to the employee.
  2. Stipulated medical examinations.
  3. A minimum of S$15 000 medical insurance per year, per employee.
  4. Provision of acceptable housing.
  5. Safety and orientation training.
  6. Work Injury Compensation Insurance.
  7. Providing for recreational and social needs.

Visa Express will be happy to provide you with a full list of Employer Responsibilities to ensure that your organisation is in line with the required Ministry of Manpower regulations.

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