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Singapore Work Visa Schemes

Lee December 30, 2015
Posted by Lee on December 30, 2015  /   Posted in About Singapore, Employment Pass, Working Visa
Singapore Work Visa Schemes Let’s look into various Singapore Work Pass Schemes and figure out their basic features and advantages. Within these work visas’ opportunities, foreign entrepreneurs, professionals and technical workers can land desirable jobs in Singapore – a mighty employment centre of the Asia’s southeast.
Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a basic and the most called-for type of Singapore Employment Visa Schemes that was designed for talented professionals with monthly salary starting from 3,300 SGD. EP has other requirements like education, qualifications and personal relevant experience. EP is valid within 1-2 years and can be prolonged if the worker is still employed. EP has no quota. Pursuing PR (Permanent Residence) is possible in due time.
Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) is one of Singapore Work Visa Schemes that was developed especially for entrepreneurs who strategize setting up new companies in the country. Innovativeness of the business is the main requirement. EntrePass remains valid within 1 year, and then it must be renewed if the business keeps meeting the government’s requirements. Entrepreneur Pass has no quota restrictions and allows pursuing Permanent Residence in due time.
Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) is unparalleled kind of Singapore EP Visa Schemes that, unlike EP, allows an employee to be employer-independent. Pros: there is no need to reapply for PEP each time you switch over to the new job, and you can stay unemployed during half a year. Cons: this pass doesn’t allow you to establish your own business, has very strict requirements, and can’t be renewed after the valid period of 3 years ends. Permanent Residence is possible in due time.
S Pass is a particular type of Singapore Work Permit Schemes that was designed for mid-skilled staff with wages starting from 2,200 SGD. This pass has a quota as well as plenty of other requirements. S Pass is valid within 1-2 years and can be prolonged if the worker is still employed. S Pass gives an option of PR, but a steadfast job history for at least 4 years or more might be needed.
The process of obtaining Singapore work visas may be challenging due to strict requirements and quotas. Success depends also on choosing the most suitable pass. We recommend you to involve professional assistance in visa matters to avoid rejection and save nerves and time.
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