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Smart Hints How to Get Work Pass in Singapore without Worries

Lee October 5, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 05, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass, Investment Visa, Working Visa

Work Pass for Singaporevisanet

The procedure of getting Singapore work visa is streamlined thanks to online services and algorithms which are famously straightforward in the country. There are different types of work pass in Singapore designed for different purposes, categories of migrants and stay duration, and foreigners often get puzzled by the assortment. Let’s sort out the issue and outline concrete features that will help you to determine on the work pass for Singapore that will fit your goals the best.   Despite the variety of work visas baffles, there are certain criteria you must focus on. They are: your salary you are going to earn at Singaporean company, your education level, work experience, skills you are going to contribute to local economy, nationality and specific requirements to your hiring firm based on the local labour laws. At Singapore government, you aren’t given freedom to choose between one working pass and another: you basically can fit only one specific work visa that works in your situation. Let’s look at them closer.


Employment Pass

Personal Employment PassThis visa perfectly fits talented foreigners with valuable expertise who can boast high salaries. Basically, it is used by directors and professionals, but as this visa is stratified into 3 groups, there is a group even for young graduates – Q1. For qualifying for this visa, a young graduate must be hired with a salary of 3,300 SGD. More experienced and older employees must command higher salaries: at least 4,500 SGD for P2 group, and minimum of 8,000 SGD for P1. For these work passes along with salary bar, the bar of experience and educational rises accordingly. Singapore grants Employment Passes only for the brainiest migrants with skills the country urgently needs (you can learn these skills either on the government’s website or from a competent visa agent).   Employment Pass is given for a period of 1-2 years and for a specific employer who hire the foreigner. Only this employer or a visa agency can apply for this work pass in Singapore. Such binding to one concrete employer is probably the only drawback of this Singapore working pass, but the benefits overbalance it: the pass is comfortable for the employer because it is free of levies and quotas; it gives you higher chances for permanent residency. Add to this that you can also take your family with you and even start your own business in SG.


Personal Employment Pass

If you would like to stamp out that EP’s drawback and get a premium work visa, this is an option for you. If you belong to the category of top-earners (more than 18,000 SGD), you can grasp a Personal EP that gives you 3 years of working in the country without any employment bindings. You can switch over to new employers and even stay unemployed for a half a year while looking for a new job. Such option is perfect for freelance workers (journalists), directors, partners and other top-paid categories.


S Pass

This work visa is for skilled workers whose salary ranges between 3,300 and 2,200 SGD. Those who don’t fit the EP because of insufficient salary can try their luck at this pass. But lower salary is not the only drawback of S Pass. The government sets quotas and levies for each sector and for different categories of employees (higher- or basic skilled). Quota means that the employer can’t hire more than, for example, 15% (depends on the sector) of his staff under S Pass. Levy means monthly payment the employer must pay for every holder of this visa; for some of the workers it may be more than 500 SGD a month.


Work Permit

Work PermitThis visa is strategized for unskilled and the lowest-paid foreign labour force involved in construction, service, household sectors and others. In addition to levy and quota, this work pass is subject to security bond this employer must pay for his non-Malaysian workers. Hiring WP holders obliges the employer to take care of such workers’ housing and health condition by covering their medical expenses.



EntrePassAlong with EP, which gives an opportunity to start a business in SG, EntrePass is a specially developed option for entrepreneurs who would like to bring their business to Singapore. Unlike EP, this visa gives an opportunity to arrive to the country before the incorporation takes place in order to lead the process. It is given for only one year, but can be renewed if the entrepreneur’s undertaking meets government’s criteria. Qualifying for this entrepreneurial visa requires meeting more specific business requirements concerning your current business’ potential (paid-up capital, shares and so on). Get to know your personal eligibility for this Singapore work pass at our visa agency before interacting with the government.   Commonly, every work pass gives a right to become a permanent resident one day. The difference is that it may be harder (or take more time) for holders of some visas and therefore requires involving professional visa services in Singapore. For example, getting PR is the easiest for premium groups of EP (P1 or P2) or Personal EP.   It’s important to figure out which category of work pass fits you the best before initiating an application. If you apply blindly for the pass that is a bad fit for your situation, you risk getting a rejection and jeopardizing your future visa efforts. Preliminary assessment will help you to find out your work pass Singapore eligibility and prepare for the application purposefully. Our agency’s seasoned visa experts will study your case according to the government’s rules and outline the best strategy for approval. The more restrictions a visa has, the better strategizing and assistance for work pass application is needed. Early and competent assessment is a guarantee of elaborate preparation and as a result, of faultless application.

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