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Singapore training employment pass

Definition: What Is Training Employment Pass (TEP) in Singapore?

Training Employment Pass is a visa type that was specially designed for overseas trainees and students who arrive in Singapore for attending training for PME (professional, manager & executive) jobs. The visa gives foreign students from acceptable institutions a chance to undergo training in well-established Singaporean companies during 3 months provided that this training is a part of their academic course. A staff of foreign companies can also undergo training programmes using this visa.

Benefits and Features of Training Employment Pass in Singapore

  • The TEP can be applied for only by the employer that hires a student / an intracompany trainee.
  • The visa is valid during 3 months without a chance for renewal.
  • Foreign students / intracompany trainees aren’t allowed to bring their families to Singapore.
  • TEP isn’t subject to quota and levies.
  • The same type of training cannot be attended twice.

Advantages of TEP

  • A young foreign student has an opportunity to adopt advanced practices of the best Singaporean companies, study the Singaporean landscape of their professions and lay the groundwork for their future careers. After finishing such training and graduation, foreign students have high chances to get employed by these companies under the Employment Pass.
  • The pass enables overseas subsidiary companies or representative & branch offices to send their intracompany trainees to the head companies in Singapore for undergoing training.
  • The employer isn’t obliged to meet the quota requirement (a certain ratio of the foreigners hired under work visas to the total company’s staff) and pay the monthly levy when he hires a TEP holder.
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Disadvantages of TEP

  • The TEP isn’t renewable; it is issued for 3 months only.
  • The opportunity to take families along isn’t provided.
  • If you have already had a TEP for a certain type of training, you cannot get it once again for the same type of training.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Singapore Training Employment Pass

An overseas student must meet these criteria:
  • a training the TEP is issued for must be a part of the academic course;
  • a student must study in an acceptable university or college (the approximate list of institutions that are eligible for TEP can be found on the website of the Ministry of Manpower);
  • a successful Singapore-based company must sponsor the foreign student and pay him/her at least 3,000 SGD a month.
An intracompany trainee from an overseas subsidiary or a branch office must:
  • Be sponsored by a successful Singapore-based company and hired at the salary of at least 3,000 SGD a month.

What if Singapore Training Employment Pass Gets Rejected?

Rejections happen because the inrush of an overseas labour force to Singapore increases day by day and the Ministry of Manpower has a picky policy concerning foreign manpower. If the TEP application gets rejected it can be appealed provided that the reasons for rejection can be addressed thoroughly. The MOM usually explains the reason in the rejection letter and adds an advisory (steps the employer should do to increase the chance for approval). Most common reasons for rejection are:
  • the educational institution that sends the student isn’t recognised or the training for which the TEP is being processed isn’t a part of the academic course (the approximate list of institutions that are eligible for TEP can be found on the website of the Ministry of Manpower);
  • the student/trainee has already attended the same training in the past;
  • the employer’s company isn’t successful (for example, it has a negative track record, is newly established or violates the rights of the local students for the training).
If the employer is interested in fighting for a specific trainee or a student even after the application was rejected, it is better to enlist the support of the professional visa agency that has a long track record in winning appeals. It is important to treat the MOM recommendations carefully and fix the issues that blocked approval. The visa agent would make a thorough eligibility check, work on the supportive documentation and build up the company’s profile at the authorities. If the company and the student/trainee still cannot meet the eligibility criteria, the visa agent can suggest a couple of other ways to achieve the goal.
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How to Apply: the Best Training Employment Pass Scheme

Only an employer (a well-established Singaporean company) is allowed to submit the TEP application. A foreigner (a student/a trainee) shouldn’t be in the country during the application process as the government won’t extend his/her visit pass. The application and the supportive documents can be lodged using an account on the electronic system called EP Online. Usually, the MOM announces the result in 7 working days, but if there are issues with documentation, the TEP processing can be longer. It is important to track the status of your application in order not to miss important notifications from the MOM. If the status is stated as “Follow Up”, it means the MOM isn’t satisfied with the quality of documentation: papers should be re-submitted. If an employer has problems with the online submission or there are any issues with the paperwork, a visa expert can be involved. Although a visa agency isn’t allowed to handle the application procedure, it is still very helpful in the groundwork: eligibility assessment, paperwork, and advising. When the application is successful and the approval letter is received, the employer must print the in-principal approval letter: this document will allow the foreigner to arrive in Singapore for the training. The arrival must happen no later than 6 months after the approval is achieved. Once the student / trainee is already in Singapore, he/she can get the pass issued, undergo a registration and become the holder of the TEP card.

Training Employment Pass Renewal Process

This kind of training visa is issued for 3 months and cannot be extended afterwards. Please take into account that a second TEP visa cannot be processed for the same type of training.

Why Use Help of Professional Agents/Consultants?

Although a visa agency isn’t authorised to handle the application procedure for the Training Employment Pass, it is still very helpful in the behind-the-scenes groundwork: assessment of the company’s and a trainee’s / student’s eligibility, paperwork, and advising. If you have any questions about the online application, documents required and your company’s activity registration, please reach out to our experienced visa consultants to get a full backup in the visa procedure.

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It is important to assess the chance for approval before starting the application procedure. You have an opportunity to get your case assessed according to the MOM latest demands. If a candidacy isn’t eligible, a visa agent can recommend an alternative way to attend the training. For example, an overseas student can qualify for a Work Holiday Programme while overseas trainees can try their wings in the Training Work Permit. Whatever your situation is, please don’t hesitate to book our free eligibility assessment that gets you prepared for the successful application.

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