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Tricky EP: Why You Need Skillful Help to Apply for Employment Pass in Singapore?

Lee October 22, 2015
Posted by Lee on October 22, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
help to apply EP for singaporevisanet Getting down to business, it’s worth saying at the very beginning that nobody loves too many foreigners in their country, especially when such influx of work immigrants leaves you, a native,  without a job. Things are the same even when these immigrants are exceptionally clever fellows. That’s why the paradise called “open-armed immigration policy” was to come to the end eventually in Singapore. From now on, talented foreigners even if they are skilled and highly-paid degree holders have struggles when applying for the Employment Pass.


  Despite this kind of visa doesn’t imply quota and levies and potentially every Singaporean employer can hire as many overseas workers as he wishes, the situation hinges on local manpower. Latest changes in the EP requirements obliged Singaporean employers to show more consideration to locals. Now every job position (intended for a foreigner) must be advertised for 14 days for the locals first, and only if no Singaporean fits this position, it can be offered to a foreigner. But the struggle doesn’t stop here as the Ministry of Manpower lays down very demanding criteria for Employment Pass seekers. Such toughening makes you look for help to apply for Employment Pass. An expert advice is needed for a competent and thought-out application.


  If you have already been offered a job in Singapore, you can prepare for a visa battle. EP belongs to sponsored passes; that’s why you aren’t allowed to apply for it on your own. The company that is going to hire you must initiate the processing of this pass. Another more winning option is to hand over your visa application to a professional visa firm. Third parties are allowed into application, and it means that you can benefit from the assistance of seasoned visa masters who know all angles of this tricky procedure and have a prominent track record. Not only will they help to apply for EP, but also they will guide you through future renewal and obtaining permanent residency.




  Assessment-EP-in SingaporeThe most important favour a visa agent can do you is getting your chances assessed. Visa consultants know latest MOM’s rules and criteria; they also know that the decision on your case hides not in meeting every criterion, but in fitting the current Singaporean market. Visa masters who work right on the place will scan your profile, determine your strong and weak points and figure out your chances. This will answer your questions about documents, what you need to do next, how to improve your prospect for approval and – what often happens – should you apply at all. If the agent sees that your chances are too weak, he might offer you other more suitable visas which will be easier to get.


Criteria of the Employment Pass

  They are many: salary (at least $3,300), education (degree, diploma or certifications), experience (at least 1-2 years of relevant work history), skills (rare talents which are in demand in Singapore) and company’s track record – just to name a few.

  Criteria of the Employment PassThe key here is that all these criteria are assessed altogether – so the “working” balance is unique for each candidacy. For example, if your educational qualifications are compelling, but your skills aren’t in demand in Singapore and you are likely to compete with locals in your niche, you can be rejected despite your brilliant education. Whatever your situation is, when you need help with employment passes in Singapore, it is better to involve professionals on top of their job. Only a seasoned visa expert can detect where your profile needs tweaking to highlight the most winning features of the applicant.

  If you make a decision to engage an agency, you win because you don’t need to worry what’s next. With your minimum participation, visa gurus will prepare your documents polishing them according to MOM regulations and compile a distinguished application that has excellent chances for approval. The agency will collaborate with the employing firm to ensure they get decent representation at the MOM. After your application is submitted, you don’t have to call to the government to inquire about the destiny of your application. The agency will monitor the state of the things and let you know when you can arrive and take it.



  As stated above agency is also helpful when it comes to renewals. Commonly after your visa’s issuance, you are given 1-2 years to live and work in the country. Successful renewal gives you 3 more years; however such renewals doesn’t happen automatically based on the fact you are still hired. For MOM, it’s not enough. The authorities will assess your case again to make sure you fit the job position you occupy. It’s important to check everything before jumping into renewal process and engage skilled visa consultants in the process.
  Another reason why you win when counting on experienced visa team is possible rejection. We have to admit that there is no such thing as 100% approval guarantee. Failures happen, and the reasons basically not in agency’s fault, but in bad premises. That’s why most agencies don’t give refunds of their fee in case of rejection. Only One Visa does it guaranteeing up to 50 % refund. You should check this option at your agency before you plunge into the process. Not only because it is a sign of reliability, but also because it is always pleasant to have a full package of service that makes application procedure not a daredevil adventure with unknown ending, but a smooth and sound undertaking.

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