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As it is now getting much harder in getting approval for any type of visas in Singapore, we offer a range of visa services to help and advise you on how to succeed in your next visa applications in Singapore. You may read from the below visa services offered.

The visa application process in Singapore is very rather complex.

Depending on your needs, you are presented with many choices for your relevant visa. Visa Express provides our clients with 7 different choices of visas catered to their specific situation.

Australia is one of the world's most popular tourist destination, it is home to great sites such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House. Visa Express offer tourist visas to Australia (subclass 600) for individuals who require the visa to travel.


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Corporate Visas

The Employment Pass Visa gives companies the chance to hire highly skilled international executives to their company. The Employment Pass Visa also provides several benefits such as PR candidacy and the entitlement to travel to countries visa-free. Click here for more information!

The Entrepreneur Pass is for foreigners who would love to relocate themselves and their business to Singapore. The EntrePass is valid for seasoned entrepreneurs with an extensive entrepreneurial background and potential to thrive in the Singapore economy.  Click here for more information!

The Singapore Personalised Employment Pass is designed for highly skilled executives who wish to work in Singapore but do not wish to be tied down to a current employer, it gives them the freedom to change their job without the hassle of reapplying for another work visa. Click here for more information!

Other Visas

The Singapore Permanent Residence Visa is a migration solution that enables foreign employees and entrepreneurs to stay in Singapore indefinitely and the enjoy the perks and benefits that Singaporean citizens enjoy. Click here to find out more information!

The S Pass visa is a working visa designed for mid-level skilled foreigners who seek employment in engineering, electronics, oil and other industries in Singapore. The S Pass could also be a possible route for permanent residency in Singapore. Click here for more information!

The visa applies to various niche employment (construction, babysitting, services, housekeeping, marine etc). Furthermore, only approved sources are eligible to apply for the work permit visa if the applicant meets the criteria. Click here for more information!

The Dependant’s Pass enables foreigners with sufficient salary working in Singapore under the Employment Pass or the S Pass to have their spouses and kids join them in the country. Click here for more information!

The Long Term Visit Pass is a visa that enables common-law spouses, handicapped or step children younger than 21 years old, and parents who cannot be taken along to Singapore as dependants to join work visa holders on the island. Click here for more information!

Australia is widely recognized as an all-in-one hub for entertainment and exploration. With the various nightlife activities, wildlife adventures and tourist attractions, it is no wonder international tourists are eager to explore the Land Down Under. Click here for more information!

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