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Waiting for Approval Letter: How to Overcome the Distance between Your Submission and Starting Working on Employment Pass?

Lee December 2, 2015
Posted by Lee on December 02, 2015  /   Posted in Employment Pass
Waiting for Approval Letter Online EP service streamlines the procedure of producing Employment Pass dramatically. Singapore Manpower department boasts online transactions help to cut down the time of processing the visa to one week. However, handling submitting all required documents for your E Pass can be quite challenging especially if taken to consideration that you have to scan and upload all docs to the online service properly and on time. One must be a pro in online tools and digital technologies to manage all this stuff diligently without making a mistake. Sizes, formats, checking your verification status, fixing discrepancy details, photo-taking, fingerprint, payments, Notification Letters and even card delivering can be puzzling if you are trying to obtain the first EP in your life.
However, the problem can be stamped out if you rely on visa agency that leads you though all required procedures step by step. If your work pass submission is done by a visa specialist, the whole time waiting for your Employment Pass approval you can have a piece of mind and prepare for your migration to a new country.
After your future employer submits all scanned documents and the EP application, you must check your verification status to make sure everything goes well. The MOM scrutinises every document to ensure it really proves the EP seeker’s eligibility and was compiled correctly and signed. There are rules all documents must be created according to. It’s important to involve visa specialists who are able to proofread them and tweak before submitting. After wrong or unclear documents were submitted, the government may ask you to re-submit them; however, if you fail doing it or the docs do not prove your eligibility, such application can be revoked. You can’t replace the wrong document if you have already submitted it to MOM for verifying; you can do it only after MOM notifies you about your failed submission.
The advantage of using services of visa agency is not only in interacting with MOM promptly if any changes in docs are needed, but also in avoiding such situations by careful document collecting, compiling, and submitting. If you aren’t sure paperwork is your long suit, it’s better to entrust this headache to professionals who know their stuff.
post-approving and EP-issuing procedureAfter submitting your papers, you will need to take a photo at the Employment Pass Service Centre as well as to make a fingerprint if required. Your visa agency will help you to make an appointment and instructs you in the process. We know how hard it is for a person to deal with foreign authorities; that’s why our goal is to provide total support and guidance to ensure all steps that lead to EP approval were made effectively and on time.
The recent changes were made in the post-approving and EP-issuing procedure. Since 16th of March, 2015, In-Principle Approval letters will no longer allow the foreigners to start working in Singapore while waiting for their EP card issuance. In the past such IPA letters gave foreigners up to 6 months for arranging their relocation to SG. After their arriving to the country, their employer requested issuance of their EP which took a lot of efforts and was quite time-consuming. From now on, after approving EPs, the MOM sends future EP holders Notification Letters which are valid during only 1 month. During this period, foreign employees have to arrive to the country and begin issuance of their EPs with their employers. This change means that the foreigner now can’t start working (his/her work would be considered unlawful) until the EP card is produced and delivered.
Employment Pass approvingWe understand that both a foreigner and his/her employer are interested in starting working as soon as possible; that’s why we recommend to strategize arriving and issuing of the work visa beforehand taking to consideration their job plans and time-frames. A professional visa team will advise how to handle visa issuance in your specific situation for achieving better job effectiveness. Thanks to the fact that MOM works hard on streamlining the process of EP issuance and card registration, this process won’t take long due to effectiveness of EP Online service, but it’s still up to the employer to make this process even shorter by better strategizing.
It’s important for an employer to smooth over all possible obstacles that may slow down the process. For example, they have to make sure they hold accurate copies of all necessary documents mentioned by the MOM in EP approval Notification Letter. Sometimes a medical examination may be needed, and it also may take time. Your responsible visa agency is in the know of all changes that may effect your particular situation and can forecast what and when may be required and therefore advice accordingly.
You can have all your questions about required documents, time-frames and obligations answered by a visa agent. Employment Pass approving and issuance is a complicated and challenging process if undergone by oneself without a pro assistance, but it can be effectively smoothed away by a competent EP advisory team that will select the easiest solution for your business. As you can see, a help of visa agency is needed not only on the EP approval stage, but also later on EP issuing stage as well as when a renewal of PR application will be needed. You benefit from team working with the same visa agent who knows your situation and always has a tailor-made way out.

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