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Why Your Business Needs Help of Visa Company to Apply for Employment Pass in Singapore?

Lee November 22, 2015
Posted by Lee on November 22, 2015  /   Posted in Business/Entrepreneurs, Employment Pass
Why Your Business Needs Help of Visa Company to Apply for Employment Pass in Singapore Growing business without involving foreign expertise is no more the philosophy of our days. We seek for integrated experience that gives our firms global goals, better standards and wider sphere of influence. That’s why hiring foreigners in such country as Singapore became that gulp of fresh air that invigorated the economy. According to local immigration laws, engaging professionals from overseas is impossible without work visas. One of them was especially developed for executives and pros with high salaries and abundant expertise – Employment Pass. This visa is one of the most advantageous for companies that seek for reliability and little restrictions.
However, due to the recent changes in local employment policy, getting Employment Passes became harder. More stringent requirements not only to an employee, but also to an employer force many companies to seek help of competent visa agencies – companies that apply for Employment Pass in Singapore. Such agencies act as mediators between a hiring company and the government (the Ministry of Manpower) and offer a suit of advanced smart services that simplify visa procedure for foreigners and corporations and guarantee extremely high chances for approval. Such B2B solution transformed the way an employment visa can be obtained.
Many companies need to know their rights and obligations while hiring foreigners. Since 2014, when government introduced new company requirements to apply for E Pass, a lot of misunderstanding and discouragement took place. As a visa company that collaborates with the MOM for years and knows all angles of visa procedures, we fulfil our mission to grow awareness among the hiring companies.
Let’s talk about company eligibility to hire an Employment Pass holder.

Important Factors of Company’s EP Eligibility

1. All Singapore-based companies can freely hire overseas experts as there is no Employment Pass company quota. EP isn’t subject to levies as well.
2. The minimum salary that allows EP is $3,300. However, keep in mind that this salary bar is for the lowest category of EP – Q1 – that fits young graduates or degree holders educated in reputable institutions and possessing at least 1-2 years of relevant work experience. Older and more experienced workers must command higher salaries. Reach out to our consultants to figure out what salary will “work” in your particular case.
3. The employer can’t plunge into EP processing for his new foreign staff until his company advertises this job position for the locals. According to MOM rules all employers must give privilege to local manpower. Only after there is no fit found among the local talents, the employer can proceed with EP processing for a foreigner.
4. The MOM will scrutinize your company to make sure local employees weren’t under disadvantage at your company. In case of any discriminatory practises, the company can be banned from hiring a foreigner. A competent visa agency will help you to prepare for this test. Contact our visa specialists to get comprehensive assessment of your situation.
5. The company will need to submit the documents that prove the business registration (ACRA), as well as its invoices and contracts that prove the company’s track record and reliability. Reach out to our consultants to learn the exact list of documents for your particular case as different business structures may require different suits of papers.
6. The company’s activity and paid-up capital will be assessed for sufficiency to pay high salaries. Our agency’s accountants are qualified enough to estimate your revenues and figure out your financial eligibility to hire a foreigner.
7. If the company is just established and doesn’t have local staff, the MOM may require a business plan to find out the company’s employment plans. If your business plan contains no intentions to increase reliance on local manpower in the future, you might face rejection.
A custom set of requirements will be applied to you based also on the niche your company operates in. You can’t just read them from the list of requirements. You must understand that every detail weighs heavily and only perfectly balanced applications have high chances for approval. We recommend you not to let things drift as this is a right track to rejection. Involve a seasoned visa company to apply for Employment Pass in Singapore.

How an Expert Visa Team Can Help:

1. You can have your case assessed right now absolutely for free. Knowledge of possible result today will protect you from disastrous application and spoiling your company’s profile.
2. Now that you know your weak and strong points, it’s important to work on building your company’s profile up at the MOM. Visa experts know how to represent your company in the most favourable light.
3. Visa specialists can help you with your paperwork. Handling a lot of documents is a challenge especially if you are busy with your business. Visa pros that have a keen eye in papers would get all needed papers in perfect order for you.
4. Visa company can handle another challenging part of EP application – submitting an application and communication with the authorities.
Relying on visa team that is in the know of all MOM latest requirements is a wise decision that saves your strength for more important activity – your business. What is more, if you count on professional visa team, you save your time (EP will be ready in 2 weeks with visa agency and in 5 weeks in case of your manual application). Pleasing tricky MOM demands is an art visa masters studied for years. There is no need to invent a bicycle – benefit from the expertise that leads to success today.

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