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How To Make A Successful Appeal For Your EP Application?

If all requirements of EP were taken into consideration diligently, and the agency did it best to squeeze more from your employment profile, commonly, your application has high chances for success. But sometimes MOM still decides to leave an application unsatisfied.

Reasons Your EP Application May Get Rejected:

  • Your skills are competitive, but not complementing. The point is that the government is aimed at providing better employment opportunities for its citizens and sees them as the “core” of Singapore’s economy. That’s why if authorities doubt you are the right fit for specific niche you employ for or you don’t possess unique skills unavailable among locals, your application may be rejected. MOM doesn’t need you to create an extra competition with locals; they need to see how you compliment the native labour force with unique skills in demand.
  • MOM’s attitude to your employer. More and more often the government is interested not only in your salary and experience. How the employer performs means a great deal to them as well. They estimate the company’s business line and how it treats the local labour force. If they see that natives don’t get “fair consideration” from the company, they may prevent the company from hiring another foreign employee, i.e. you!

That’s not the reason to lose your heart. It’s time to prepare for appeal for your Employment Pass in Singapore, and this is where an EP agency can help. When MOM rejects your application, it includes an advisory in the letter. This advisory actually answers your question where you fell or your weak point you need to work on. Now the success of appeal to MOM for rejected EP totally depends on how carefully you take their words into consideration. You are given 3 months to “make things better” and appeal your EP. You must provide new information; otherwise – and MOM is firm with that – you can’t expect any “change in the outcome.”

Why You Should Use Your Chance Wisely

It’s wrong to think that persistent appeals will eventually lead to approval. MOM warns all applicants who got a rejection on their applications: if you can’t fix the issues of your previous application in your appeal, just DO NOT APPEAL! An important point to understand here is: you don’t actually have numerous chances to appeal again and again. You must use your chance and win at the very first appeal; otherwise, if you get your employment pass appeal rejected, all your case is in extreme danger.

Valuable Tips & What to Avoid

It’s essential to involve a professional who knows MOM’s expectations and how to please them. Criteria how they choose candidates evolve all the time, so you want to have your employment pass appeal approved, you need an agent trained in these trends who would be able to develop the right strategy and hit the spot.

But that’s not the only reason why you should involve a reliable EP agency to compile an appeal: you aren’t authorised to appeal on your own. The appeal must be submitted by your employer (sponsor) or an agency you did your application with. That would be a rude mistake if you decide to appeal your rejected EP on your own behalf. Participating of any other third party is excluded as well.

MOM needs at least 3 weeks to study your appeal and make a fair decision. Waiting for so long can be challenging, and you may be a little nervous about your lot, but annoying MOM with calls and letters is considered inappropriate. When you count on professional visa team, you may be calm that your appeal is being taken care of. But advantage of engaging a professional visa firm is not only in compiling impeccable documents, but also in taking the lead over the process. One Visa builds trust with MOM and gets the understanding which exactly documents help the government to assess the applicant positively, and such technique leads to more approved employment pass appeals.

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